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The Magnificent White Race

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 22

To show how upside down and crazy our thinking has become in this day and age, I observed two different newspaper articles in the same Sunday paper. One related to the frenzy that had ensued in building the Tellico dam on the Little Tennessee River. In building the new dam for which 38,000 acres of farmland had been acquired and 50 million dollars spent, it was suddenly discovered by some ecomaniac that this would “endanger” some little known species of a small fish called the snail darter. …

The Glory And The Catastrophe That Was Rome – A Lesson For All Time

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 20

The history of Ancient Rome embraces a period of over a thousand years. A cogent study of that history gives us a telescopic review of the greatness and the tragedy of the White Race, from its highest pinnacles to its lowest depths, from its greatest glory to its utter collapse.

From the history of Ancient Rome, which spanned the period from 753 B.C. to 476 A.D. we can learn much, if we will. No other history is as rich in example as is that of Rome. She …

The Black Tide And The Dark Flood Are Upon Us

From Building a Whiter Brighter World, by Ben Klassen

Racial Loyalty Issue 28 – September 1985

The Jewish goal is to drive all the Whites out of Africa, and finally from the planet earth. When I wrote Nature’s Eternal Religion back in 1971 and ’72, I predicted that the foolish racial policies of both Rhodesia and the Republic of South Africa would culminate in the self-destruction of both of these two flourishing countries in Africa, two countries that were founded by sturdy White pioneers of over a century ago.

Today, Rhodesia is no more. It has been replaced by …

Revolutionary Leadership

Leadership, like fame, is an elusive and fleeting quantity. Some people have leadership thrust upon them, others train for it and struggle hard to obtain it, others are born to it. In this discourse we are interested how we, the Church of Creativity can obtain more and better leaders in our movement. We need thousands of leaders and millions of followers. Leaders come in different shapes and categories. Some are financial leaders, some are best fitted to be political leaders, some are inspired to be religious leaders, some for organizational leadership. The categories are endless. At this stage in Creativity …