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Democrat Congresswoman and Senator Silent on Giving Awards to Ukraine's Transgender Spokesperson

Excerpt: Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Congresswoman Dina Titus have gone quiet after it emerged they both gave awards to the controversial transgender spokesperson for the Ukrainian military Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who was recently suspended from the role over making unauthorised comments on the force's behalf.

In December of last year, the Las Vegas City Council presented Ashton-Cirillo with a series of awards for service to the Ukrainian military. According to a broadcast from the local Fox affiliate at the time, Senator Cortez Masto and Congresswoman Titus gave Ashton-Cirillo certificates of recognition for the work done in Ukraine, allegedly including serving as a combat medic.

Ashton-Cirillo has come under increasing scrutiny following statements made on social media, including threats to "hunt down" people who spread supposed Russian propaganda. As Breitbart reported, Senator J.D. Vance wrote to top Biden administration officials to question if the White House supported free speech protections in Ukraine and if Ashton-Cirillo had any connections to the U.S. government or intelligence agencies.

In response, Ashton-Cirillo accused Sen. Vance of spreading "gender chaos", while asserting that those who engage in so-called Russian propaganda could not claim to be journalists and therefore are not entitled to free speech protections and must be sent to prison as "war criminals".
Remember, the Russian JOG and American JOG both sling the accusation of "Nazi" at each other. Whether Biden or Trump, Putin or whomever, they all ultimately work for their Jewish Masters and stand opposed to the White Race. Do not make the mistake of choosing sides in a war where both sides seek your extermination. ~ @Cailen.

The scandalous speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, was removed from office

TopWar (Russia) | 22 September 2023

The career of American transgender Sarah Ashton-Cirillo in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces was very short. US journalist Michael John Ashton-Cirillo, who underwent gender reassignment surgery, came out as a woman named Sarah in 2019. From the beginning of the special operation, now "she" moved to Poland, from where she covered the course of hostilities in Ukraine and studied the life of Ukrainian refugees.

Last March, Ashton-Cirillo came to Ukraine, continuing to practice journalism ostensibly right on the front lines, and later joined the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces as a medic, where she rose to the rank of junior sergeant. In August 2023, an American transgender woman became the official English-speaking representative (speaker) of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

About a month later, on September 14, the newly-minted herald of the Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted a video on a social network in which she threatened an unnamed Russian journalist with physical harm. Sparing no pretentious expressions and inflated intonations, Ashton-Cirillo promised...and "to get all the Russian war criminals-propagandists."

After the appearance of this video, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, ordered to check the statements of the Speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the presence of threats to Russian journalists. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the Russian side is outraged by yet another manifestation of the terrorist nature of the Kyiv regime.

And today, quite unexpectedly, it became known that the controversial transgender speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, was suspended from office during an internal investigation into previously made public statements. In a special statement on the official account of the American social network of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces, it is reported that the speaker's statements were not coordinated with the command.

With a certain amount of sarcasm news The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the removal of a transgender sergeant from the post of Speaker of the Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in her Telegram channel.

QuoteWho will they appoint now, I wonder? The Minister of Preschool Education or the Chief Obstetrician-Gynecologist of Ukraine?

— Zakharova asked the question of the future fate of Ashton-Cirillo.

I would like to add: maybe straight to the presidency? The Ukrainian people, who chose and support the Jewish Nazi Zelensky, would be very suitable for an American transgender person as head of state. Moreover, this will certainly make Ukraine even more suitable for admission to the "blooming garden" of the European Union.

* * * *

Excerpt: ... Michael John Cirillo now known as Sarah Ashton-Cirillo who is a trans pro-Ukraine journalist.

An article titled " This Undercover Operative Says She Recruited the Proud Boys for the GOP" written on June 3, 2021 talks how she infiltrated far right group Proud Boys and tie them to a Vegas-based GOP consultant.

"In the months leading up to the 2020 election, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a self-described progressive activist, embedded herself in GOP circles as part of her research for a book on right-wing extremism. What she found was a Republican consultant desperate to team the Proud Boys up with the Nevada GOP in order to challenge ballots and flip the presidential election."

The above article was mysteriously deleted from website
Capitalism vs Whites

When looking at threats to our Breed none stands out quite like Capitalism.

It's alluring to think that in this tiny little package a man could save himself, his family or own the world.

It's been packaged like this for years and people still follow its narcotic allure.

Despite years of outright examples of the rich getting richer and our families never quite making it, the people still demand it, despite our children falling behind, despite falling wages, even though unchecked immigration is used merely to keep it alive,and despite its abuse by Zion, whites the world over fight for it even though this has been the one solution for our enemies and their campaign to divide us since time immemorial.

