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Messages - P.M.JoeEsposito

Brother, R-23,

Glad to hear you are home and okay! Sorry you're in pain but at least your good. I'll let you get your rest, take it easy. Joe
My Brother,

Received your message. Most hospitals are infested with muds.

After all the operations I've had and dealings with nurses an doctors, I know the position you are in. Just be sure to take care of that medical issue.

Well take care.

***R***23*** My Brother.

Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.

Quote from: Rev.CambeulR! Just about to leave for the hospital. The appointment has been changed to 11:30am, so I have more time.

... Time for some typical musings from our particular style of people.

Should I die on the operating table, it wont be heaven I go to ... It's better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.

And: If Satan wants me, he can come and get me. I don't give nothing away!

Not that we would ever believe in any spooks. LOL!

Years ago in Easyrider magazine, they had a cartoon of a biker and his missus standing at the side of the road. Their bike had broken down and they were hitchhiking. He stood there with his middle finger in the air, while she complained, "Why do you always have to be such a hard man?"

I will have a tablet with me, with a keyboard, and they do have free internet in the hospital, so I'll see what happens. Otherwise, I'll be out of touch for about a week.

R! 23 Words.
Quote from: Rev.CambeulI had some problems today. They wanted me to go to the hospital for blood tests prior to the operation because they cannot find the results of the two blood tests that I've had done already this month. So I went to get the blood tests, and the incompetent mud filth would not serve me because I did not have a printed form. They told me to go and get one from the Outpatients desk, but there was nobody there today. Instead, you are supposed to go to another desk, which sends you back to the first desk. The incompetent mud then took off to get another incompetent mud, which told me "You come back tomorrow."

I told it "No. I AM leaving and I will NOT be coming in tomorrow. I will NOT take a chance that there will be somebody that is competent TOMORROW! I will be back Thursday morning for the operation. And if that is not good enough, I will walk out again, and then I will kill the Prime Minister!" I then stormed out of the place declaring loudly enough to be heard, "This place is full of fucking incompetent! MUDS!"

If they don't get this operation over and done with on Thursday, then my next stop will be a lawyer. I will consider this to be a death sentence, so I will sue the bastards for $23 Million and fund the RaHoWa! Then I'll kill the Prime Minister.

RAHOWA! 23 Words

R23! My brother,

Received your messages. I hope all went well with the tests, and if you go for the operation I wish you the best.

Send Lord C. @Br.AnthonyS and everybody else my love & respect.

Keep me informed.

My Brother, sorry to here about your situation but I have faith in your making it!!

@Br.DustinFletcher's nick name is Youngster.

Don't forget to send the 81 photos also.

You will always be the shot caller, and we will run it together.

When I get out I'll take care of D. You can mail anything to him for me that's my address - but I'm not going to post it. I'll get a P.O. Box after I'm out. JOG will try to keep their foot on my neck, so I'll keep my home address off everything.

Well bro, take care and keep me updated!!

R23 Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.
My Brother, R-23

I received both your messages. Thank you for the shirts. Also remember to send me some Creator shirts and a flag and a Creator medal and whatever else you want to send.

I hope all is well with you and your mom. And as for me I'm good and counting down. Only have 12 1/2 months left.

Fake Creators on Telegram are most likely a JOG set up to grab names.

Well bro, I close for now stay strong

R-23 Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.
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