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Austrian hotel bans Jews,22606,25459759-5005962,00.html

A HOTEL in Austria has outraged local tourism and fellow hotel owners by banning Jewish guests.

The Haus Sonnenhof apartment hotel in the village of Serfaus, Tyrol, is said to have turned away a Jewish family because of "bad experiences" in the past, the daily Tiroler Tageszeitung reports.

The hotel owner allegedly emailed the family and told them although the room was free, she did want to take in Jewish guests.

The Haus Sonnenhof's reaction has angered other hotels in Serfaus, which has become popular with orthodox Jewish tourists in recent years.

"One such incident could destroy all the hard work by others in the travel industry," Hotel Alpenruh-Micheluzzi owner Petra Micheluzzi told the German Press Agency, DPA.

She said this was a view echoed by local and regional tourism officials.

The father of the rejected Jewish family has reportedly shunned the village of Serfaus and taken the family elsewhere to holiday.

"I don't want to spend my vacation in such a racist nest, and I will inform all my friends about what is going on in Tyrol," he told DPA.


QuoteWe all decry the small mindedness of the Hausl Sonnenhof, and many point at them and cry "racist" for pre-judging an entire group of people on the basis of a "bad experience" in the past. At the very same time the, the father of Jewish family have done the exact same thing, describing the village of Serfaus as a "racist nest" and shunning all of them on the actions of just one hotelier. The claim of racism is so easy to make, but all too often the alleged victims behave just as badly as the alleged perpetrators.
Posted by:
Glen Gitsham of Adelaide
9:09am today

I don't believe in the racism word anymore, and those who use it are not very intelligent. It's a word that people hide behind to avoid criticism and blame all their ill's in life.
Posted by: john of sydney 9:07am today

2 wrongs dont make a right here we have a hotel saying it is banning a family it says because it's jewish or bad experience before and then we have a jewish family saying all jews should stop going there ban the hotel not the whole town extremes on both sides
Posted by: David Armistead of chelsea 8:56am today

I would think that you wouldn't base your opinion of a place simply by the first hotel you try and book. I would also think that all the other hotels would love to have the extra business if this bloke is giving it away.
Posted by: Kato of Canberra 8:50am today

So banning Jews from a Hotel they consider racist, but banning Palestinians from their own cities & country isn't?
Posted by: Hard to believe of Brisbane 8:48am today

The above comments in the South Australian newspaper, the Adelaide Advertiser, (which incidentally, is where Rupert Murdoch began his multimedia empire) show that White people are waking up to the complete and utter tripe of the Jewish and Marxist agenda. They no longer have the expected singular knee-jerk reaction to keywords such as "racist." These comments are positive proof that we do have a chance as a race, and we do not need to be the extreme of the extreme of the extreme to reach our desired goal of freedom from Jewish influence and to bring about a White world as soon as possible.

Brother Damian forgot to mention that they were sold earlier this year.

In his Dictionary of Politics, Walter John Raymond defines "Jewish Lobby" as "A conglomeration of approximately thirty-four Jewish political organizations in the United States which make joint and separate efforts to lobby for their interests in the United States, as well as for the interests of the State of Israel."

In a 2004 speech, J.J. Goldberg, Editorial Director of The Forward, stated: "The Jewish lobby ... is actually more than just a dozen organizations. The Anti-Defamation League, The American Jewish Committee, Hadassah, of course, AIPAC."

In his book Jewish Power, Goldberg writes that in the United States the "Jewish lobby" for decades played a leadership role in formulating American policy on issues such as civil rights, separation of church and state, and immigration, guided by a liberalism that was a complex mixture of Jewish tradition, the experience of persecution, and self interest.

In his 1987 work The Lobby: Jewish Political Power and American Foreign Policy Edward Tivnan writes that a "full-fledged 'Jewish lobby'" was created in 1943 when "delegates from thirty-two national Jewish organizations met in Pittsburgh to decide upon the role that the American Jewish community would play in representing Jewish demands after the war and helping to build Jewish Palestine."

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is an American lobbying group that advocates for pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. It has been described as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington.