Capitalism brought in the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Asians and Africans to work in American and European fields, factories and the homes of the rich.

After all, the Whites didn't want to do the work did we?

Even though there are literally millions of our people unemployed.

Somehow our billionaire task masters decided we didn't want to work so they needed to bring in cheaper labor to do it, and it wasn't at all about the pay differential and the win fall profits, it was about freedom and equality but then it always is, isn't it?

Thus we were given the non-White immigrant, who are very convenient until they wise up and demand more of those dollars everybody goes crazy for.

They build them barrio's, ghetto's and slum's and by all means despite the cost to the PEOPLE rinse, repeat and do it over and over again until our Nations choke on them.

But the conservative will look to me and say well obviously we can't do that we'll just pass laws to forbid it, and we'll issue them permits and paperwork and our Capitalist wonderland will be safe and orderly.

And I will say to all of you...

When Capital becomes your (ISM) it becomes the centerpiece of your culture and way of life.

Said and unsaid it will find a way to dominate every aspect of our lives and give tacit approval to everything from the oppression and exploitation of the poor to the mass introduction of their third world coworker's.

And when you give rise to these poor and oppressed classes you give rise to the parasitic rich bourgeois liberal and all of their hybrid marxocapitalist nonsense.

Look at the treatment of Whites by the Royalty of Europe and the Business oligarchs of America and you will see the true nature of Capitalism.

Whether it was Russian serfs or the American hillbilly our people were oppressed, not only by Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic, Anglican and later Evangelical hoax's but by our own leaders.

Capital might have owned the crown but God held the whip to the poor and kept our ancestors in line.

Don't want go to hell? well, walk the line because the desert god hates the willful and the proud, so bend that neck until it breaks.

These sect's managed to supplement the peoples want of a god with a two faced sufferer and convinced our people that profits were rewards for hard work even if it screwed ones neighbor, land or family.

Hollywood and the Media are essential to our Capitalist owners the world over.

The task masters keep us fat with tons of processed food (we'll call it bread) and the Media provides us with something that can't be described as anything but a circus.

Capitalism fueled colonialism, gave rise to slavery, integration and now assimilation.

Our peoples oppressors whether their victims were Ben Smith, Kathrine Ainsworth, Sacco and Vanzetti, The light brigade, serfs, red shanks, white trash or the most hated one of all the modern white European/American are and were oppressed in the name of the same thing (Capital).

Look at the hatred exercised against Russia for not wanting to see Ukraine be the next California, or Kiev the next Detroit.

The actions of our bourgeois elites on behalf of our oligarchy toward the Rus borders on the insane but guess what?

It's all in the name of capital.

Nations and Corporations invested almost a trillion dollars since 2014 to destroy yet another nearly pristine White Nation.

Hell, a Zionist even got so called White Nationalists out there to fight against their own kind with some transgender Mexican as their spokesperson.

So Capital once again set our people against themselves, which is the same story of the same scam "Freedom is Capitalism" even though all this freedom appears to be the only in the places being drown in non-Whites, wage slavery and militant anti-White Zionism.

Somehow, if you can make a buck selling white kids thongs you should have that FREEDOM but a one doesn't have the FREEDOM to speak ones mind do we?

I'll just say it like this I've read all the Anticommunist hand bills and I agree with most of it, but I've lived through Capitalism and let's face it sometimes it isn't Zion sometimes its us and so long as we hold on to this system its our fault.

Our shackles are made of fools-gold and always have been.

But really who can we blame for it all?

America's traitorous greedy globalist oligarchy? The American government? Zionists? The Media? Or me and you?

We not only accept but promote our own poison, we shackle our own minds, and by the looks of it we'll fight for anyone who flatters us.

So the question remains who is to blame?

How can we fight back, which way can we turn?

The answer is simple we only need to break ourselves from societies dead cultures and from the systems dead economics to offer all of our people a way out of this mess.

Speaking to all people of European decent whether of Germanic/Celtic/Roman/Greco/Slavic ethnicity and regardless of religion we must cultivate an alternative for all of our people based on the principles set forth by Ben Klassen regarding Racial Socialism.

Active and substantial care and concern for kith and kin and community.

Concrete rights based on the traditional rights of our ancestor's.

Common sense social welfare programs to help those who might need assistance and to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Limits on animal testing, pollution and strict regulations on corporations.

Some people will say aren't there people who preach the same things today.

True but I'm sure they'd work better if the people who proposed them weren't owned by said corporations.

