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Government & RSL say, the Australian Flag is not for Ordinary People

Flag flying not for hoons

Courier Mail | January 30, 2009


THE Australian flag is a revered symbol of our nation and as such should be treated with the respect it deserves.

None of us should be ashamed to display proudly our most recognisable national symbol, but those loutish buffoons who drape themselves in the flag as an aggressive declaration of their Australianness do nothing but make fools of themselves and degrade the flag’s true meaning.


The Australian Flag symbolizes, murder, rape, stolen generation, genocide, invasion and a lot of other horrible things that your people did to

White Australians Sign Blanket Confession

JANUARY 1, 2020. CANBERRA: White Australians have followed their South African counterparts ten years to the day, by offering to sign a blanket confession, accepting blame for all current and future setbacks in the country, from non-delivery by Australia’s first all Indigenous Federal Government, the Aboriginal National Congress (ANC) to European athletics officials doing gender tests, in the interests of more efficient government and to save precious time and tax money being wasted on paranoid racist witch-hunts.

The decision follows the latest statements by government, implying that White Australians were racist for not going to Mabo International Airport to cheer …

Racial tolerance in South Australia ‘too high’

Tory Shepherd: The Advertiser | September 30, 2008


The “disappointing” results are from a 10-year survey called Challenging Racism, to be released at the 4Rs (rights, reconciliation, respect and responsibility) International Conference in Sydney this week.

A cultural gap yes,

but we’re not racist

ONE in two South Australians do not like the idea of a close relative marrying a Muslim, while one in three are against marriage to Aborigines or black Africans.

Despite this, only one in 10 actually admits to being racist.

Project leader Professor Kevin Dunn, from the University of Western Sydney, said yesterday the levels …

Woman stabbed by Aboriginal gang in front of city shoppers

Renato Castello: The Advertiser | September 13, 2008


A WOMAN has been stabbed in front of shoppers in what is believed to have been an unprovoked attack in the city centre this afternoon.

The 22-year-old Brompton woman rang police and ambulance to report she had been stabbed in the chest outside the Southern Cross Arcade on King William St.

She was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital just after 1pm with non-life threatening injuries.

A witness to the attack said the woman was sitting outside the Southern Cross Photo store with a male companion when she was approached by …

Abo Alcohol Prohibition Campaigner is an Oxymoron

Aboriginal campaigner Bernard Singer’s tree fight fine

Andrew Dowdell, Court Reporter: The Advertiser | August 01, 2008


APY Lands chairman Bernard Singer has been convicted and fined over an assault at a Far North community earlier this year.

Singer, 41, today admitted to punching another man during an argument over the cutting down of a “sacred tree” on the lands in May.

The alcohol prohibition campaigner had denied the assault but pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and misuse of a motor vehicle midway through his trial in Coober Pedy Magistrates Court.
Abo Alcohol Prohibition Campaigner is an Oxymoron
The court previously heard that Singer had a …

Trio of Armed Abos Rob White Woman at West Lakes ATM

Michael Milnes, Police Reporter: The Advertiser | 10 July 2008


South Australia: THREE KNIFE-WIELDING ABORIGINAL MEN robbed a WHITE WOMAN at an ATM in the western suburbs earlier this morning.

The victim was withdrawing money from the machine on West Lakes Boulevard about 7.30am when the trio approached her and stole an amount of cash.

Police said she was uninjured in the robbery.

The men are described as Aboriginal in appearance.

Purse snatched by aboriginal attacker

The Advertiser | May 27, 2008


A WOMAN had her purse taken in an attack by another woman on Franklin St in the city this morning.

The victim was not hurt when assaulted just before 10am.

The offender was described as of Aboriginal appearance, about 152cm tall, stocky build and grey hair.

Anybody with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.