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Tommy Silverstein - Aryan Brotherhood
Pay Attention to the Statistics - Learn Them!

Stats at the Beginning and at 26 Minutes.

John Newland is to be considered to be a Race Traitor. He lied to the PM, he lied and used Our Church and his brothers for his own purposes.

John Newland is forever banned from any association with CREATORS. He is to surrender all books, patches, flags, certificates and other paraphernalia to the nearest CREATOR.

He is not to use for his own purposes the name CREATIVITY, CREATIVITY ALLIANCE, Creativity Movement, CHURCH OF CREATIVITY, CHURCH OF THE CREATOR or any other derivation. He is not permitted to utilise our religion, CREATIVITY in any way at all.

The Ministerial Oath that every Reverend takes is a lifetime obligation. One can leave - IF they do it right and in good standing. Newland did not. Instead, he broke his Oath and for that will receive a fair and just punishment. A Christian church would sue their own for breach of contract. We do not live in that world. We are our own Police, Judge, Jury and DoC.

John Newland is to abide by all directions above, or there will be severe repercussions for the Race Traitor Newland.

Reverend Dr Joe Esposito, Pontifex Maximus
Reverend Cailen Cambeul, Church Administrator

Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Sun 04 Sep 2022There was once a self-described clinical psychologist here that had a long history with CREATIVITY. I mistakenly allowed it into the Church, accepted that based on its credentials it was a professional that knew how to get things done. It wasn't half as good as needed for the job I gave it. It barely had a grasp on CREATIVITY, and could almost pass at reading and writing.

When it had decided that it had spent enough months with us to legitimise itself, it quit, breaking its Ministerial Oath and leaving us in the lurch - meaning another job I have to do myself ... or abandon altogether and throw into the cannot be done pile. Its intent is to start its own rival group - which I will not allow.

I'm expecting a call from PM Joe within the next half an hour. I will be notifying him of my decisions pertaining to this particular clinical psychologist - this FRAUD!

As for the future: The rule will be no psychologists, psychiatrists or lawyers are permitted to join the Church of Creativity.
PM Joe's friend, Karl Hand, recently died. PM Joe and Karl got to know one another while doing time together. Karl always kept in touch and kept PM Joe informed with his monthly newsletter - which has now ended. Karl was a good friend. He will be remembered.

From Heritage & Destiny
Sadly we were informed last week by one of our American subscribers, that Karl Hand passed away the previous month after a stroke, and it looks like the Racial Nationalist Party of America (RNPA) and their bi-monthly magazine White Voice will pass with him, as there was no successor.

The RNPA was a White nationalist group based in Lockport, New York State, founded in 1998 by Karl. The RNPA was also a part of the Aryan Nationalist Alliance.

They sponsored the annual "White Christmas Drive", along with Aryan Syndicate and Blood and Iron. As well as publishing their newsletter White Voice, the RNPA also published a whole host of leaflets and other propaganda material. They also co-hosted the "White Lives Matter" successful rally in Cazenovia Park, South Buffalo, in July 2016.

Karl had lived for the past 25 years or so in Lockport, which is both a city and a metropolitan area in Niagara County, New York State, just to the east of the Canadian border. In the early 1970s, he was a member of the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP).

Karl was also a former leader of National Socialist Liberation Front (NSLF) which broke away from the NSWPP in 1974, and a former National Director of Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which was then led by David Duke, and after that by Don Black.

The following epitaph was composed by Karl's colleagues in the RNPA.

An Epitaph to our beloved and intrepid leader, Karl Hand – 1950-2022

Karl Hand "spoke truth to power" like no one else in Patriot Space. His confrontation of the elite 'powers that be' was constant and never-ending. Karl espoused and personified the mindset and conviction that resistance is NOT futile, and can and must be boldly applied by every able-bodied Nationalist patriot in the world! Karl insisted that his organization would organize and fight back, effectively and relentlessly! Karl's correspondences rejected the notion that "Everything stinks and there's nothing we can do about it", which sadly has been advanced by many voices in the American Patriot scene. Instead, he cultivated a base of permanent and successful resistance to tyranny, preferring to perform humble but effective projects against the tyrant rather than cursing circumstances! Karl's untimely death is merely a brief interruption of a lifetime's work that will blossom into a world-changing revolutionary movement.

Karl was one of the most courageous and fearless men alive on earth. Many hundreds of folks in Karl's patriot circles would agree and could cite a multitude of examples where Karl confronted powerful enemies, against all the odds, and never flinched. Karl was undefeated in his battles! He sustained an occasional setback, a temporary tactical reversal, but NEVER a strategic failure! There's a common saying in American military circles that asserts, "Never jump in a foxhole with a man braver than yourself." Karl personified this type of courage and bravery, inducing men of lesser mettle and conviction to melt away from his side through the years!

Karl trained his polemical guns on the billion- and trillionaire Elites of our time. These richest and most powerful men who have ever lived now decide what is and is not acceptable speech, what is taboo and what is protected, and have all the speed-of-light technology that money can buy to help them enforce their codes. Karl Hand opposed them, with amazing effectiveness and with only the most rudimentary of available resources. One stubborn man in a one-bedroom apartment sent shivers up the spines of elite men whose wealth would make the most splendid medieval despot green with envy.

