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Topics - Rev.JoelDufresne

Capitalism vs Whites

When looking at threats to our Breed none stands out quite like Capitalism.

It's alluring to think that in this tiny little package a man could save himself, his family or own the world.

It's been packaged like this for years and people still follow its narcotic allure.

Despite years of outright examples of the rich getting richer and our families never quite making it, the people still demand it, despite our children falling behind, despite falling wages, even though unchecked immigration is used merely to keep it alive,and despite its abuse by Zion, whites the world over fight for it even though this has been the one solution for our enemies and their campaign to divide us since time immemorial.

Capitalism brought in the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Asians and Africans to work in American and European fields, factories and the homes of the rich.

After all, the Whites didn't want to do the work did we?

Even though there are literally millions of our people unemployed.

Somehow our billionaire task masters decided we didn't want to work so they needed to bring in cheaper labor to do it, and it wasn't at all about the pay differential and the win fall profits, it was about freedom and equality but then it always is, isn't it?

Thus we were given the non-White immigrant, who are very convenient until they wise up and demand more of those dollars everybody goes crazy for.

They build them barrio's, ghetto's and slum's and by all means despite the cost to the PEOPLE rinse, repeat and do it over and over again until our Nations choke on them.

But the conservative will look to me and say well obviously we can't do that we'll just pass laws to forbid it, and we'll issue them permits and paperwork and our Capitalist wonderland will be safe and orderly.

And I will say to all of you...

When Capital becomes your (ISM) it becomes the centerpiece of your culture and way of life.

Said and unsaid it will find a way to dominate every aspect of our lives and give tacit approval to everything from the oppression and exploitation of the poor to the mass introduction of their third world coworker's.

And when you give rise to these poor and oppressed classes you give rise to the parasitic rich bourgeois liberal and all of their hybrid marxocapitalist nonsense.

Look at the treatment of Whites by the Royalty of Europe and the Business oligarchs of America and you will see the true nature of Capitalism.

Whether it was Russian serfs or the American hillbilly our people were oppressed, not only by Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic, Anglican and later Evangelical hoax's but by our own leaders.

Capital might have owned the crown but God held the whip to the poor and kept our ancestors in line.

Don't want go to hell? well, walk the line because the desert god hates the willful and the proud, so bend that neck until it breaks.

These sect's managed to supplement the peoples want of a god with a two faced sufferer and convinced our people that profits were rewards for hard work even if it screwed ones neighbor, land or family.

Hollywood and the Media are essential to our Capitalist owners the world over.

The task masters keep us fat with tons of processed food (we'll call it bread) and the Media provides us with something that can't be described as anything but a circus.

Capitalism fueled colonialism, gave rise to slavery, integration and now assimilation.

Our peoples oppressors whether their victims were Ben Smith, Kathrine Ainsworth, Sacco and Vanzetti, The light brigade, serfs, red shanks, white trash or the most hated one of all the modern white European/American are and were oppressed in the name of the same thing (Capital).

Look at the hatred exercised against Russia for not wanting to see Ukraine be the next California, or Kiev the next Detroit.

The actions of our bourgeois elites on behalf of our oligarchy toward the Rus borders on the insane but guess what?

It's all in the name of capital.

Nations and Corporations invested almost a trillion dollars since 2014 to destroy yet another nearly pristine White Nation.

Hell, a Zionist even got so called White Nationalists out there to fight against their own kind with some transgender Mexican as their spokesperson.

So Capital once again set our people against themselves, which is the same story of the same scam "Freedom is Capitalism" even though all this freedom appears to be the only in the places being drown in non-Whites, wage slavery and militant anti-White Zionism.

Somehow, if you can make a buck selling white kids thongs you should have that FREEDOM but a one doesn't have the FREEDOM to speak ones mind do we?

I'll just say it like this I've read all the Anticommunist hand bills and I agree with most of it, but I've lived through Capitalism and let's face it sometimes it isn't Zion sometimes its us and so long as we hold on to this system its our fault.

Our shackles are made of fools-gold and always have been.

But really who can we blame for it all?

America's traitorous greedy globalist oligarchy? The American government? Zionists? The Media? Or me and you?

We not only accept but promote our own poison, we shackle our own minds, and by the looks of it we'll fight for anyone who flatters us.

So the question remains who is to blame?

How can we fight back, which way can we turn?

The answer is simple we only need to break ourselves from societies dead cultures and from the systems dead economics to offer all of our people a way out of this mess.

Speaking to all people of European decent whether of Germanic/Celtic/Roman/Greco/Slavic ethnicity and regardless of religion we must cultivate an alternative for all of our people based on the principles set forth by Ben Klassen regarding Racial Socialism.

Active and substantial care and concern for kith and kin and community.

Concrete rights based on the traditional rights of our ancestor's.

Common sense social welfare programs to help those who might need assistance and to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Limits on animal testing, pollution and strict regulations on corporations.

Some people will say aren't there people who preach the same things today.

True but I'm sure they'd work better if the people who proposed them weren't owned by said corporations.

But all and all, I don't claim to know economics but I know right from wrong and I can see that if things don't change, the last change we'll see will be the extinction of our people.

So, please step forward, stop looking back and help change the future of our people and the world.

Blood and unity is the only solution to the problems we face.

