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Australia’s New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe

@TurnbullMalcolm #RaceTraitor

A Goy that thinks he just might possibly have Jewish heritage, Malcolm Turnbull is potentially the worst prime minister Australia could ever have throughout its history.

Unusual for these days, Turnbull actually lives in his own electorate on the shores of Sydney Harbour. One of the wealthiest areas in Australia, it’s a region of Sydney that contains a concentration of Jews higher than any other area in Australia. We are talking about an enclosed area with massive fencing, gating and private security rivalling the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. If you do manage to get in and you …

Whites Murdered After Domestic Disputes with Non-Whites – Or – Once You Go Black, You Never Come Back!

Murder charge after stabbing death at Welland

Andrew Dowdell, Michael Milnes: The Advertiser | June 27, 2008


A WELLAND man was acting in “self defence” when he fatally stabbed his mother’s defacto partner with a kitchen knife on Thursday night, the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court has heard.

Lazaros David Hajistassi is charged with the murder of 48-year old James Vincent Farquhar, who died from stab wounds at the Frederick St home at Welland.

The court heard Hajistassi had confronted Mr Farquhar over an ongoing domestic dispute with his mother when the fight broke out just after 11.30pm.

Police prosecutor …