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Messages - Rev.Cambeul

Australia's Unelected Censorship Czar Fines Twitter for Misinformation.

Angry that previously banned (by Leftard anti-White Twitter) Australian Twitter accounts have been reactivated. She treats this as a crime by Elon Musk.

Plans to go global with the censorship of misinformation/dissenting truth.

Did you know this twat used to work for Twitter under the old anti-White regime? Who was that the old Twitter regime worked for? What group is the most vocal against Musk, with straight out abuse and blackmail of Twitter's advertisers? Can you see who's behind this? Can you see who rules the anti-White world?

If you have a solution to all these problems, then do please share. However, don't go giving us a list of repeated solutions, updating them as you go. Keep it simple and just share your final solution.

We use different systems. I use a computer with good speakers and a decent bass sound. To me, the new files sound louder with a bit more bass, which gives the impression of professionalism. Definitely more so than the previous version, which undoubtedly did sound professional. So yes, overall an improvement.

Good work, brother.

If you can just update the files to the new version without changing the addresses, it'd be perfect for me. If not, just keep the file names the same and I'll cope.
American News / Re: Tucker Carlson
Yesterday at 23:24
Obama the Netflix Producer Pushes Anti-White Hatred

Hey, Barry Obama, are you listening?
Who's the RACIST now, you sick S.O.B.?!
American News / Re: Tucker Carlson
Sat 24 Feb 2024
Tucker Carlson Asks Trump About Epstein

The Himmler Solution - Secret Peace Talks With Roosevelt & Churchill

From @MarkFeltonProductions

What is obvious is that there would have been peace if it was not for the warmonger Churchill - the stooge of the Military Industrial Complex.

Now you may understand why British Parliament at one time hoped that Australia's Prime Minister of the time, Bob Menzies, would take over as PM of Britain in place of Churchill while he was in London.