In the religion of Creativity one of the main tenants is the absolute denial of all supernatural beings and religions.

this is for the obvious reason that we cannot become slaves to the idea that a God sits around eternity playing checkers with our lives while we waste away in our tiny existence waiting for miracles we can do for ourselves, so we Creators teach one another Carpe Diem (seize the day), enjoy your life, family and friends, and make the most of that life because God isn't coming to save you. we are our own brothers keepers and we are responsible for our own will and destiny, not Jesus, not Allah and not Buddha just me and you..........

so regarding all those questions about supernaturalism, well they really just come down to one thing "why would we worship any Deity at all when in reality all of those blessed with the blood of Europa are in fact Divine"?????

And as such we are the CREATORS, we create lives and take them, we are the inspiration and makers of all worthwhile culture and philosophy, we make the music that inspires all true expressions of love and life, and our struggle gives meaning to everyone willing to endure its cost, so as a people we must come to understand that our lives are the perfection of eternity within the finite space that is ourpeoplesblood........

Creativity is in every line of our genetic code and therefore we find this divinity expressed daily through our struggle to survive within a hostile world

yet still the broken ones look for meaning through divinity beyond the stars even though divinity drips from their own veins.

our peoples blood itself is Godhood and the dedication to our struggle to survive is eternal

so why do we need Yahweh, or even Allah when true Godhood is found within the morals, integrity and honor of our people throughout time and history because it defines our will to survive

yet still our conflict with other peoples has never been a matter of jealousy, anger or wanton cruelty, it is and has always been one of survival. matter and anti matter, light vs darkness, one doesn't hate the other they are just naturally opposed.

the lion doesn't hate the lamb, nor bear the fish but we have the unique opportunity to choose whether we live as lions or like the enemy demands...... lambs

to decide this for ones self separates our divinity as creators from the dying embers of our flame, and it is the level of this divinity which is shown in our actions for the betterment of bloodandsoil because all holy actions echo in our collective bloodandunconscious for eternity.

the enemy doesn't set out to destroy us but they will for the same reason any invasive species destroys it environment, it just does.

so, we must cleanse our environment and ourselves, and we must remove the diseased parts of our world while we still have the chance....

but first we must find the fault within our own divinity and change for the betterment of the struggle.

because if the powers that be seek to destroy our people by the destruction and removal of of our morals and culture wouldn't our highest duty be to resist those powers and wouldn't the act of teaching our morals and culture to those most affected be far more effective than endlessly talking and complaining????

we are the Church of our people, the Creator, the part of the divinity that makes us nature's finest and the purveyor of all that's good.....

so hearing this what do we do????

The Ranger's and Beret's are lacking Comrades and the Church is lacking primary groups to carry on our message to the people. All of us talk about the problems but who's got time for the solution's????

Morals, Integrity and Honor, the 3 points of the R! mix that say with 16 commandments, 5 fundamental beliefs, 23words, and what does one have but a foundation for any church looking to move forward

1.We love and believe in our collective lands, culture and histories ( Celto-Germanic-Greco-Roman-Slavic )...

2. We fight for our people's shared morals and traditions...

3. We stand for the shared bond of blood that each of us have...

4. We reject the bonds of the world's predominant Religions and the false Prophets that mislead our people...

5. We believe that the object of the RaHoWa is the search for peace and harmony within ourselves, our communities and our world...

6. We believe that only through self mastery, meditation, diet and exercise can we make Creativity and our personal ambitions manifest...

7. We as Creators stand for the LOVE of our people, land and religion over the HATRED of others.
An Overview of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine & Our People

By @Rev.JoelDufresne

Well first things first the west sure as hell has not done a good job training the Ukrainians, 7,500 dead and 13,500 wounded in 2 weeks and they just keep on running into the brick wall that is the Russian army and the newly minted Whirlwind Anti-Tank Guided Missile.

It's gotten to the point where the Russian media and military are actually starting to pity the Ukrainian soldiers and to quote a Russian National Guardsman Col. Khodakovsky" on the one hand, the number of losses suffered by the enemy cannot but satisfy: he is weakening. But by and large, his loss does not cause joy.... We know who is outside the situation - and we understand that there are fewer Ivanovs, Petrovs, and Sidorovs to the delight of those who do not particularly love us".

Do you know what I see?

Here we have two sides in a fratricidal conflict.

One led by a White but cranky Bolshevik trying to unite his ancestral lands and his people against the international forces of multiculturalism and anti-White hatred and the other is led by a Levantine who has been actively selling his subjects land, minerals and future to any corporation with two nickels to rub together while he sends thousands upon thousands of our best and brightest to die with little to no training in a war he started.

And guess where people who could be called our ideological cousins stand?

Do I even need to say?

The shame I feel from this is soul deep, I can't believe we are still getting used after all these years.

The so called enlightened ones streaking across Ukraine and sometimes Russia fighting to make the lands of the Eastern Slavs safe for Arab and African immigrants and New York capital.

I mean its absolutely insane, these guys sit around talking about bankers and ZOG, the Multi-Cult and our tyrannical governments but now we have these same people fighting to help ZOG's little midget stay in power so that he can destroy yet another white nation.

It disgusts me and it should all of you, its beyond a betrayal.

I wish I could sit here and blame the jew for the deaths of my people but if you look close enough its the white nationalists who commit murder and treason by following the orders and I ask myself what white nationalist would fight to make Kiev and Moscow safe for BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and every Black, Arab and Mongoloid on the planet?

