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Founding Day – 45th Anniversary

By Brother Sturmkrieger97 | Creator Forum | 21 February 45 AC

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Right off the bat from the Klassen Day Centenary, the Creativity Alliance has reached another landmark. Forty five years ago today, Ben Klassen founded Creativity with the publication of “Nature’s Eternal Religion” in 1973. He would expand upon our great racial religion for last twenty years of his life, including such important texts such as “The White Man’s Bible,” “A Revolution of Values Through Religion” and “Salubrious Living,” among others.

Ben Klassen - North Carolina
Ben Klassen pictured at the World Center of the Creator – North Carolina

One value I always …

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Creativity is a unique racial philosophy in that it is a racial religion, complete with a creed and program that covers all aspects of the individual, the family, society and the environment. Creators view life and base our worldview on the entire White race, not from the perspective of a single ethnic group or nation-state. Creativity has been developed through a learning and understanding of history and science, allowing us to take the best of all ideologies and create a unique worldview better than anything the White race has had before.

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