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Topics - Albert

General Jabber / Vikings TV Series
Wed 05 Nov 2014
Just finished watching Vikings series 1 & 2. I found them quite enjoyable, reasonably historically accurate and quite Anti-Christian. How refreshing.
Yeah..yeah i know they were fratriciders..but they had their place in history..not the modern age..

General Jabber / Parasites
Thu 24 Apr 2014
Anybody had these? Everybody gets them and Creators need a database on how to get rid of them in a salubrious way as an alternative to the toxic insecticides peddled by the medical-drug complex. Finns are lucky as they have saunas which a very hygenic. I think I recently got scabies on my leg from mites but killed it off with a mix of garlic, olive oil and sulphur as a home made ointment.

General Jabber / Arthritis
Thu 24 Apr 2014
I'm at the age now when my joints are starting to creak. One reason I've been absent for much of the time from the forum is that my shoulder hurts when typing or working on the computer. I guess this is like a repetitive strain injury. I've modified my diet, fasted etc and it is improving slightly. I'll keep you posted and any suggestions would be welcome.
Well Creativity has made it here. My second in the news spotting of the week :D

Thats actually quite good publicity with 260,000 views. I don't know whether to issue a fatwa (religious judgement) against the possibly disrespectful tone of these presumably jewish mongrels or just live and let live. I guess Ben Klassen beleived everyone had a right to their opinion. I will try to think of a corrective intelligent reply to their misunderstanding of our Creativity Religion.
Author: Julian Morgans
Date: May 20, 2013

The article is not worth copying here. (Read it at the link above.) The interviewee actually doesn't know anything about Creativity and hasn't even read any of the Creativity Books. Ben Klassen is categorical about rejecting terms like "Aryan or Nazi" in chapter 2, part 2 paragraph 2 "Purposely i am avoiding all this hassle like the plague"

Some tips when interviewed about what you are selling.
1, don't put yourself down. You have to have a ton of positivity- "This is the greatest product in the world", "this product is going to save your life", "this product willl change your life"
2, boasting of jail time does not validate a White Racial activists credentials unless it is part of a martyrdom.
3, Calling your side social outcasts attracts social outcasts and misfits, we don't want to do this. Ben Klassen aimed the Creativity Religion at the better elements of the White Race, normal White people with mortgages and families, teachers, doctors, police and firemen.
4, saying you were raised in a "racist" household is using enemy terminology and validates the enemies terms. You should say "I was taught the value of loyalty as a child to family, kin, people and race.
5, When you are promoting the Creativity Religion or any product you don't admit or countenance doubt or that it is "a waste of time". Any negativity is defeatism, any doubt leads to disaster.  Mormons don't wallow in self doubt as they go door to door with a big smile on their faces. They are convinced they are selling the greatest thing ever! ( even if it is a croc of fiction). Just as vacuum cleaner salesmen.

6. No one sold a product or idea by saying " yeah it put me out of a job and depressed me". Again you have to sell the ideology as the "greatest idea in history" which it is!

Note: The journalist who did the interview has signed up at Creator Forum with the name, Booster.;area=summary;u=1210 Interviews with MSM journalists are against Creativity Alliance policy.
General Jabber / Borat
Sat 12 Oct 2013
OMG I just watched this film. I must admit it was quite funny ( I wonder am i being contaminated by laughing at depraved jew humour?). Baron Sascha -Cohen(Hebrew for priest) is a jewish type of evil genius but what a deviate! ( He was even grilled by rabbis for encouraging anti-semitism in the film but got away with it by saying he was displaying indifference to it and mocking it)
NB It should have an adult only rating. Poor Kazakhstan, Im surprised they don't put a price on his head for insulting their country.
It shows a real insight into the sewer of the jewish mind. It shows if anything why they need genocide. It mocks goyim as drunks and idiots(where was it set..they look more like gypsies than Kasakhs)
In order it promotes prostitution, incest, beastiality, homosexuality, rape, kidnapping, niggerisation, race mixing. It promotes jews as innocents and caricatures anti-semites , gypsies, red necks  etc It mocks the united states and americans without which israel would not survive 2 minutes.
Only for those with a  strong stomach so you don't throw up. Lets hope the anti-semitism is encouraged by it

Suggestion Box / Censorship
Tue 23 Jul 2013
I just casually read these news items

The first one by the bbc (the state propaganda channel) deals with the blocking of pornography. Fair a seemingly honorable intent...But then i'm sure the British government obsessed as it is with sodomy and buggery and is right now overtly teaching such to 11 year olds in schools -  is not actually the least bit concerned with the welfare of British children. Considering it is systematically  grooming them for their future as child prostitutes to a foreign clientele.