The same people who support this civil war stood here in America supporting the Puerto Rican informant leader of the Proud Boys and that transvestite militia leader squawking about the fanatical Zionist Donald Trump and MAGA.

When is it good to stand with your enemies to kill your own?

I wish everyone knew the answer to that question.
Article from

Khodakovsky told what it means to have "his own army": "The main question is what goals do you serve?"

Some people of a certain type are very eager to have "a little army of their own." If a person has such an "army", then it is addictive. But there are more important nuances. They were revealed in another publication by the deputy head of the Department of the Russian Guard in the Donetsk People's Republic, the former commander of the Vostok brigade, Colonel Alexander Khodakovsky.

As a well-known military leader in the DPR noted, in 2014 people went to fight in the Donbass not for money, but for an idea and a leader. Approximately four thousand people were subordinate to Khodakovsky.

It became a part of me, gave me status, inspired me - but me and these people were just historical an instrument that was supposed to fulfill its role, and no matter how the cats scratched, it was impossible to deviate from this- wrote in his Telegram channel ex-commander of the East.

According to Khodakovsky, in the end, "Vostok" continued its further history in the army in the form of one regiment and three battalions of territorial defense.The main question that arises in this case is what goals and interests do you serve. Are you able to overcome your own pride for the sake of higher meanings, or will your ego win?- emphasizes Khodakovsky.

The colonel notes that when you have "an army of your own," there is "great temptation." But it can be overcome if the words about the Motherland are not "an empty phrase." Therefore, the ex-commander of Vostok himself eventually calmly "transferred power" to the command from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

It is clear that Khodakovsky's publication expresses his attitude to the events of Saturday, June 24th. It is these events that the former commander of the Vostok brigade refers to when he says that for a true patriot, the Motherland should be above personal ambitions, above the temptation and desire to have "one's own small army" and not part with it.
Can you see the problems plaguing today's society, but cannot imagine how to begin to solve those problems without making matters worse? If so, this is for you.

* * * *

Rahowa Today - The Shining Path of the White Man's Religion, Creativity

To begin, you need to consider that Rahowa is more than just all out Racial Holy War. Rahowa is a concept that is a Way of Life for the True Creator, Rahowa is The Struggle - Your Battle - Mein Kampf. The immediate goal of Rahowa is Victory via a Revolution of Values Through Religion without need for a Bloody Racial Holy War.

Rahowa is a personal journey toward changing not only the world but ones self through religion and a deep comprehension of ones own turmoil.

The personal Rahowa is the shining path of ones faith. It is not a faith of ghosts or gods, but the faith in believing in ones task of finding inner serenity while striving to overcome the chaos of a corrupt world.

All true Creators know that knowledge is just the first step toward becoming something real - to becoming something more.

Wisdom and understanding must be fostered, as without either we are rudderless.

To begin a Rahowa one must find themselves worthy of the Rahowa.

One must be able to take all the anger, hurt, resentment and pain, and fight it and neutralize it. We must not let these things of our past gain purchase and override our current or future lives.

One must overcome anger, hurt et al so that we may make the most of our lives and the most of our fight.

One cannot be a Holy Warrior and fight for the greater good when within the warrior's heart, their world is saturated with inner turmoil and unresolved pain bringing about a craving for violent revenge. Revenge is best served by victory through wisdom - never by violence through haste.

Only through the serenity found at the Rahowa's end can one show themselves to be the True Creators of our New World Order, and begin to make a steady impact on our world through our commitment to religion and self realization.

The first step to serenity is finding silence and calm.

After this one must sort through ones turmoil problem by problem and ask ourselves.

- "What is the problem?"

- "How did it start?"

- "Who is really at fault?"

- "How can I let go of the pain this has caused for me and those around me?"

- "How can this problem be solved?"

- "How can I move on?""

It is only after we let go of the initial problem that we can we let go of the blame, and ask ourselves, "How should I move on?"

It is only after we accept our problems and understand that although in some circumstances we have no control, we will be able to move on.

It is acceptance, not anger, that leads to solutions.

Only after taking this personal journey can we start to find serenity in our everyday lives and only after we find serenity in our everyday lives can we start our Racial Holy War to change the world.

Rev. Joel.

The Origins of Rahowa - By Ben Klassen
Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Sun 22 Jul 2018
Ben Klassen - February 13 AC (1986 CE)
Racial Loyalty Newspaper - Issue 32, Page 5


The White Race is enmeshed in a race war that will not end until it, the White Race, is either exterminated or it inhabits the Planet Earth supreme. Although most members of Nature's Finest either don't realize it, or whether it is stupidly trying to ignore it, is beside the point. The Jews, the niggers and mud races are keenly aware of it and will wage it unto death, whether we want it or not.

When a people stoop so low as to abjectly bow to the traitorous peer structure to 'honor' Martin Lucifer Coon as a hero above their own traditional White heroes, (Washington, Jefferson, etc.) then it is time to declare open war. I cannot think of anything more humiliating than for Nature's Finest to surrender their own honor and abjectly kow-tow to a nigger reprobate whose FBI record was so odious it has to be locked up from public scrutiny until the year 2027. How low can you stoop?

The mud races have foisted war on us. There is no escaping it.

We therefore are forced to pick up the challenge, wage fiercely, no quarter given, until victory is ours. We must also give it identity, give it a name. The Moslems have their name for theirs. It is Jihad. We need to have our own and the Church of the Creator has coined a word for it.

