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Messages - Albert

Originally posted 01 Aug 2011

Matt Hale is a Martyr for the Creativity Religion but he is now completely out of the picture. He is as a man fallen in battle and cannot influence Creativity as a world view and living Religion beyond his prison cell. If he is being permitted to communicate after all this time it is only with permission of Morris Dees (now on US homeland security). They are trawling for information and contacts.

The concept of a monolithic Creativity was indeed Ben Klassen's original aim, but the actions of Dees and the SPLC showed that legally any monolithic organisation can be broken and sued. Do not forget that it was Dees and the SPLC that broke the back of the KKK, Butler's Aryan Nations, Metzger's WAR and Ben Klassen's COTC.

In response we need globally, hundreds and thousands of dispersed local churches and independent global activists to allow our Holy message to spread. Our response to Dees and the SPLC must be to be the splinters of the broom (in Disney's Sorcerers apprentice.)

Is there any historical precedent of a group leader being held hostage and still having authority over his followers? I can think of only one... Montezuma of the Aztecs. The Spaniards seized him, then made him give orders dismantling his civilisation. Gold effigies were stolen and melted down and the entire Aztec civilisation compromised to its destruction. In time the Aztecs rose up and even killed Montezuma to resist the Spanish.

Matt Hale has to be assumed to be in the same position. Just as anyone arrested in the USA can be threatened with male rape by AIDS infected niggers if they don't cooperate. The chain of command is broken and security compromised. Matt may well be being threatened if he doesn't dismantle Creativity... So sadly he has to be ignored and assumed to have been a casualty of war.
final corrections NER pages 400- 468
1. page 417 4th paragraph should be " unravelling of further events"
2. page 420 unnecessary gap between paragraphs 7 and 8. 427 end of 4th paragraph should be " -that is perfectly alright"
4. page 432 unnecessary gap between paragraphs 3 and 4.
5. page 447. 4th paragraph should be "and the calibre of her men."
6. page 451 last paragraph should say " as the Jews do to Germany,"
7. page 457 paragraph 4 should be "build meeting houses"
8. page 463 3rd paragraph should say " we will find the average White man or woman as being tall, athletic in build and unusually healthy in mind and body. The average man will be handsome and manly looking,
9. page 465 paragraph 2 should be "colored races for it to carry warfare against." 467 paragraph 1 should say "music , art and sculpture"

That's my input anyway so I can't complain. Thanks to everyone who has offered corrections and PM Cailens hard administrative work. Many heads and minds are better than one and future generations will thank us for this small effort in preserving the Holy word and  helping bring that word of salvation to our people. Rahowa!
My corrections pages 300-400. NB I am using the first edition. 317 a full stop is missing paragraph 3 " thus become extinct. If this happens,"
2. page 321 1st line should be " land nor natural resources" 330 10th line down should be "White Race has pursued"
4. page 340 1st paragraph should be "Castille was in a state of Chaos" 357 1st paragraph should say "water -drip, iron corset"
6. page 370 lines 1 and 2 should be "equalled"
7. page 370 gap between paragraphs 4/5 is unnecessary.
8. page 393. I have a problem with such a long footnote regarding the term nazi. It may be true but adding such a large paragraph to a Holy Book; 1,detracts from the original text and the true word of Ben Klassen; 2,  raises a precedent of others adding their own paragraphs in their  versions; 3, casts a shadow on the legitimacy of "our" version. Generally in modern Christian Bibles a footnote is added represented by a number or star referencing the reader to small italics at the bottom of a page or a reference is made to an appendix at the back.  (Nb I'm not sure if this is in the 2nd edition as overseen by Ben Klassen and therefore a legitimate footnote or is something new)
9.page397 1st paragraph should read "any creature practising"
my corrections page 200-300 NER
1. page 202 line 18 should be "directed not so much to what" 205 paragraph 2 should be "when this ring closes"
3. page 206 3rd line from the bottom should say "predestination" Nb missing speech mark.
4. page 207 last line "all these vicious programs" not viscous.
5. page 226 1st/ 2nd paragraph is an unnecessary gap.
6. page 226 last and 2nd to last paragraphs have an unnecessary gap.
7. page 241 missing full stop paragraph 4 "about.The first one is..."
8. page 246 unnecessary gap paragraphs 4/5.
9. page 252 last paragraph should be split half way, new paragraph starting "Nature has decided..."
10. page 253 missing full stop paragraph 4 "improve it. You will either do... 265 2nd paragraph last line should be [note current; Zimbabwe]
12. page 270 end of 3rd paragraph should be "up-breeding and up-grading"

I know this is hard and pedantic work and I am sick to the back teeth of it but our efforts will be rewarded. Ben Klassen s ghost is at my shoulder saying "get this goddam right..whats the point in advertising a car showroom if the cars have no wheels on...!" Lets get this out of the way.. a couple of more days now.... and great thanks to Cailen and his patience and super human efforts.
my corrections pages 100-200
1, page 104. 10 th line down  should be "raise up seed by thy brother"
2, page 104 13 th line down a gap is needed "slew Onan"
3,page 115 end of 1st paragraph of Isaac.. has a superflous "a" about anything
4,page 126 1st line should be "Testament, we are"
5, page 144 paragraph 2 should be "you are right or wrong"
6, page 158 1st paragraph last sentence should be "hepped up Hollywood"
7,page 159 15th line down should be "but just give a scattered sampling"
8, page 160 14th line down should be " to scorch men with fire"
9, page 160 2nd to last line should be " inflicted"
10, page 171 6th paragraph should be " evidence will find that its"
11, page 172 3rd paragraph  Tarsus should have a capital "T" because it is a place. "Saul born in Tarsus"
12, page 172 line 20/21 should say "all of them were Jews"
13, page 175 bottom line should be " because they wished to"
14, page 178 paragraph 2 needs a hyphen  "Jesus Christ, the Son of God- this idea,"
15 page 180 lines 3/4 should read "one lie parlayed"
16, page 180 paragraph 2 should be "that he is psychologically browbeaten"
17, page 181 paragraph 4 should read " the Lords's whole plan for the human race changed"
18,page 183  third line has a superfluous "s"
19,page 183 2nd to last paragraph should read " the whole idea of "he died for our sins"
20, page 184 last line should be " overwhelmingly about Jews"
21, page 187 paras 3/4 have an unnecessary gap. "that this presumption"
22, page 198 last line of paragraph 2  should read "of the whole universe by Zion"

phew! hard work but worth it. We have to get this right for future generations of the White Race.
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