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Philly Post Questions Local “Hate Groups”

What Hate Groups Say About Being Called Hate Groups

We asked five Philly-area organizations.

By Victor Fiorillo | Philly Post | 4/18/2013

The Southern Poverty Law Center maintains a database of organizations it designates as “hate groups.” To make the list, your group must “have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”


Philly Post Questions Local “Hate Groups”

Church of Creativity vs SPLC

The SPLC identifies 1,007 active hate groups, and you’d probably think that places like Alabama, Arkansas and South Carolina would have far more such organizations than Pennsylvania, right? Nope. According to the …

Jewish Supremacism – The Anti-Defamation Commission

The Anti-Defamation Commission of B’nai B’rith, or ADC for short, presents itself as an organization against ethnic, racial or religious intolerance. It’s very name suggests that it opposes “defamation.”

In reality, the Anti-Defamation Commission is an organization that supports Jewish ethnic and religious supremacy, and relentlessly “defames” anyone who dares to point out its own hypocrisy. While supposedly opposing ethnic segregation and ethnic superiority, the ADC supports Israel and international Zionism which promotes not a vision of a “multi-cultural,” “multi-ethnic” Israel, but of a “Jewish state.” That state is openly dedicated to the advancement of the Jewish religion, culture, and …