These unimaginably rich and powerful elites of our time have erected a system of punishments the most diabolical and fearsome in human history. Karl Hand has stood athwart the designs of these elites and dared to defy them!

Prolific Karl published his political newsletter, rain or shine, six times a year for nearly 25 years. He never missed an issue except for brief periods with illnesses, establishing a copyright for his organization, and tactical field work. Ten- and fifteen-year-old copies of his newsletter still circulate among the North American incarcerated population, and many consider Karl's publications to be the finest patriot information available anywhere. Karl delivered hundreds of one-page political and polemical commentaries to subscribers and supporters. He performed an admirable annual White Christmas Drive where Santa Karl distributed gifts and toys and food to locals in the greater Buffalo NY area. His efforts enriched the lives of hundreds of less fortunate souls in the NW New York region who had the misfortune of being of European lineage when people of such stock are officially regarded as evil, non-persons by the Elite Powers That Be. And books! Karl kept a stock of hundreds of them, all focusing on the conflict between free Americans and Europeans and the evil Elites who enslave them. Sales were perpetually brisk!

Many leaders of patriot and Nationalist organizations are bombastic and arrogant, self-serving over all. Karl was none of these things, and he took great pride in "going his own way" and pursuing a stridently independent path to gaining followers and success by accepting EVERY patriot as a capable combatant, regardless of social status. Karl's humility was legendary! He was constantly directing credit to fellow patriots and Nationalists while avoiding self-adulation. In this sense Mr. Hand was extremely rare – a Leader with humility, inviting men and women of the most diverse gifts and talents to join him in his defiance of the Elite Powers That Be. Thus Karl had the most loyal of adherents – he RECOGNIZED the talents and achievements of those who assisted him, and would NEVER browbeat a colleague or supporter over a trivial difference in point-of-view or ideology. Again, an extremely rare natural leader, ever humble to the end.

Two "pet peeves" of Karl were the "Cult of Personality" and nostalgic longing for Nationalist movements over eighty years old that today are profoundly obsolete. Speaking of the Cult of Personality, we quote Karl: "We put too much emphasis on personality and not enough on tenacity and hard work. This is and cannot be a one-man movement, it takes a team dedicated to a common and lasting goal." And regarding Nationalist nostalgia, Karl insisted stridently that longing for long-ago Nationalist movements, especially the unsuccessful ones relegated to history books, is both self-defeating and time wasting. These sentiments put Karl at odds with large numbers of co-patriots.

Karl was one of the most contented and happy men the patriot scene has ever known. Why shouldn't he be so? He was the leader of an extremely successful patriot and social group, he had thousands of fans and adherents, and good people RESPONDED to his approach to life and his avocation. Karl didn't care one whit about spartan living quarters and a beat-up old car. He was making a difference!
Karl ministered to the forgotten prisoner population of North America and is revered as a father-figure by thousands of European-stock men locked up in our nation's cruel and de-humanizing penitentiaries and jails. Just have a look at any of the hundreds of newsletters Karl distributed over the past three decades. Every issue has multiple letters from prisoners, former prisoners and struggling lower-caste men, announcing adulation and reverence for Karl, the great and wise adviser. Karl reminded readers constantly that most young, White prisoners in America – and indeed most male prisoners of every race and background – are victims of the elimination of the former, America-first system of manufacture. Put simply, there are fifty million fewer well-paying manufacturing jobs in America than there were in 1970, and that young American men are paying for this travesty by being economically poor, unable to support a family, having no future, and succumbing to despair. Karl gave a voice and hope to these forgotten men!

His principled stands on "controversial" and "divisive" topics of the day, especially those dealing with relationships between individuals and groups of people, are utterly taboo today, but would have been completely acceptable in every Western country 100 years ago. European men of the year 1900 might have even found Karl's convictions to be excessively lenient!

Karl had fast friends on five continents, a dozen countries all over the world, and crossing all spectra of human experience. All patriots like himself, all taking a stand against the soul-crushing and suffocating speech codes, "Political correctness" strictures, where passion has been banned by our elites and replaced by mindless pursuits, drugs and alcohol, pornography and all manner of banal and time-wasting "pastimes" to distract good men from the evil that attacks them!

In some future generation, it is absolutely certain that the social and political boundaries of today will be utterly destroyed and replaced by new ones, and that the elites of today, both groupwise and as individuals, will be comprehensively dis-powered and discredited. Both Karl's viewpoints on the modern world, and his tireless efforts to advance these views, will be vindicated. Karl is a true hero of the modern world and will be regarded as such by future generations.

Karl's place in history will be among those who truly and successfully defied the Elite Powers That Be and engineered an organization that ultimately triumphed over its enemies!

Karl Hand will be SORELY missed. The grieving has just begun. But his seedlings will blossom and grow into mighty oaks, and Karl's followers and fellow travellers won't let him down. Karl's Movement will expand and grow and conquer, irresistibly!

RNPA Staff
The latest from Reverend Doctor Joe Esposito @P.M.JoeEsposito

Living Creativity

It includes a special thank you to Brother Mikey. Rev. Dr. Esposito would also like to correspond with more Creators ~ as would Reverend Loeb.

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