The word Rahowa! It means White RAcial HOly WAr. (Pronounced rah-hoh'-ah.)

Let us wage it fiercely, fearlessly and tenaciously until victory is ours.


<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
General Jabber / War in Ukraine
Sun 26 Feb 2023
Is anyone wondering about why we're being pushed into another fratricidal war with our own blood again?

I remember the night the fighting in Ukraine popped off.

I remember Russia demanding the Minsk agreement be honoured and their borders respected and then this..

The deafening sound of a whole nation who isn't privileged enough to speak for itself....

And it's all because you see, we as a population, we weren't smart enough to hear what Russia had to say about why Russia had declared a special military operation, so they (the media) protected us by telling us everything we needed to hear themselves (with the careful instruction is the CIA of course).

Cable newscasters declared publicly their bias literally admitting that they would not let us see things from the Russian perspective, Russia had been cancelled you see they are evil and our government is good and they were obsessed with proving it.

Newscasters from both fixed news and the communist news network declared that they would be our filter and no one said a word.

No one asked why pro-Russian separatists rose up to begin with, no one asked what the Minsk agreement was or what proof anyone had that Russia was planning on taking over Europe.

No one asked why our media knew all Russia's and Putin's expectations, all their plans, or why all the sudden both liberal and conservative news had just adopted the same exact talking points or why it seemed they were all taking their stories from the same source.

You see they didn't have too.

They started on the easiest trick of all....

They questioned our patriotism, squawked about freedom and appealed to our own post WW2 bias and the rest fell like domino's.

Anyone who questioned was shouted down and accused of being traitor's.

India and China where threatened and western Europe all the sudden made obviously absurd decisions completely outside of their own interests.

So the question is why?

Is the answer that Ukraine has the right to be free and Russia was attempting to colonize them?

Or is it so American corporations can unload tons of junk in a new market?

Or was it because in the Minsk agreement Ukraine had agreed to give those regions autonomy and then reneged?

The Ukrainian government is already billions in debt to western weapons manufacturers..

Anyone who's read General Butler's "War Is A Racket" knows America's intervention is always for a reason.

But this problem is explained deeper in the book "Active Measures" where a democratic operative talks candidly about American and Russian disinformation campaign's.

There is an entire section of the book dedicated to Ukraine and America's overall ambition to divide them from their Slavic brethren in the east.

So the corporate colonization might be the reason, but is Putin a good guy because he was pretty much forced into conflict?

Definitely not, he's at best a National Bolshevik, which isn't the best of choices but is at least in my Yockeyite mind is light years ahead of following a Levantine midget to war against our own kind.

Of course the Azov Battalion has provided sanctuary to Nationalists, but how long do any of you think that'll last??

What about when they call Ukraine and demand extradition?

Do you think George Soros and Zelensky will allow their pets to talk back?

I mean after the war ends, win or lose do you think they'll stand up for those who spilled White blood in their name?

Are the Azov Battalion commanders pro-US or just anti-Russian?

We all know one of the greatest propaganda campaigns of the 1970's was the mass dissemination of the book Animal Farm among the Ukrainian populace.

The intention of this was clear....

To cause interethnic conflict by giving the impression that based on Soviet corruption, that the Ukrainian and Russian people were somehow different, that somehow they not of the same Scythian/Viking heritage....

That somehow the Princes didn't descend from the same family.

Yet still my comrade's kill each other for separate ideal's instead of respecting one another and uniting against the tyrannical multicultural system of the west that is now in this country and in Europe is acting against all White culture and ideology.

Stories of aggressive indoctrination by colleges are common place and with the help of Antifa is at times enforced with violence.

Their intention is the establishment of Multicultural Economic Zones whose sole focus is the enrichment of the ruling class of traitor's and the eventual destruction of our culture and our people.

Our heritage will be obliterated from history with only a bunch of brown transvestites to remember us by.

So why are they at war?

And how have any true Nationalists found themselves on the side of a Levantine?

Who knows why?

These are probably the same people who found themselves supporting the super Zionists Trump and Giuliani because they caused problems, and the reds didn't like them because they wanted to preserve our system and way of life.

The same system and way of life that treats us like trash and floods our country with immigrants....

People still scream about his wall, but that wasn't to stop them. It was to keep the flood as orderly as possible.

You see if you give them fancy cards, a pretty piece of paper, somehow it changes them and makes them more productive.

Ask Croatia and Serbia about the columns of Syrians marching through they're countries to see what the rewards of fratricide are.

And for that matter how did the Albanians have a right to secession from Serbia, but not the Serbs of Bosnia, the slaves of Transdniestria or now the Russians of the Donbas from Ukraine?

Who is it that picks who's cause is righteous, and who' s cause should be vilified?

Is it George Soros, the media, the government, NATO?

After seeing the results of the fighting, does it matter to you, or do you just want to see it stop?

Bucha wasn't cool, it just can't be justified.

But the manner in which they act as if 18,000 dead civilians is some unthinkable number of dead civilian's when in actuality it's quite small compared to the NATO wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia....

America's body count for the last 30 years is in the millions.

America's killed enough Iraqis to make ISIS puke.

America starved more people to death in Iraq in one month than have died in this war so far.

