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Author Topic: America, Obama and Paranoia

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America, Obama and Paranoia
« on: 17 April 2010 at 20:40 »
I would like to let all of you know why a law abiding citizen like myself gets paranoid. All of you know that we are the political black sheep of society this day and age and we all know Obama is a closet communist. We all know every bastion of white resistance is being watched for so called "extremism", even though at least 95% of people who share a white separatist philosophy with us are law abiding and take the moral high ground, we are subject to raids for no legal reason, computers and membership lists confiscated etc
We all know the socialist take over of america is just one step in an even bigger goal of Stalinist communism. Thought crimes is why I'm paranoid, persecution for my beliefs. Big brother knows who we are and we would definitely be the first ones sent to the gulags. Name one other group eyeballed by big brother like us, you can't. I guarantee these government outfits spend 10 times more money and 20 times more man power on us then they do jihadee islamic groups on our own soil. We are seen as a far bigger threat then we really are on purpose (we have very low numbers sadly) as it furthers the red agenda. The proof is how every group not in line with them smeared with words like fascist, nazi, racist etc when they are talking about groups who have nothing to do with us, they lump in every non red group with us regardless even when they do not share our beliefs at all. Look at the tea parties, you will see online smears of them being lumped in with us. To me McCarthy was 100% right but the perceived (accepted) view of history is McCarthyism, the red scare etc as if it were a totally false witch-hunt, today a totally false witch-hunt is happening on all right wingers lumping them together with us, the "nazi scare".
Even though they know we are not a real threat to the government and never have been numbers wise, they will lie and act like there's 1000 times more of us then what is true. This is to justify sending us to the gulags then getting rid off all the moderates that oppose them. I take this very seriously and I hope every american does.

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Re: America, Obama and Paranoia
« Reply #1 on: 19 April 2010 at 06:20 »
A little paranoia is a good thing.

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