Australia, as such, supposedly has no Jewish lobby. Even to suggest that there is a Jewish lobby is considered anti-Semitic, as happened a couple of years ago when a politician caused an uproar in the press and political circles when she spoke of an Australian Jewish lobby in Federal Parliament.

However, there is a Jewish lobby which is made up of many groups which are all based in Israel and inextricably intertwined with eachother and the current political system. As in the USA, the Australian Jewish lobby advises State and Federal Governments on everything from defence, foreign relations and immigration to hatecrime laws, censorship, and freedom of speech issues relating to pro-Israel and allied causes.

"The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is the premier public affairs organisation for the Australian Jewish community.

Through research, commentary, analysis and advocacy, AIJAC represents the interests of the Australian Jewish community to government, politicians, media and other community groups and organisations." From

"The Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is Australia's pre-eminent international Chamber of Commerce and one of the country's most prestigious and active national business organisations. The AICC's national membership exceeds 1,000 leading Australian companies across a broad range of industry sectors."

"The AICC has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, as well as in Auckland and Tel Aviv." From

The AICC website sponsers:

A selection of Israeli companies which operate in Australia can be found at

"The AICC is honoured to have as its Governors these outstanding individuals who ... are all great supporters and friends of the AICC and Israel:"

Mr Chris Anderson
Mr Anthony Berg AM
Professor Adrienne Clarke AC
Mr Victor Fonda AO
Mr Charles Goode AC
Mr John Gough AO CBE
Ms Margaret Jackson AC
Mr Graham Laitt
Mr Paul O'Sullivan       
Mr Isi Leibler AO CBE
Mr Mark Leibler AO
Mr Bob Mansfield AO
Mr David Mortimer AO
Mr Phillip Scanlan AM
Dr Paul Simons AM
Mr Stan Wallis AC
The Hon Neville Wran AC QC (Former NSW Premier)

The Hon Kevin "KRudd" Rudd MP, Prime Minister of Australia, address to AICC condemning anti-semitism and honouring a Jew as the "greatest Australian." Listen:
- Flash page.

Another sector of the Jewish lobby in Australia, the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADL in the US) asks: Are the allegations about a 'Jewish Lobby' true?

"All interest groups lobby governments. Representative democracy works on the assumption that ordinary people with interests can have those interests represented in the decisions of government. The claim of a Jewish or pro-Israel lobby has become a defamation because it is used pejoratively to imply that Jewish lobby groups are disproportionately powerful and subversive, and anti-democratic." From

Need more?

This is only an introduction to some of the facts. It is up to you to research and find the truth for yourself. I believe that if I was to research and supply you with all of the information, you would still refuse to accept it as the truth because it has come from someone whom the media, state and federal attorney generals has declared an anti-semite. You have the tool at hand ... now go and prove me wrong.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul.
"Un-Australian, anti-Semitic, racist," and proud of it.
Thanks to those that checked. I'm able to see the site now. Didn't even know about it until the local media started harping on about it. A little research about Wikileaks has revealed exactly what it is. It's a whistleblower site alright, but be warned; it's also a whistleblower against "racism." Wikileaks recently made available lists of B&H forum members and BNP members and supporters that were gained by red computer hackers. Highly illegal almost everywhere in the world except for Germany and Israel - but don't expect an investigation or charges to be forthcoming. Australia, the US, Britain and most of Europe signed a 1960's UN treaty to illiminate "racism." Those nations that signed the treaty are obliged to provide assistance to anti-racist groups and temporary discriminatory laws to be enacted against pro-majority groups, along with temporary affirmative action type laws to advance minorities to equal status with the majority. ~ As long as our countries are part of the UN, those laws will never be lifted.


A Blacklist for Websites Backfires in Australia

By Belinda Luscombe (Time Magazine) | March 22, 2009

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. If you want to reduce citizens' exposure to dangerous and illegal activities online, why not gather up all the URLs for sites that promote such acts — child pornography, extreme violence, weapon-making and so on — and have Internet Service Providers (ISPs) simply block them? Wouldn't that make the internet safer for families and children?