What worries me is that the jews create such filth as child porn and then use its existence to bring in political censorship and criticism of themselves.

already in the US we have criticism of gays labeled hate speech
ditto sweden

I was wondering is TOR an antidote

I am asking this just in anticipation of any threat to Creativity we may need to counter in the future. Opinions and advice would be welcome as i know little about how reliable much of this all is.
I've had this on my mind for a long time now as someone published a book on it several years ago. Then this article was just published and it raised the same ethical questions.

A jewish professor says humans will download their minds in a few decades.
My own view is that it is unlikely but not impossible but it is something Creators should condemn now.

The article that i read several years ago predicted several interesting speciations for humans, that
    • We become "Unihumans": interracial, intergenetics, inter-everything (this article is in agreement)
    • There could be "Survivalistians": humans who evolve to adapt to harsh conditions after a supposed apocalyptic event
    • "Numans" versus "Naturals": the battle between the genetically-modified and the purist-humans
    • "Homo roboticus" is the scientific term for cyborgs: humans who have grown to have a symbiotic relationship with robotics
    • For interstellar travel, we become "Astrans": humans who have been genetically and robotic-ally re-engineered to be able to survive "voyages" to other star systems

    • Creators would have to fit into the "Naturals" as purists, maintaining their human -animal nature but applying natural eugenics
    Suggestion Box / Presentation
    Mon 17 Jun 2013
    I recently heard about some events via the grapevine at TCM and it got me thinking again. When you think of successful "new religions" that we are in some respects in competition with and that we can learn from. Such as the scientologists/ mormons and the atheist experience show types. They just do not allow a bad image or any negativity to tarnish them at all.
    I looked at the scientology website and it is all crisp clean marketing. There was no impression of dissension, infighting or feud. I think we Creators need to take this on board.
    In order to market Creativity you have to present something that others will want to get involved in. No one wants to get involved in something like TCM. What would be in it for them? listening to FBI informants swearing and dirtying Creativity? Rubbing shoulders with illiterates and gang level low grade whites holds no attraction for anyone decent.
    It also stymies activism. Why would someone want to leaflet or sticker and direct the public to something that is an embarrassment?
    Poor behaviour , bad manners and lack of self control damage any organisation. The Creativity Alliance needs to continue its businesslike, professional image, portray Creativity as the perfect doctrine it is and make all efforts to avoid negativity.

    American News / USA as a Tyranny
    Thu 07 Feb 2013

    This article outlines how the US president can now assassinate any political opponent anywhere in the world at will. In effect the USA is now a terror organisation, that like murder incorporated, is unaccountable, needs no due process nor legal basis to act.

    Q. does this mean that Creativity as a Religion now has to function solely outside of the USA?

    And how can Creativity in the USA function without fear or without state interference?
    I found this article interesting

    It pushes back the boundaries of human evolution several tens of thousands of years further back. If these two races were very similar 40,000 years ago then Whites must have already have been anciently been in existence somewhere else as a distinct racial type. Most likely in the near east and around the mediterranean. Even though at that time that region was inhabited by neanderthals. It could mean the Neanderthal input into the White Race was critical in making the White Race the unique people it is today.
    General Jabber / Prospecting
    Mon 28 Jan 2013
    This would be great hobby. wish i lived in the South of Australia...then again..all those snakes! the money would come in very useful for Creativity.
    Suggestion Box / Archiving film.
    Tue 18 Dec 2012
    These are my  best youtube films (nb I didn't make them) but is there a way of archiving them in case the user pulls them or anything.

    General Jabber / Man of steel
    Tue 18 Dec 2012
    Quite like the look of this. I know the caped superman is a jewish invention and distortion of the Nietzschean superman vis -a-vis the 3rd Reich era. It is however an archetype, part new Jesus, saviour, part Messiah. It still retains that element of beyond what is human and fallible  and what we could be. In my view it keeps alive the concept of Nietzsche/ eugenics/ aryan superman. I like this cinematic trailer and score by Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator)

    Comedy/Humor / humour
    Sat 15 Dec 2012
    I just realised something recently that is a major racial difference..that is sense of humour. I think this sense of humour is actually just a White psychological trait.
    What brought this to mind was the suicide caused by the prank royal telephone call and indian nurse Jacintha Saldanha committing suicide. Why did she do this? over a prank. A joke.
    White people laugh about jokes, pranks, innuendo and fails. we like jokes and it makes a big part of our day.
    But think about it... Muds just get get "offended" like the Chinese do. Typically they say " we are deeply offended" to what White people just shrug off and smile at on a daily basis. Muslims get insulted at any joke and want to behead you or any innocent teddy bear and rapidly form a blood thirsty mob. Indians feel humiliated and want  revenge or commit suicide with shame.

