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    Lessons in RaHoWa | 7 November 2020

    "If a foe seeks to act violently toward you, your family or your White Race, you then not only have the right to defend against such an attack, you have a duty to do so with such extreme prejudice and even greater violence than your attacker employs, so as to set the loud and clear example to all others with designs to trespass against you with acts of violence, to reconsider their I'll intentions."

    Make no mistake, the Jew has been waging a war against us since he first attached his parasitic claws into the host, our White Race. While it is not in the Jew's blood to wage open warfare on a physical level or obtain victory on the battlefield with use of force, he has been relentlessly pursuing a violent campaign against us. And he knows it is a race war - after all his race and religion are one and the same keeping him "pure." The wily creature has gained control of our finances, poisoned our political system, owns and operates most of mainstream media, has foisted communism upon the States, in particular at this point, but upon others in the past.

    And, let's not forget Christianity... a plague upon the White Race.

    You can't even watch television without propaganda beating you senseless.

    The Jew also utilizes other races/organizations to do his physical violence for him; especially the nigger, who lacks the intelligence to even see he's a pawn for the Jew's agenda.

    The Jew doesn't even try to deny it anymore. Things are bound to turn bloody soon. For us or our enemies. A lot of people don't see this and don't prepare. This war isn't just about salvation, it's about preservation!

    I urge every able-bodied comrade to begin doing PT (physical training) if they are not doing so already. All Creators without a felony jacket should invest in firearms. We will need them. One mustn't always wait on the rest either.

    Let us look at the Bruder Schweigen. 18 comrades who acted, on their own! And they put fear into the hearts and minds of JOG and the Jew.

    Then, let's not forget Tim McVeigh. The gov't started with Waco and Ruby Ridge. McVeigh finished with the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. One man. He killed 167 and wounded 411.

    Please do not make the mistake that I am encouraging terrorism. The Church is law-abiding. I am, however, encouraging comrades to prepare. As Klassen said, "there is no time for dalliance or cowardice. the time to act is now!"

    What are you waiting for? JOG to kick down your door? Some nigger to rape your daughter? Think about it. We are past the point of talking. And there is no reasoning with the Jew.

    Racially yours,
    Reverend Stephen Masten #MK 3933

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    St. Petersburg, FL 33733

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    Stephen Masten #MK 3933
    268 Bricker Road
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