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QuoteTown moves to ban gang insignia
Article from: AAP

From correspondents in Wellington, New Zealand

September 30, 2008 01:35pm

A NEW Zealand town is a step closer to banning people wearing gang-related clothing or tattoos after a recommendation by a parliamentary committee.

Wanganui, a North Island town which was the scene of a brutal shooting last year when a toddler was gunned down in an alleged gang dispute, has sought to ban gang insignia from its streets.

There are thought to be at least 3500 so-called "patched'' gang members in New Zealand who can often be seen wearing tattoos or clothing adorned with gang emblems.

Although the local council could create a local by-law, it needed the backing of Parliament because of concerns the new law could breach New Zealand's Bill of Rights.

After passing its first reading in New Zealand's Parliament earlier this year by a vote of 106-13, the proposed law was yesterday given the green light by the Law and Order Committee.

The new Bill would ban the display of gang regalia, including patches, gang colours, and even some tattoos, in public in Wanganui.

Those caught wearing gang-related outfits could have the offending items confiscated, and be given a $NZ2000 ($1700) fine.

Before the Bill becomes law it will need to again be agreed to by Parliament.

Because an election is due on November 8 the fate of the bill will rest with the incoming Parliament.

Yesterday, New Zealand Corrections Minister Phil Goff said he hoped his country could learn from South Australia, and introduce laws that will smash gangs and eventually eliminate the trade in drugs.
If this law is introduced in NZ, it will mean that the NZ government will be able to declare any group to be an outlawed criminal gang - that includes Creators.,22606,24418309-5006301,00.html
QuoteCRIMINAL gangs should be viewed as the equivalent of terrorists in our society, Premier Mike Rann said in Auckland today.

The New Zealand Government is considering legislation to ban criminal gangs in the face of a growing methamphetamine trade and gang activity.

The plan has come under fire from opposition lawmakers, who accuse the Government of doing too little too late to control gangs.

Mr Rann met Corrections Minister Phil Goff and Minister of Justice and Police Annette King, in Auckland this morning, to discuss the anti-gang legislation introduced in South Australia in July.

New Zealand is considering introducing similar legislation.

New Zealand police figures showed 75 per cent of those caught making or trafficking methamphetamine were gang members or gang associates.

The legislation has proved controversial in Australian, coming under fire from many quarters, a fact Mr Rann made no apologies for.

"Is it draconian? Yes. Do I think it's necessary? Yes," he said.

The South Australian law gives Attorney-General Michael Atkinson the power to declare a gang a criminal organisation.

Criminal gangs had to be considered as "terrorists within", Mr Rann said.

Mr Rann said he visited the FBI in Washington DC several years ago for a briefing on how to deal with criminal gangs, which was pivotal in the development of the state's legislation.

The biggest lesson from the visit was the realisation that to deal with gangs you had to "follow the money tree", he said.

Mr Rann's comments were echoed in a combined press-conference with Mr Goff and Ms King, where the ministers also defended the Government's record of action against gangs.

Mr Goff said if similar legislation were passed in New Zealand it would compliment two pieces of legislation already before Parliament, both designed to disrupt criminal activity by gangs.

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Another useful article for us - particularly because it was in the SMH.

Good find.