    Jews think a joke about them is "hatred".

    Thinking about this.
    I can see a biological reason for it. The racially diverse (muds)(who have more diversity in their DNA) have to be more biologically competitive with each other to pass their genes on. They have to be more selfish and alert (a spin off from this is cowardliness, materialism and corruptibility) Just as they are more tribal, nasty, aggressive, intolerant and sex obsessed so they are logically equally humorless.
    They cannot afford to loose face in their racial pecking order as it can be fatal to their survival. Ergo they are always suspicious, defensive, on their guard for any insult or slight. quick to take offence and react aggressively- you just can't have humour in that environment.
    The none whites lack all the traits that go with genetic homogeneity that the White Race posesses. Racial traits such  as bravery, altruism, care, compassion, mercy, tolerance, loyalty, sexual fidelity etc. These traits only evolve and survive if they are directed at people very similar with shared genes.
    In short a mud world is a world devoid of humour, mirth and joy.
    An exception to this is the large preponderance of jewish comedians. why do they do this? Is the White sense of humour an Achilles heal they probe and pick at in fascination- as a root to our manipulation. (Jew Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) was notoriously a miserable sod in real life.)
    Then there is the stereotype smiling  "happy black"- not really humor though- more like drug fuelled craziness ready to erupt into sadism at any minute.
    Next year will be the 40th year of the founding of our Great Religion: Creativity. The Church of the Creator in Europe will be staging special events to share with the Creativity Alliance. we will keep you all posted. Rahowa!
    General Jabber / Warp Drive.
    Sat 22 Sep 2012
    I know it counts as a flight from reality....if only we had a White world somewhere out there ... If only...but then again....This planet is ours!

    According to this article southern Europeans have a 1-3% contamination. Middle easterners 10-15% contamination but Northern Europeans are pure.
    Guy Lombardi passed away recently.  I was actually quite fond of  him. RIP brother you did your duty and will not be forgotten.

    General Jabber / Prometheus
    Tue 05 Jun 2012
    Just watched Prometheus..a brilliant film, best I've seen in ages. It works on so many different levels..from the landscape to unnerving possibilities. It also deals with several Religious themes from the origin of life, the nature of the gods, the origins of man, genetics, superior beings etc. well worth watching and talking about. On a wider level it is a great attack on the nonsense of Christianity, superstition and anti-science.
    General News / Chinks
    Sat 19 May 2012
    We all know how bad the niggers are but what about the chinx. They keep to themselves but are an expanding menace, colonising global territory with their own brand of wierdness and sadism.

    Then again this reeks of typical atrocity propaganda..maybe because the Chinese are waking up to who runs the world..a pity our own people can't wake up..and this in a supposedly tyrannical communist state..Its the West that is trannical and oppessed,7340,L-3675560,00.html
    Suggestion Box / Engraving.
    Mon 30 Jan 2012
    Something i've thought of doing for a while now but never got round to..
    My wifes grandparents had some old craft type things on the wall. They were copper plaques (probably just made from old piping) that had been flattened and polished and engraved with sayings. These had then been nailed with brass nails onto old wooden oak plaques. The whole effect was very nice, traditional and attractive.
    I've thought of doing this for years but never ever got round to it. I wanted to get the Creativity commandments, slogans etc done in the same way.
    I'm just mentioning it here as a sugestion in case anyone else wants to try it...I think it would be a good idea and maybe be a source of income or make nice gifts to people.
    General Jabber / Coin collecting
    Wed 21 Dec 2011
    I remember as a kid my dad gave me foreign coins to look at..we had a big map of the British Empire in pink on the wall. He tested me on where the coins came from, what the capital city was.. what the land was like, what the population was like..wars we had fought there.
    Over the years I kept foreign coins and chucked them in the box. relatives would come and add theirs.
    I think its a great hobby.
    My dad also told me which coins were silver or the silver we saved those jars.
    My Dad also bought gold and silver coins as gifts on occasion.
    He was a good investor and taught me quite a lot of stuff..about how silver coinage always has inherent value and can't be stolen by the government or eroded by inflation.
    I'm just saying I think its a good hobby.

