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Author Topic: Australia Offers Refuge to White South African Farmers - ANC Says NOG OFF!

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'We will look after them, feed them and pay their medical bills': Hundreds of South Africans living in Australia plead with Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge to take in their farming relatives as refugees to escape 'rape and murder'

* South Africans living in Australia packed school hall at Mandurah, south of Perth
* Pleaded with Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge to let their loved ones immigrate
* One man promised to feed, pay the medical bills of his South African relatives

Stephen Johnson | Daily Mail (UK) | 4 April 2018

Extract: A man known only as Dion told a packed Tuesday night forum at Mandurah, south of Perth, he would help his loved ones and spare taxpayers the cost.

'We will look after them we will feed them we will pay their medical bills — please let us get them here,' he said.

Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge told a full school hall at Mandurah Baptist College Australia could rescue white South African farmers after giving refugee status to people fleeing violence in Iraq, Syria and Myanmar.

'We have been generous to many, many other people around the world and I like to think we can be equally generous to South Africans who have been persecuted,' he said.

The minister heard from scores of people whose relatives are stuck in South Africa after black lawmakers voted to seize their land without compensation.

White farmers have been subjected to brutal assaults, with one elderly woman in the Vaal region last year tortured by having her foot mutilated with a power drill.

RL Forum Gallery Link: White Genocide in South Africa by Hidden to Guests;su=user;cat=28;u=421

One woman told the forum 'every single day a farmer is farming on his land' increased the odds of them being raped or murdered the longer they remained in South Africa.

A farmer called John, who is still living in South Africa with his wife, told the ABC he hoped to immigrate to Perth to join his daughter.

He rejected a suggestion the murders of white South African farmers were simply reflective of the nation's high crime rate.

'When you torture people, you rape women and children, and you do it in front of their husbands after they've been incapacitated that's not crime,' he said.

The local federal Liberal member for Canning Andrew Hastie said the stories told at the forum highlighted how bad the situation was in South African for white farmers.

'We need to take some sort of action,' he told the ABC's AM radio program.

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The horrific crimes committed on Whites in South Africa is Shocking especially when savages target old men and old woman and children , these black savages brag about putting White children in ovens to gets your cellphones and wallet , read the united nations definition of Genocide it fits what's happening to Whites letter to letter , I'm from there I've seen these crimes first hand and there after affects , hopefully Aussie has some balls and helps Whites in south africa , boycott all products from there make those savages suffer like they've made our Brothers and Sisters suffer for being White , south africa is the only country in the world where the majority has affirmative action and just for everyone's info more black savages died between 93 and 94 from black on black violence than the whole era of White Civil Rule .


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