They killed 10x more retreating, and I mean not in field of battle, not a threat to any soldiers on the "Highway of Death" (please look it up). The American military killed thousands and it's just a best estimate 150,000 Iraqis leaving Kuwait - and the reason given was to test their weapons.

I remember in 1999, in a prison cell watching on a black and white TV, Israeli soldiers literally bulldoze Jenin in the West Bank..

I watched as a Israelites shot Abram Tank rounds into protesting Palestinian children, and when the communist news network asked them why? Alon Pinkus, the Israeli ambassador said calmly that rocks kill too.

We get to see how cities where the Ukrainian military has retreated to have been damaged or destroyed, but the media refuses to show us the apocalypse NATO has left in its wake every time they decide someone has shown good faith at selling their countries to the Western Military Industry or banks.

I watched recently on TV how Ukrainian and American officials denounced the blood thirsty Russians and Wagnerites for shelling civilian homes where the Ukrainian military videotaped themselves hiding, and from where they attacked Russian positions.

What does anyone expect?

In war you attack where your enemy is. There is no safe zone. And if you're going to hide behind civilians, at least have the decency to evacuate them instead of using their bodies for Western Propaganda....

Why is no one calling out why in Bakhmut, if Ukraine wants to save lives, why haven't they evacuated the civilians from the city? It's the Ukraine military that decided to hide in it and fight street to street urban warfare!

And if their military has fought Russia to a standstill, why are they being beaten so badly by convicts with the little to no battle skill and little training that I've heard just on the news at least 3 times? The brigade's there are having to get reinforcements. And why if the city is of so little value - not that they are losing there because Russia is almost done regrouping and has started moving forward again - have they not just abandoned the city and moved to areas of value?

After hearing news reports saying 80% of the convicts have been killed captured or wounded in Bakhmut, my research (with the help of friends and family) has independent sources (such as Soldier of Fortune Magazine) claiming around 500 have been killed. Which would explain why Chris Cuomo had to retreat from his redemption tour where he's trying to convince the world he's not a political operative like he was working for the communist news, because the last roads were in the process of being cut off by the said prisoners, who according logic where still alive.

And who questioned Ukrainians bombing the Kerch bridge in a ISIS like attack setting off a bomb in a truck, that the Americans had helped with getting into Russian territory? Killing not only the driver, who had no idea the bomb was there, but also the innocent Russian civilians as well who just happened to be on the bridge that day?

As anyone can see I'm anti-Zelensky and I'm anti-NATO....

But it's for a reason.

It breaks my heart to see our people divided. If Ukraine wins it does nothing but provide a new dumping ground for the oppressed masses, and Russia will be soon to follow.

Soon the last bulwark of our people will gone, and there will be nowhere for us to survive.

The bankers will make sure that every last inch of our lands are saturated with immigrants.

Mark my words if Russia loses we'll all pay.

Reverend Joel Dufresne,
Michigan Gulag.

What makes us Creators??

Is it hate or is it more??

Should our only focus in life be the constant criticism and obsession of other races??

Is that what our lives amount too??

Are we only as good what others do wrong??

Are we stuck in a box of our own making??

A box that doesn't go forward but only looks back??

Are we doomed to be limited to only our own complaints, our own grievances??

Is that all we are worth??

Is that all we can do??

What happened to our love??

A love that would propel us forward, that would help us build, to inspire to overcome.....

What kind of comrade am I, what kind are you??

The kind that will look to the love, caring and kindness of a blood and people who built this world??

A people whose love for each other moved mountain's.....

Or are we something else??

Do the faults of others make you good??

Does it give you worth??

Klassen did not organize our Church so that we could lose what makes us great in the pursuit of pointing out the flaws of others.....

On a limited basis I can see the value in pointing out the schemes, plots and wrongs of others.....

But to turn ourselves into some circle jerk for the disaffected.....

To forget about our most fundamental principles is insane......

What happened to the people who hated the schemes of our enemies but instead of complaining about it they appealed to the better nature of our people through Creatively organized environmental, salubrious and social primary group activities.....

I have heard that some people say Church resources should only be used to expose our enemies.....

I just want to know is that for real.....

It sounds insane.....

I was asked about how the Church views supremacy the other day while talking with some non Church types around here and here's what I told the guys.....

Is a White Man better than a Black just because he was born and my answer was and is an emphatic "No!".....

Oh I know and can hear the gasps of betrayal now but listen closer and you might be shocked to see you might just agree if you have the mind to keep listening.....

Supremacy is a concept like any other.....

Supremacy is not a given ... It is based on a number of variable's.....

Is a brand new Lamborghini without gas or an engine better than a Chevette with gas and an engine??

How so??

We're only worth what we produce in the world.....

And the assertion that I'm good because someone else is bad is laughable.....

We have a greater capacity for greatness than other peoples but this capacity doesn't make us great.....

Seeing this capacity but doing nothing but pointing out the lack thereof in others makes you nothing.....

I mean I can talk about ak47s all day long and tell you how much better they are than muskets but let's face facts an ak without bullets will lose hands down to a loaded musket.....

Especially if the guy with the ak spends all his time talking down muskets and completely neglects doing anything to obtain any bullets for himself.....

You see the bullets are the love, knowledge, wisdom and understanding that our people have used to make this world.....

And without it we lost this world and it will remain lost to us so long as we focus on the wrongs of others to give the illusions to our people that we're doing something by complaining rather than bettering ourselves and spreading skills and knowledge to our own people.....