Actually no, as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is finding out the hard way. The ACMA, Canberra's equivalent of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, put together such a list and sent it to more than a dozen companies. It was part of a trial program to develop software that would allow Australian ISPs to block the sites. But to ACMA's evident surprise, at least one person who received the list handed it over to Wikileaks, an online clearinghouse for anonymous submissions of sensitive material. The ACMA "blacklist", as it became known, was promptly posted online, becoming a handy compendium of internet depravity in one convenient package — courtesy of the Australian government. After it was posted, a surge in traffic caused Wikileaks to crash temporarily.

"It's the most ill-conceived pile of stupidity by the biggest bunch of cretins that I've ever seen in my life, " says Ross Wheeler, CEO of, a regional ISP, referring to the web-filtering plan. "Every ISP that I know of has either publicly or privately said it's technically and practically impossible." The leak was further black icing on the cake. Among its more than 1,000 entries were URLs for child porn, rape and bestiality sites as well as online gambling (some forms of which are illegal in Australia) and gay and straight pornography. But many sites appeared to have been blacklisted almost at random. A dentist from Queensland, whose website had once been hacked into by a Russian purveyor of pornography, was on the list. So was pet care facility and, a site belonging to a school cafeterias consultant. "The only thing I can think of [that got me on the list] is that I have e-mailed schools telling them about my book and CD resource How to Have a Healthy and Profitable Theme Day," owner Jocelyn Ashcroft told the Sydney Morning Herald.

And while the list in many cases appeared arbitrary at best, some selections appeared politically motivated at worst. Sites advocating legal euthanasia, Satanism and even Christianity were blacklisted. Initially, the minister for communications, Stephen Conroy, denied that the list on Wikileaks and the ACMA blacklist are the same, a denial that rang a little hollow when one of its partners, the Internet Industry Association (IIA), publicly condemned the release and posting of the list. "No reasonable person could countenance the publication of links which promote access to child abuse images, irrespective of their motivation, which in this case appears to be political," said IIA chief executive Peter Coroneos.

More recently Wikileaks updated the list and the Minister acknowledged the similarities, but stood firm on proceeding with testing the internet filtering software. "Does the [leaked blacklist] mean we are going to stop blocking access to the sites? No. People can continue to put up the lists if they are proud to do that," he told a press conference in Sydney. "It is completely untrue that the leaked blacklist contains political content. This is a list which contains sites that promote incest, rape, child pornography and child abuse."

As a result of the scandals, several of Australia's biggest ISPs have now pulled out of the filtering software trials and urged the government to drop the plan. "It became increasingly clear that the trial was not simply about restricting child pornography or other such illegal material, but a much wider range of issues including what the Government simply describes as 'unwanted material' without an explanation of what that includes," said Michael Malone, Managing Director of iiNet, an Australian ISP. He added that his company only agreed to participate in the trial to demonstrate that the policy was "fundamentally flawed, a waste of taxpayers' money and would not work." Critics of mandatory Internet filtering point out that in some countries, including China and Thailand, it's not only used to block morally objectionable content but those that are critical of the government. More to the point, many internet providers say blacklists don't work anyway: most illegal activity online happens via peer-to-peer networking, which Web filters can't block. "It's almost trivial to get around the filters," says Wheeler. "But I can't tell you how, because the government has now made that illegal."

First seen in Time Magazine. Thanks to Belinda Luscombe and Time Magazine for covering this issue. Copyright remains with the aforementioned.
Machineguns found in latest bikie raid,22049,25416131-5001021,00.html

A PILE of police uniforms and a police badge were found with a stockpile of weapons including machineguns and tasers during a raid linked to outlaw bikie gangs yesterday.

Police went to a house in Kogarah about 7.30am where they found an arsenal including a ramming device, riot gear, night vision goggles, bullet-proof vests and ballistic helmets, an AK47, machinegun, handguns and ammunition.

Gallery: What the police found

A 20-year-old man was arrested at a cafe on Kent St in the city at 1pm.

He was last night at St George Police Station assisting with inquiries.

St George local area commander Detective Superintendent Helen Begg said police led a four-pronged attack, with ACC detectives joining St George police and the SCC's Gang Squad to execute the search warrant, while the Middle Eastern Crime Squad arrested the man.


Like I've always said; These criminals - drug and weapons runners - aren't bikers, they are Lebos and other muds imported from the Middle East.

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