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Australia vs America: Legal & Moral Responsibilities of Leading Creators

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Wed 12 Jul 2023

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America's Founders believed in the sovereignty of the individual and placed significant protection around Americans' inalienable rights and liberties. The point was never to place a muzzle on the government, but to prevent the government from putting a muzzle on Americans. That is why Americans have the right, if not duty, to respond to speech they do not like, while the government has no right, and certainly no duty, to limit, suppress, censor, or otherwise control that speech.

Just because multiple Australian laws censoring and suppressing free speech have recently been enacted in federal and state parliaments - with more on the way - that does not mean that I have a legal obligation to censor Americans at the behest of the changing whims of the Australian government.

This website - - is hosted in America, and is legally protected text, speech and communication under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. I live in Australia, and I have a personal legal responsibility to obey Australian law to the best of my ability. Although not a legal obligation, my moral responsibilities are to protect Australians from unknowingly or carelessly breaking Australian laws, and to protect Americans from interference of their 1st Amendment rights by any foreign government. That includes the federal and state governments of Australia.


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 It's beyond humbling to see an Australian honor our Bill of Rights beyond many sites here in the United States. Many could take a lesson from you. RAHOWA

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