So all of us must remember.....

In order to be superior we must become superior in all things.....

We must truly show we care about both blood and soil.....

We must study our histories and cultures.....

We must actively promote loyalty in our kith and kin.....

We must show people we are working to build a new tomorrow not by pointing out the flaws of others but to show our people the actions of a Church that loves its people more than it hates.....

Who builds more than it tears down.....

Because then and only then will we have showed our capacity and our true supremacy.....

Stop resting on the laurels of being born and work for a new tomorrow.....

Stop looking down your noses and embrace your people and reject this world of our enemies.....

Reject the system and society that's forsaken us and build a new one for ourselves.

And remember.....

Building a new world, a new land and culture is a lot harder than sitting around blaming others for the loss of the old.....

But it's worth the struggle and heart ache for those who were born with the true higher self.....

For those who have the right to be critic's because they have built and sacrificed more than they've destroyed.....

Because they are the true Creators.....

And we should all follow their lead.....

We should reject all negativity and promote only hope because that is what Creates in this world - Nothing else.....

No more preaching to the choir.....

No more rants.....

All we need is Creativity.....

A new society, a new culture and a new people for our new religion should be the least not of what we're asking for but of what we are working for.....

That's it - That's all.

One Nation - One Culture - One Religion.

Nothing else will do.

Hey Brother,

I hope you're well. I caught the Covid along with almost everyone here. We only had one death, but we're still on a crazy lock-down regimen.

Tell everyone I say, 'Hi'.

Michigan prisoners protest food quality

Jonathan Oosting | Detroit News Lansing Bureau | 22 March 2016

Lansing — Michigan prisoners in an Upper Peninsula facility staged a food protest Sunday and Monday, according to the state Department of Corrections, which contracted with a new private food service company in August following well-documented problems with the prior vendor.

The protest at the Kinross Correctional Facility in Chippewa County was " an isolated incident," said department spokesman Chris Gautz, indicating that the state's three-year $158 million contract with Trinity Services Group has otherwise gone well.

Roughly 1,000 prisoners staged a silent protest Sunday night, leaving the yard area of the prison about 20 minutes ahead of schedule and returning to their housing units, according to Gautz.

"They were very calm, very polite," he said. "We did try to talk to some of the prisoners and understood it had something to do with food."

A large number of prisoners skipped breakfast the next morning, Gautz said. Only 60 prisoners came to lunch and 30 came to dinner, meals that are typically attended by roughly 1,200 prisoners.

Gautz said Trinity added some new items to the prison menu a few weeks ago, and some of the prisoner-population staff at Kinross had difficulty "maintaining consistency" with the new recipes.

The company brought in supervisors and managers to work with prisoner staff at Kinross after weekend complaints, he said, and meal attendance attendance had largely returned to normal by breakfast on Tuesday morning.

"We feel that things have gone pretty well with Trinity," Gautz said. "Any issues that we have had, they've been very responsive to, like this incident. They were right there as soon as we let them know there was an issue."

The state privatized prison food service as a cost-cutting move in 2011, but an original contract with Aramark was marked by controversy.

The state canceled the three-year, $145 million Aramark contract last summer after a series of high-profile incidents, including allegations that kitchen workers fed inmates a cake that had been partially eaten by rodents. Maggots were also spotted near food in several facilities.

The state has placed 59 "stop orders" on Trinity employees since the company began running food service in August, effectively barring those people from working in Michigan prisons, according to Gautz.

Most of those orders were the result of "over-familiarity" with inmates, a broad term that can include sharing personal information or engaging in inappropriate sexual activity.

By comparison, the state had placed 102 stop orders on Aramark employees during the first eight months of that contract, Gautz said.

Inmates protest food quality at northern Michigan prison

Washington Times | 23 March 2016

KINCHELOE, Mich. (AP) - About 1,000 inmates at a prison in Michigan's Upper Peninsula have participated in a peaceful protest over the quality of food provided by a state contractor, an official says.

Prisoners at Kinross Correctional Facility left the prison yard Sunday about 20 minutes early in silent protest. The next day, most of the facility's nearly 1,300 inmates didn't get meals as usual, Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Gautz said.

The protest related to complaints about the quality of food provided by Oldsmar, Florida-based Trinity Services Group, which replaced Philadelphia-based Aramark Correctional Services as Michigan's prison food contractor last year, the Detroit Free Press reported.

"This is the first issue that I've seen related to food in months," Gautz said, adding that Trinity has "been very responsive whenever there are issues."

The Associated Press sent an email Wednesday seeking comment from a Trinity spokesman.

The warden met with Trinity officials Monday, who brought in extra staff and said they were addressing some issues about the way some recently added menu items were being prepared, Gautz said.

Anita Lloyd, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Corrections Organization, said the union was concerned by the scope of the protest.

"It's hard to get 1,000 people to agree on anything," Lloyd said, noting that "we're glad it was peaceful this time."

Trinity's three-year, $158 million prison food contract was approved in July after Gov. Rick Snyder announced that Michigan and Aramark had mutually agreed to end their troubled three-year, $145 million contract early. Aramark and the state cut ties after company-initiated talks about a possible billing increase and other issues.

Michigan had fined Aramark $200,000 for unapproved menu substitutions, worker misconduct and other issues.
News from Reverend Joel Dufresne's prison is that the BLACKS are rioting and stabbing WHITES. The media are hiding the truth, so make sure to spread the news.

