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I agree with you Rev Cambeul. Fags must be killed using pneumatic cattle stunners and thrown into the trash compactors of garbage trucks before being thrown into the furnaces of waste-to-electricity power plants to be used as fuel for electric power generation and the production of ash fertilizer and fly ash concrete strengthener. RaHoWa! White Power!


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Kiddy fuckers are the worst kind of Faggotry. Gassing is too good for them. They need to be crucified.


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True Creativity?

Started by Rev.JoelDufresne, Thu 02 Feb 2023

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What makes us Creators??

Is it hate or is it more??

Should our only focus in life be the constant criticism and obsession of other races??

Is that what our lives amount too??

Are we only as good what others do wrong??

Are we stuck in a box of our own making??

A box that doesn't go forward but only looks back??

Are we doomed to be limited to only our own complaints, our own grievances??

Is that all we are worth??

Is that all we can do??

What happened to our love??

A love that would propel us forward, that would help us build, to inspire to overcome.....

What kind of comrade am I, what kind are you??

The kind that will look to the love, caring and kindness of a blood and people who built this world??

A people whose love for each other moved mountain's.....

Or are we something else??

Do the faults of others make you good??

Does it give you worth??

Klassen did not organize our Church so that we could lose what makes us great in the pursuit of pointing out the flaws of others.....

On a limited basis I can see the value in pointing out the schemes, plots and wrongs of others.....

But to turn ourselves into some circle jerk for the disaffected.....

To forget about our most fundamental principles is insane......

What happened to the people who hated the schemes of our enemies but instead of complaining about it they appealed to the better nature of our people through Creatively organized environmental, salubrious and social primary group activities.....

I have heard that some people say Church resources should only be used to expose our enemies.....

I just want to know is that for real.....

It sounds insane.....

I was asked about how the Church views supremacy the other day while talking with some non Church types around here and here's what I told the guys.....

Is a White Man better than a Black just because he was born and my answer was and is an emphatic "No!".....

Oh I know and can hear the gasps of betrayal now but listen closer and you might be shocked to see you might just agree if you have the mind to keep listening.....

Supremacy is a concept like any other.....

Supremacy is not a given ... It is based on a number of variable's.....

Is a brand new Lamborghini without gas or an engine better than a Chevette with gas and an engine??

How so??

We're only worth what we produce in the world.....

And the assertion that I'm good because someone else is bad is laughable.....

We have a greater capacity for greatness than other peoples but this capacity doesn't make us great.....

Seeing this capacity but doing nothing but pointing out the lack thereof in others makes you nothing.....

I mean I can talk about ak47s all day long and tell you how much better they are than muskets but let's face facts an ak without bullets will lose hands down to a loaded musket.....

Especially if the guy with the ak spends all his time talking down muskets and completely neglects doing anything to obtain any bullets for himself.....

You see the bullets are the love, knowledge, wisdom and understanding that our people have used to make this world.....

And without it we lost this world and it will remain lost to us so long as we focus on the wrongs of others to give the illusions to our people that we're doing something by complaining rather than bettering ourselves and spreading skills and knowledge to our own people.....

So all of us must remember.....

In order to be superior we must become superior in all things.....

We must truly show we care about both blood and soil.....

We must study our histories and cultures.....

We must actively promote loyalty in our kith and kin.....

We must show people we are working to build a new tomorrow not by pointing out the flaws of others but to show our people the actions of a Church that loves its people more than it hates.....

Who builds more than it tears down.....

Because then and only then will we have showed our capacity and our true supremacy.....

Stop resting on the laurels of being born and work for a new tomorrow.....

Stop looking down your noses and embrace your people and reject this world of our enemies.....

Reject the system and society that's forsaken us and build a new one for ourselves.

And remember.....

Building a new world, a new land and culture is a lot harder than sitting around blaming others for the loss of the old.....

But it's worth the struggle and heart ache for those who were born with the true higher self.....

For those who have the right to be critic's because they have built and sacrificed more than they've destroyed.....

Because they are the true Creators.....

And we should all follow their lead.....

We should reject all negativity and promote only hope because that is what Creates in this world - Nothing else.....

No more preaching to the choir.....

No more rants.....

All we need is Creativity.....

A new society, a new culture and a new people for our new religion should be the least not of what we're asking for but of what we are working for.....

That's it - That's all.

One Nation - One Culture - One Religion.

Nothing else will do.

Joel Dufresne #257173
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First St
Coldwater MI U.S.A. 49036

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I can tell you one my experience from real life. When I said RaHoWa in one group of people who I did not know, I later have realized that I had been between Creators. It is our password or if you want secret language. It is important that we have our people all around the world in each jobs, class etc.

Also here is another experience, I know a business company who have their sect inside as a secret and it is New age. Also there exists another company who have a connection within Supreme Court as a secret organization. Watch the movie The Godfather and study organization 'Ndrangheta' who work outside official state policy. All in the world know who they are and nobody can crash them.  In the same way can work Creativity.
I am still learning English. Please forgive any errors you may see.


A good book by John Dickie is Blood Brotherhood: A History of Italy's Three Mafias.

An excellent book on leadership is Launching a Leadership Revolution, a christian book, by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward.
Joel Dufresne #257173
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First St
Coldwater MI U.S.A. 49036

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He is a Creator

Who shows compassion to all White people,
Who does not turn the other cheek by wrong done to him,
Who does not allow the poor White person to be oppressed in his presence,
Who helps the wretched White person,
Who succors the needy White person,
Who mourns with White mourners,
Who feels another White person's pain as if it were his own,
Who is moved to tears by the tears of other White people,
Whose house is common to all White people,
Whose door is closed to no one White,
Whose table no poor White man does not know,
Whose food is offered to all White people,
Whose goodness all White people know and at whose hands no one experiences undeserved injury,
Who serves Creativity all day and night,
Who ponders and meditates upon the Sixteen Commandments unceasingly,
Who is made poor in the eyes of the world so that he may become rich before the Creator.

Rev. Joel's text was written from the heart. I stole mine from Pelagianism and edited it. However, it does correctly describe how I live - and that is why I am poor in the eyes of the world ~ @Cailen.
Recovering after surgery

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned.
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain.


Date: 3/18/2023
To: Cailen Cambeul

I remember as a kid reading an old newsletter were Klassen was floating yoga and meditation as a path for inner spirituality. Hale came and made us extremely one dimensional and I'm not sure if we ever got out of it...

Hale helped anchor my life to Creativity and for that I honor him, but I think that though he meant well he crossed a few lines at the end and got drunk on the adoration and it colored his views...

His addiction to activism came at the expense of our success...

He stopped looking inward (like I mentioned with that article) and just obsessed himself with the others to the point where all we had was a bunch of haters with no introspection that believed the highest form of success was snarling up commuters travel with pointless rallies and protests.

We literally lost Creativity so bad, Reverend Dan Hassett thought he could just hand us off to Dr Pierce when he got mad at Hale because apparently we became so generic at the end that apparently the only thing you needed was hatred and an unbelief in god to run the show.

We need to become more...

- Unique unto ourselves even if we have to push our own evolution.

- A ministers group for meditation another for diet another for community outreach, exercise etc....

- And the average guy just is and adopts what he likes.
Joel Dufresne #257173
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First St
Coldwater MI U.S.A. 49036

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