But all and all, I don't claim to know economics but I know right from wrong and I can see that if things don't change, the last change we'll see will be the extinction of our people.

So, please step forward, stop looking back and help change the future of our people and the world.

Blood and unity is the only solution to the problems we face.

In the religion of Creativity one of the main tenants is the absolute denial of all supernatural beings and religions.

this is for the obvious reason that we cannot become slaves to the idea that a God sits around eternity playing checkers with our lives while we waste away in our tiny existence waiting for miracles we can do for ourselves, so we Creators teach one another Carpe Diem (seize the day), enjoy your life, family and friends, and make the most of that life because God isn't coming to save you. we are our own brothers keepers and we are responsible for our own will and destiny, not Jesus, not Allah and not Buddha just me and you..........

so regarding all those questions about supernaturalism, well they really just come down to one thing "why would we worship any Deity at all when in reality all of those blessed with the blood of Europa are in fact Divine"?????

And as such we are the CREATORS, we create lives and take them, we are the inspiration and makers of all worthwhile culture and philosophy, we make the music that inspires all true expressions of love and life, and our struggle gives meaning to everyone willing to endure its cost, so as a people we must come to understand that our lives are the perfection of eternity within the finite space that is ourpeoplesblood........

Creativity is in every line of our genetic code and therefore we find this divinity expressed daily through our struggle to survive within a hostile world

yet still the broken ones look for meaning through divinity beyond the stars even though divinity drips from their own veins.

our peoples blood itself is Godhood and the dedication to our struggle to survive is eternal

so why do we need Yahweh, or even Allah when true Godhood is found within the morals, integrity and honor of our people throughout time and history because it defines our will to survive

yet still our conflict with other peoples has never been a matter of jealousy, anger or wanton cruelty, it is and has always been one of survival. matter and anti matter, light vs darkness, one doesn't hate the other they are just naturally opposed.

the lion doesn't hate the lamb, nor bear the fish but we have the unique opportunity to choose whether we live as lions or like the enemy demands...... lambs

to decide this for ones self separates our divinity as creators from the dying embers of our flame, and it is the level of this divinity which is shown in our actions for the betterment of bloodandsoil because all holy actions echo in our collective bloodandunconscious for eternity.

the enemy doesn't set out to destroy us but they will for the same reason any invasive species destroys it environment, it just does.

so, we must cleanse our environment and ourselves, and we must remove the diseased parts of our world while we still have the chance....

but first we must find the fault within our own divinity and change for the betterment of the struggle.

because if the powers that be seek to destroy our people by the destruction and removal of of our morals and culture wouldn't our highest duty be to resist those powers and wouldn't the act of teaching our morals and culture to those most affected be far more effective than endlessly talking and complaining????

we are the Church of our people, the Creator, the part of the divinity that makes us nature's finest and the purveyor of all that's good.....

so hearing this what do we do????

The Ranger's and Beret's are lacking Comrades and the Church is lacking primary groups to carry on our message to the people. All of us talk about the problems but who's got time for the solution's????

Morals, Integrity and Honor, the 3 points of the R! mix that say with 16 commandments, 5 fundamental beliefs, 23words, and what does one have but a foundation for any church looking to move forward
Russians are as bad as Americans (and the rest of the Anglophone West), seeing "Nazis" behind every rock and under every bed. ~ @Cailen.

Vladimir Putin: The West put an ethnic Jew at the head of Ukraine, covering up Nazism

In Ukraine, a situation has developed where the ethnic Jew Zelensky advocates the glorification of Nazism, and all this is happening with the full support of the Western sponsors of the regime. Vladimir Putin stated this.

The Russian President held a meeting of the Pobeda organizing committee, after which he briefly answered several questions regarding the current situation in Ukraine. According to him, the West has put the ethnic Jew Zelensky at the head of Ukraine, who actually stands on the side of the latter-day Nazis. Today, the statehood of Ukraine is built on the glorification of Nazism; Nazi henchmen are glorified there, elevating them to the rank of national heroes. And all this is covered up by an ethnic Jew.

Western curators have put a person at the head of modern Ukraine - an ethnic Jew, with Jewish roots, with Jewish origins, and thus, in my opinion, they seem to be covering up such an anti-human essence, which is the foundation, the basis of the modern Ukrainian state

- said the Russian leader, calling the current situation "disgusting."

Zelensky covers up those who perpetrated the Holocaust in Ukraine, killing 1,5 million people, and then goes to Israel to beg weapon. Earlier, Putin said that his Jewish friends consider Zelensky "a disgrace to the Jewish people."
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