MDOC Investigating Upper Peninsula Prison Assaults

An Upper Peninsula correctional facility is working to stop inmate fighting.

There have been almost 20 assaults in just one week at a Chippewa County prison.

Investigations continue after several fights sent inmates to the hospital.

The fights began at Kinross Correctional Facility in Kincheloe last week.

It all began with a large fight a week ago, and more assaults reported since then,19 in all.

Six people were sent to the hospital for their injuries.

To help stop the fighting, the yard was shut down and there's more controlled access to the chow hall to avoid big crowds.

The Department of Corrections says 10 aggressors were also moved out of the facility.

"They're still going through that process and then they'll be able to have a better sense of exactly what happened so we can prevent it from occurring again in the future," spokesman for the Department of Corrections Chris Gautz said.

There have been no more assaults reported at the prison for several days now.
by Charles Olsen   #405314  &  Joel Dufresne  #257173

The primary and immediate objectives in the white racialist movement today are white unity and revolution There are various theories on what methods should be applied to reach these goals.  Many have great potential, yet some are contradictory too, and may actually hurt the movement.  The exclusion of prisoners from general support and open recruitment is one of these injurious methods.  By ignoring the value of white inmates within our vast prison population you bypass a great pool of potential.

Some of the more pressing concerns involving inmates are that they are degenerate, disloyal, deviant, untrustworthy, prone to gang involvement and drug use.  Basically they are criminals.  Yet these people were not born criminals.  Corrupt society, Z.O.G. Media, forced integration and indoctrination are to blame for the massive prison population today.  The prison industry requires a proliferation of laws, harsher sentences, bought and paid for judges and prosecutors, and an increasing number of White inmates to offset the predominance of "minorities" filling these cells so as not to be labelled racially discriminatory.

Young Whites are raised to idolize black and Mexican cultures, then, in turn, to hold their own White culture in complete disdain.  Our youth commit crimes and join gangs to gain acceptance into these alien cultures.  They believe they have no other choice especially when no one is there to help instil pride in their race.  If racially conscious individuals are not there than the mighty cause of equality will fill the void. 

Once in prison the harsh realities of their life finally begin to surface. The fact that they will never be accepted as an equal by the other racial groups becomes apparent.  With their minds liberated from the poisons of popular American culture they begin to see things from a different perspective.  This is the crucial point in a persons life that, with guidance and support, can bring about a personal inner revolution, which creates the devoted adherents our cause needs so badly.

Some of these young Whites are lucky and run into intelligent, knowledgeable individuals that help them down the righteous path. Others are not so lucky and get lost in the dark recesses of confusion with no guiding light to lead them to consciousness,  These lost souls get swallowed up by the system and end up being the lackeys and second class citizens of some gang or religious group, or they will float through life as a target for both sides of the divide.

To further complicate things, the inmates who do struggle for the betterment of our cause have a hard time staying the course because of the utter lack of support from the free world.  It takes men of extreme dedication and conviction to remain true.  Morale deteriorates when it seems like your own comrades have abandoned you.

The discouraging attitude from those "legitimate" and "established" brothers in the free world incites hatred, mistrust, and disunity from those within the wire.  Arrogance and elitism amongst our own ranks is a vicious plaque that must be checked.

Our movement needs every White body and mind we can get.  The better support our brothers within the wire receive, the better they are able to organize and prepare the unenlightened for their entry into our struggle upon their release.  Revolution happens on many levels. Every little bit helps.  Even if some of these people don't get active in the organized struggle upon release, they still carry our beliefs.  Through them the thoughts and ideals of our cause will reach their friends and families.  Their influence will spark pride and curiosity in others.  That is growth.

The all in or nothing approach is ideal for the militant arm of the movement.  But not everyone is prepared to answer the call to arms at the snap of the fingers.  Every last ounce of support is vital and must be nourished.  The initial phase of consciousness is rarely militant fanaticism anyhow. People must study and observe the ills of our social structure from a personal perspective before total dedication to our cause is even a possibility.  The moment in which one recognizes such revelations varies per individual.

Just as differing ideologies or platforms within the movement shouldn't compromise our over all unity, neither should a persons upbringing and personal circumstances exclude them from the community if their heart is in the right place.  We must add fuel to these fires no matter how small.

Racial awareness must be nurtured within the prison system.  Information, literature, lines of communications, and any kind of outreach or support will help.  Inmates are surprisingly resourceful, the tiniest bit of assistance may help further our cause immeasurably.  Those prisoners who work towards our goals should be rewarded with support. It is a sad sight to see a man's life left to waste simply because he made a few bad life decisions.  We can give meaning and purpose to these men's lives with minuscule amounts of effort.  Some of the most re-known names in conscious literature were in prison when they created their most influential works.  From David Lane to Adolf Hitler, how many more Fuhrers or Silent Brothers can we create?

To succeed, our cause needs the general support of the White population. One great step in spreading the word to that population is turning the prison system into a factory for White Racial Loyalists.

The State of Creativity in the MDOC?

Well Comrades, that question's pretty easy to answer. It's pretty much non-existant. I came across one little viper's nest claiming TCM and saying some pretty nasty things about yours truly. My only regret in disposing of the little posers was not taking all of their literature. Me personally, I don't even have a copy of the Five Fundamental Beliefs. That's due to a number of different factors, including mail policy and the fact I'm not drowning in letters around here. So I couldn't even let people know how to help spread the Creed in here anyway.

