Jobless & ‘dead in 10 years’

Laura Clark: The Advertiser | August 08, 2009,22606,25898088-5006301,00.html

A “PROFOUNDLY shocking” study has found that one in six young long-term jobless people in Britain were dead within a decade.

In one city, 15 per cent of “Neets” – Not in Education, Employment or Training – died mainly from drinking or drugs within 10 years of falling out of the system. [more …]

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Maybe Steve if so many so-called “injured workers” didnt bludge on the system for so long, and sit around writing comments on websites instead of getting up and working for living like most people, then they wouldnt get so depressed enough to go down this sort of path.

Posted by: Darc of Adelaide 11:06am August 08, 2009

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The comment by Darc of Adelaide accusing ‘so-called “injured workers”‘ of bludging off the system is typical of far too many in this country. If people with those types of beliefs were to have their way, anyone who suffers from work related injuries would receive no compensation. Nor would they be entitled to receive sickness benefits because they [sickness benefits] simply would not exist, and they [the injured] would not be able to receive unemployment benefits because being injured, they would not be able to actively seek employment. Given that scenario, an injured worker would be better off committing suicide, rather than dying a slow painful death of exposure and malnutrition. This is [the reason] why there is a greater divide in Australian society between the Haves and the Have-Nots than there is between Management and Workers. [i.e.] The employed of all classes, and the unemployable. This has created a large unrepresented class of people on the fringes of society that in the 80’s was referred to as the “under-class.” Ignored by the upper-class, despised by the working-class, and battered by daily changes in government policy, many of these people, through no fault of their own, barely manage to survive from day to day. All the while hoping that just around the  ...

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Posted by: Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park 9:13pm August 08, 2009