    On a different note how about some Creativity commemorative coins for the coming 40th anniversary of Creativity in 40AC? I know some nazis ahave done a Hitler one.. they always make nice gifts and tokens that can get people thinking right.
    Suggestion Box / film
    Thu 01 Dec 2011
    I'm pondering that we should start to move into film more as ameans of proselytising and conversion. I haven't been able to do film with modern digital stuff, I suppose i'm just an old fuddy duddy now..I was wondering was there a way to upload film clips to the website so that others can use them..
    This appeared a couple of days ago.

    I'm totally sick of these Jew conspired wars. Lately Russia and China have shown their displeasure at the "Western" powers scheming. I suggest they just put fuel prices up in retaliation.

    So long as swarthy Iranians are not in White countries I support their hostility to Israel. There are still white ethnic remnants in Iran and hope they can apply some useful eugenics to increase their numbers.

    We even had an indirect offer here from Iranians at the "new right" forum that they could help fund publication of our Holy Books.
    just when you think people are hopeless : )

    Professor Richard Dawkins finally gets what Creativity has been preaching for 38 years. Of course his target of criticising islamic schools should also more aptly apply to the insane Christian nuts more prevalent in the US. Personally i probably prefer the muslims to reject science.. it makes them easier to attack from high altitude should the need arise.. maybe after they've saved us the bother of wiping out the jews.
    General Jabber / The Kitos War
    Tue 10 May 2011
    I usually know all my history but this was newish to me. I know Gibbon mentioned it in his " decline and fall of the Roman Empire." One thing that was on this wikipedia description but got removed was that any Jew who managed to get shipwrecked ever since in Libya was put to death over the last 1700 years. I expect thats why libya is getting pounded now.. jews never forgive or forget.......they never learn either, thats why they always get theirs in the end.. its about time there was a global pogrom.
    General Jabber / Bookbinding.
    Sun 20 Feb 2011
    About 25 years ago when I was at university we did a module on bookbinding. I always loved the Creativity Books and always wanted to print my own.
    I remember we were taught two methods, the traditional glue and bind method of the west and the ancient Japanese version of hand binding.
    I noticed the most expensive thing needed was the industrial strength guillotine because its the straight edge that gives the finished book it's professional appearance. (It being able to slice through several hundred pages during trimming.)
    About ten years ago when I had one of the early type printers I made about 5 copies of NER on a home printer but I just punched and bound them. I had no guillotine. I bound them in gold card, they looked OK but I just put them to one side. The cost per unit production was about the same as purchase from Matt Hale so I lost interest.
    A couple of weeks ago I began to research on the internet about book binding again as it hadn't crossed my mind for many years. I noticed there is a ton of stuff out there.
    Important equipment are a clamp ( I never thought of this though it's obvious, I knocked one together with wood, a couple of bolts and wing nuts. This holds the printed sheets together.
    Then a fine 1mm drill. A series of holes down the bound edge and binding with RIBBON. A big needle for sewing was also needed. This is the ancient Japanese (read White) method of book binding. (Books bound this way have lasted 1500 years, as opposed to the western glue method, glue disintegrating after a century)
    I decided to knock out some Little White Books as practice. It took me 10 to get fairly proficient producing something I would be proud to sell or give to family and friends.
    My next step may be to get a lazer printer at some point as I think it's cheaper and can be used to do decent covers on thicker card.

    Oh yeah, ink is so expensive, at $ 8000 a gallon. What we see here is Jews wanting a monopoly on bookbinding, printing and magical ink formulas, another nexus of Jew power.
    I think all Creators need to attempt the Art of bookbinding, printing etc to again hammer away at another of the monopolies they control.

    I heard of this news story from Russia

    Interesting how the Creativity battle cry is becoming a well known meme globally. It bodes well for the future spread of racial awareness for our folk.

    I don't know what's going on in Russia. I get the impression there are Creators there. No doubt any link is now broken down between them and what was left of WCOTC. Well its a mess of the jews own making... in persecuting and framing Matt Hale they merely chopped up the broom of the sorcerers apprentice.

    It seems to me anything that these Russians do just won't succeed. I don't believe that violent revolution has a snowball in hells chance just from a study of history. The Creativity programme is about winning a propaganda war, unifying the White Race, putting up the barriers, then expand our living space as needs be. "First we have to win the propaganda was" was Ben Klassen's primary goal.

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