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Jobless & ‘dead in 10 years’

Laura Clark: The Advertiser | August 08, 2009


A “PROFOUNDLY shocking” study has found that one in six young long-term jobless people in Britain were dead within a decade.

In one city, 15 per cent of “Neets” – Not in Education, Employment or Training – died mainly from drinking or drugs within 10 years of falling out of the system. [more …]

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Maybe Steve if so many so-called “injured workers” didnt bludge on the system for so long, and sit around writing comments on websites instead of getting up and working for living

PC Pubs push to fight domestic violence over a friendly beer – blaming the men again

Pubs push to fight violence over a friendly beer

Vikki Campion: Daily Telegraph | November 12, 2008


MALE drinkers in pubs will be warned over a beer not to beat their wife and children in a new offensive against domestic violence.

Bar staff also will be trained to help spread the warnings as data shows domestic violence increases on Sydney’s boozy summer nights.

The State Government-supported push will run in pubs and clubs across Sydney’s outer west, Port Macquarie, Griffith and Tumut.

Schooners will be served on more than 60,000 coasters saying “Shout at the pub, not at home”; …