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Feel Uneasy
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The Church of Creativity New Zealand
New Zealand
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South Africa
South African/New Zealander
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Sun 10 Mar 2019
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Fri 29 Apr 2022

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      Nature's Eternal Religion, Might is Right, War of the Flea


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      Classical music, Endless Pride, Saga


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      Racial Greetings to all my Creator Brother and Sisters,

    My Awakening happened at the age of 32, I was born in South Africa, afterwards my family left to come to New Zealand when I was 10 because of Black violence to Whites and the fact they felt there was no hope for us there.

    I was some what racially aware only in the sense that Whites stick with Whites. I only started researching and studying these issues in my 20's and even then I still hadn't yet become fully Racially aware or jew-wise. As the years passed I gained more and more experience dealing with our enemies​ and dealing within the WP so-called Movement.

    I left christinsanity in my 20's now that I was getting that poison out of my mind I checked out a few groups but wasn't sure because I thought of it like this: I'm not a skinhead and I didn't want to play dress up either. I wanted to join a group weather big or small that reflected my basic ideas of Nature as in kind after kind and protecting my own species. I was watching a old episode of Race & reason by Tom Metzger, and he had Ben Klassen on that episode talking about CREATIVITY, so I started my research on Creativity and knew this is what I was searching for all along.

    So now I am a Creator and always will be.

    I'd like especially to thank Rev Cailen Cambeul for his help and guidance. 23/23 RaHoWa!

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