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Br. John Hobb

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It was early December of this year, cold and rainy. Work had sent us home. On the way, I noticed more and more people did not look like me, act like me, or speak like me. I shook my head and wondered where my people, my Race, would wind up. I was lost and mad.

I immediately got on the web and began searching for answers. I found the American Nazi Party, but the demand for money/funds in every aspect of their ‘reports’ made my stomach shrink.

I found the NSM, but again what I …

1. Ben Klassen

My Own Spiritual Awakening
By Ben Klassen, Founder of Creativity

My parents were members of the Mennonite religion, a Protestant sect originating in Holland during the middle 1500’s. This faith was founded by a man named Menno Siemens, who, like Martin Luther, broke away from the abuses of the Catholic religion of that time, and was originally a Catholic priest.

The Mennonites were severely persecuted by the ever-loving and broad-minded Christians of the times, both the Catholics and the Lutheran Protestants. As a result, a large number of them were dispersed to several of the neighboring countries, klassen-photo_bw_sig_enhanced_quote250some settling for …