Jewish Supremacism – The Anti-Defamation Commission

The Anti-Defamation Commission of B’nai B’rith, or ADC for short, presents itself as an organization against ethnic, racial or religious intolerance. It’s very name suggests that it opposes “defamation.”

In reality, the Anti-Defamation Commission is an organization that supports Jewish ethnic and religious supremacy, and relentlessly “defames” anyone who dares to point out its own hypocrisy. While supposedly opposing ethnic segregation and ethnic superiority, the ADC supports Israel and international Zionism which promotes not a vision of a “multi-cultural,” “multi-ethnic” Israel, but of a “Jewish state.” That state is openly dedicated to the advancement of the Jewish religion, culture, and even the genetic preservation of the Jewish people. This is, of course, the very opposite of the policies it proposes for our Australian nation.

Consider the following:

The ADC supports forced integration of schools, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, clubs, churches and communities in Australia.

Yet it supports Israel which has a policy of segregated schools, neighborhoods, apartment complexes and even whole towns for Jews and Gentiles.

The ADC has been instrumental in changing Australia’s immigration policies in a manner that would result in European Australians becoming a minority in Australia and countries in Europe by the middle of this century unless Whites unite to stop this dispossession from our own homelands.

Of course, the ADC supports Israel, which has a “Jews only” immigration policy. In fact, it even keeps out Palestinians who were born there and then forced out during the Zionist takeover in 1948.

The ADC has condemned European Americans, such as the administrators of Bob Jones University, who oppose racial intermarriage. Yet the ADC supports Israel, a nation that does not even recognize as a legal union marriage between a Jew and Gentile. The ADC has also never condemned the extensive Jewish opposition to intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews. Every major Jewish organization around the world has openly stated policies opposing intermarriage.

The ADC has condemned Sadam Hussein and any of his supporters around the world for his invasion of Kuwait, production of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and for violating United Nations resolutions.

But the ADC did not condemn Israel for the brutal invasion of neighboring Lebanon, resulting in at least 30,000 civilians dead, and lasting almost twenty years in violation of U.N. resolutions. Nor has the ADC condemned Israel for its extensive development of biological and chemical weapons.

The ADC has repeatedly condemned scientists who show that there are significant genetic differences in intelligence between Whites and Blacks, and they have condemned me for simply pointing out that scientific truth.

Yet, the ADC has not condemned the founder of Israel, David Ben Gurion, for his statement that he believed in the “intellectual and moral superiority” of the Jewish people.

The ADC is by its own definition a racist, supremacist organization, and recognizing that fact should not make someone deserve the label of “anti-Semite.” The truth is that the ADC is anti-Gentile! They are not about anti-defamation, but their whole modus operandi is concerned with defaming anyone of any nationality who wants for their own people what the Jewish ADC leaders want for theirs. In other words, they are opposed to every other ethnic nationalism but their own! The whole organization is based on attacking, intimidating and defaming anyone who opposes their Jewish supremacism.

In fact, anyone who criticizes their hypocrisy and that of Israel, whether or not the critics are “racially aware” or “anti-racist,” will be condemned by the ADC. For their real mission is simply to advance the Jewish Supremacist agenda in Australia and around the world.

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David Duke:
National President of the European American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)

Firstly, I wish to point out that I did edit the above text so that the average tv loving, propagandised, beer swilling, sports fanatic of an Australian wouldn’t write it off as just more American bullshit. I exchanged the words “League,” “ADL” and “America,” for “Commission,” “ADC” and “Australia.” The remaining text and intentions of the article remain unchanged. The article is as relevant to Australia as it is to America, it’s just that Australians (like Americans) have a tendancy to ignore anything they think does not relate to themselves.

Now to my own comment:
The ADC in Australia (and New Zealand) deliberately uses the word “Commission” instead of “League” in an attempt to masquerade as an official government body – such as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) actually is. Their lawyers have infiltrated every state and the federal parliament forcing individual politicians, parties and even various governments to do their bidding. Through the various parliaments they also decide who the state and federal police forces monitor, investigate and charge. This is not to say that the government and the police take all of their orders from the ADC, that would be ridiculous. However, when something arises that gains the ADC’s malicious attention, you can be sure that strings will be pulled and threats will be made in an effort to bring about the outcome that the ADC/B’nai B’rith/Israel desires.

Consider that the ADC is just one arm of B’nai B’rith, which stands for “Sons of the Covenant” and is the oldest continually-operating Jewish supremacist organizations in the world. It receives its direction and funding from the Israeli government. That means that B’nai B’rith, and by extension the ADC, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, et al, are components of a foreign government manipulating the Australian government and people for its (Israel’s) own nefarious designs.

If any other foreign nation behaved like this, it would be classed as possibly an act of war or at the very least, espionage. For the “Jewish-Australian” citizens who work for B’nai B’rith, it would and should be an act of treason against Australia.

It’s no wonder that myself and many other people around the world believe that B’nai B’rith and its empire are more of a threat to our way of life than any Jihadi terrorist sitting in a cave playing Nintendo will ever be.

But how did B’nai B’rith gain and how does it maintain such influence on the Australian government? Just take a look at its “Council of Advisors:”

The Rt Hon Sir Zelman Cowen
AK GCMG GCVO QC DCL (former Governor General)

The Hon Sir William Deane
AC, KBE (former Governor General)

The Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser
AC CH (former Prime Minister)

The Hon R J L Hawke
AC (former Prime Minister)

Dr Lowitja O’Donoghue

The Rt Hon Sir Ninian Stephen

The Hon Neville Wran
AC QC (former Premier of NSW)

Emeritus Prof. Louis Waller AO

And before anyone accuses me of being some nutter seeing a conspiracy under every rock, this is not a conspiracy, it’s just Jews looking out for their own interests.