I don't teach Creativity as a result. Seven years will leave anyone's memory full of holes. To the point where even trying to teach Creativity in here would be more hindrance than help. But I do teach racialism (pride - loyalty - honor) and use what I do have (Savitri Devi, Francis Parker Yockey and Oswald Mosely writings) to help push these guys in a more idealogical direction. The results have been favorable in my eyes at least. If for no other reason than Creativity is finally getting respect through me and my efforts at bridge building with my local White Racial Comrades.

That being said, I would like help in here. Don't send me literature with JEW - NIGGER - HATE every damn where: (A) I wont get it (they read all of my mail ... I'm a certified gang leader according to them) (B) It's just waving a big come * with me flag anyway.

I used to dread getting anything from the WCOTC back in the 90's. They were as subtle as tornadoes and showed as much concern about me going home as I show ants going back to their hills. As a result our groups' relationship became strained and after myself +"A" on parole, the Primary Group dissolved claiming Peoria (Illinois) didn't care about no-one but themselves. I got to tell you that I wasn't surprised or upset by the eventual reaction. I had to cut off HQ myself in the last 6 to 9 months of my sentence. "Sister LS" being the only person with enough forethought to doctor newsletters is the only one I stayed in contact with. The point is this, the only person who would want to be *ed with constantly because of pieces of paper - letters from the outside, is an idiot, and idiots don't stick around when they get out of prison. The truth is, most of them burn out or are just looking for chaos or some way to preen and pose before their fellow inmates. But none have ever stayed true.

The moral of this story is this, if you want to fight the good fight, I'll fight. But I'm no one's dummy, nor am I willing to deal with anyone who has no concern for my well being. If I go back to Max., I will have my visits cut from seven six-hour visits a month to two one-hour visits a month. Besides that, I'll probably housed in the U.P. by freaking Wisconsin or some damned where.

So comrades, "can you feel me yet?"

I'm a soldier, not a suicide bomber.

So there's my offer and my plea for help. So if anyone thinks they have the time and are prepared to make the effort, please write and we'll get to work.

For Blood & Soil
Joel Dufresne (Reverend)
Supreme Court

My motion for relief was denied on October 22nd.  It was pretty much "rubber stamped" as not one issue was addressed in their decision.  A motion will be filed in Federal Court within two weeks by my attorney.
When the "TCM" first formed, our flagship publication was called Solidarity.  The first thing I wrote about was my opinion that capitalism was not only wrong but evil.  In later issue's, I attacked animal cruelty and pollution. You'd think that these issues, being somewhat fresh to our public debate, would be analyzed and discussed.  Instead, much to my amusement, I was denounced and insulted for speaking of charity, stewardship and compassion.  Now, had I been involved in grand conspiracy theories, rumor, mongering or some form of ego-masturbation, everything I said would have been met with praise. And that praise, the praise of one who has not added anything to the blood and soul of Creativity, is the poison of stagnancy.  It is the shackles that bind our faith and keep it from the following it rightly deserves.  Creativity can't be creative if it is not kept fresh with new theories and ideas.  Creativity demands variety.  It demands experimentation and the free flow of ideas.  It demands these things because without it, it isn't Creativity.

Without those things our religion is but a hollow word absent of all meaning and uses.  Chaos breeds chaos.  Life breeds life and death breeds death.  If we seek to grow through turning the creed into a media circus, we will reap the benefits of a side show circus ...  Scott Belk, Tony Evola, John Fox, James Logsdon, Hardy Caroll Lloyd and that's just to name a few of the gifts we've received over the years because of such tactics.  Like I said before, chaos breeds chaos!  Now mass recruitment has never been my forte.  So I did the things I'm good at.  I beat the drums of the TCM, I consolidated supporters and ferreted out anything and anyone that stood in our way.  I plotted, planned and built a base that exists to this day.  Whatever shape it's in, I can't take credit for. I can say this, without thinking outside the box and without fighting every step of the way so much more of what we had would have been lost.  Two Creativity organizations existing, even competing is not a bad thing.  All of this slimeballism is insane.  If all the people, who sit around night and day, trying to "one up" and discredit the other guys actually sat up, tried to add to or refine what is Creativity we'd be unstoppable.  If all the people who complain of the lack of materials, gave Cailen or Jerald $10 a month until there was enough for publication there would be books etc. every damn where.  I lived in a house with 3 children and a psycho. At the end of the month, I still had something extra and so did everyone else.  Therefore, no one can tell me they don't have something to contribute.  Five cents is five more than there was before, if that's all you can spare.  Effort and sacrifice is necessary for any of our goals to bare any fruits.  After all, like I said, "Life breeds Life" and thus "Death breeds death." Treachery on behalf of James Logsdon caused a shift in Cailen's and my relationship.  Now I feel as if there has been a shift in the workings of the Creed.

He - James - now leaves treachery as an option to all who follow him.  That's just how things are ... cycles fulfill themselves and time marches on.  Just know this, I expect greatness and will give everything I have to see it.  James quoted that quasi-historical-semi-animated film 300 in his final betrayal, "May you live forever" ... Well that's been my plan all along, James.

For Blood & Soil
Joel Dufresne
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