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Cheap But Good Rings: SS, 88 & More ...


A good zinc alloy likeness of the original. Every detail is there. It's worth what you pay for it ...

Another nice looking, cheap ring of a similar style ...

I just ordered two 8 rings and an SS ring - All are Titanium/Surgical Stainless Steel

I would have bought a 2 and a 3 but they don't sell them. Just 7's, 8's, 13's and 1%er's.
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I got the pair of 8's and the SS ring. Well worth the AU$8 for the 88 and the AU$7 SS. This titanium/surgical steel stuff really is good quality. And so cheap, there's probably a pack of Hebes salivating at the profit prospects while reading this post. Better than the old soft-as-shite pewter we had to put up with 35 years ago. And who gives a F about silver when you have cold steel?

They're quite chunky, almost - but not quite - like wearing knuckle dusters. Perfect to make a statement without the need to say a word. I also got a Clan Campbell ring, which is a Boar's Head. Now, that is a big bastard that would tear a gaping hole in any race traitor's face and rip out their eye all in one. I'll leave that one for special occasions. And I got a 1%er ring for the other hand to match the 88 on the RIGHT. I'd still prefer 2&3/23.

I'll get a photo tomorrow and upload it to the Gallery.

The other things I got with this delivery were some Iron Crosses for my car windows @ AU$2.30 each. A shame they have the date 1813 on them, but I'll probably blacken that. Or should I leave it and claim that 1813 stands for Adolf Hitler And Creativity? Or 18 for R for RaHoWa and 13 for Good Luck? I will blacken it, but the numbers will show eventually.

Quality: I assume Chromed Metal
RaHoWa & Good Luck!

88 Rings;sa=view;id=2978

Celtic, 1%er, 88 and SS rings


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