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Sam Newman and Stalin’s Feminist Spetsnaz

As per normal, Sam Newman of The Footy Show has been found guilty of offending the feminists.

In an episode of The Footy Show screened last year, Newman displayed a lingerie wearing mannequin on the show, stating that it was football journalist Caroline Wilson, which he then proceeded to dress.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority investigated the matter and decided it “was likely, in all the circumstances, to have provoked severe ridicule against the journalist on the grounds of gender.”

Seeing the May 8, 2009 story at http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/story/0,28383,25448090-10229,00.html and being the opinionated bastard I am, I made a …

Wife kicked out for sex with boy

By Stefanie Balogh Lyndhurst, Virginia: News.com.au | September 20, 2008


THE distraught husband of a woman who flew to Australia to have sex with a 15-year-old Bendigo boy she met online says he still loves her.

But he doesn’t know if she will be banned from seeing their three children.

Speaking from his rundown trailer park home in Lyndhurst, Virginia, Phillip Case said his wife, Barbara Renee Case, would be unable to return to the “dump” of a home they shared.

“She can’t live here. The park rules are pretty strict,” Mr Case, 38, told the Herald Sun as …

The Role of Women in Creativity

By Sister L.T.

What is a woman’s role in the Church and in Creator society? In an audio tape recorded by Sister L.T., entitled “The Women’s Frontier: A New Chapter In Church History,” our sister addressed this issue, amongst others, for it is the most basic issue that confronts our women today on a philosophical and ideological point of view. First, let us look at the Church organizational structure to address this question. While the Church first and foremost views women’s most natural and important role to be that of mother to beautiful White children and loving wives to our …