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Messages - Rev.Cambeul

Quote from: GLR on Yesterday at 3:58I'm surprised that Australia doesn't have it this bad.

A non-White poofter copper in Australia just killed two TV poofs. No big loss.

What will anger you is the fact that ANY WHITE AUSTRALIAN that defends themselves against ABOS is automatically treated as a violent White Supremacist, and added to the Terrorist Watch List maintained by ASIO (the Australian spy agency), and sent to NZ, Canada, Britain, the US and Israel.

You know what it's all about: Preparation for mass arrests and detention, with the goal of the extermination of the White Race, and the advent of Global Slavery under the boot of the hook-noses and their global elitist trash.
Racial Greetings Brother Ruffy,

Welcome to Creator Forum.

You are just entering your journey into the White Resistance. So be wary of those that will hand over your personal details to the JOG, such as political parties and business types that report their donations to their national tax office. Except for William Pearce' people, that's every name that you mentioned in your short list.

So you know: Creators do not report in any way to the JOG. We pride ourselves on our Member Security. If you are to join our Church - and you are encouraged to do so - only I (at this time) need know who you are. You would of course use a Nom de Guerre in public, and it is up to you whom you allow to know your personal details. If by chance you were to send any donations, they would be privately between you and the receiver. Any donations to me are protected by going through Crypto Currency methods.

How could I help you with your goal of a White Netflix? All I can do is advise you to choose a reputable Freedom of Speech web server based in the United States of America. (Contact me privately and I'll tell you what I use.) As a backup, if you have the money at your disposal, you should also find a way to duplicate your site on a Russian server - which is something you will have to find out yourself. Build your American site first, and worry about the Russian backup later.

That's it. Once again, welcome to Creator Forum, brother. And I hope you'll consider joining our Church and helping us to win this Racial Holy War. RAHOWA!

23 Words.

Quote from: Canadian JOGThis enactment amends the Criminal Code to eliminate as a defence against wilful promotion of hatred or antisemitism the fact that a person, in good faith, expressed or attempted to establish by an argument an opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based on a belief in a religious text.

Yves-François Blanchet Beloeil—Chambly, QC moved for leave to introduce Bill C‑367, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (promotion of hatred or antisemitism).

Mr. Speaker, it seems to me that a modern Parliament worthy of its name needs to address certain things that we are long overdue in addressing, things that perhaps never should have happened in the first place.

There is a cost to living together and to living in harmony in society. That cost may simply be to refrain from giving inappropriate and undue privileges to people within a society who use them to disturb the peace and harmony, especially if those privileges enable people to sow hatred or wish death upon others based on a belief in some divine power.

That is even more true in a country that claims to be secular or that claims that there is a separation between church and state. That is why it is high time that someone took action.

I would ask the House to quickly support the act to amend the Criminal Code throughout the process in order to prevent the promotion of hatred and antisemitism.

(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)

In short, anything that the JEW does not like will be banned as ANTI-SEMITIC. However, the JEW will not be chastised for ANTI-WHITENESS. And you can bet that Muslims will be left alone as well. So this law will only effect Creators, Christians, and Odinists and other Pagans.

The effect on Christianity will make it evermore subservient to the JEW.

Odinists and other Pagans are pissant religions that don't really take on the JEW anyway. So not much to lose there.

While Creativity will be outlawed completely.


At this moment, there is no standing law preventing the peaceful practice of Creativity within the confines of national and state laws in any of the formerly White Nations of this Earth. Therefore we shall wait and see what the future brings us. No matter what, our response will always be inline with the 23 Words.

@Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E., C.A.
Church Administrator - Church of Creativity

* * * *

Optional Protocols for Declaration of War - Example Only:

This morning, the Leading Creator in London/Berlin/Toronto/Wherever handed the British government a final note stating that unless we heard from them by 11 o'clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw all Anti-White Bills and Laws, a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently the White Man's Religion of Creativity is at war with Britain.
Quote from: LeaderlessResistanceMedia on Yesterday at 14:26Hey Cailen, thanks for your input. I guess it's just a matter of preference & taste & use though, and it's just another version and option for people that they can choose from. If some people don't like the Cathedral version, then they can always listen to the original versions, but it's for me and for some others who might. I'll upload the new Cathedral Versions of the AI-Audiobooks as separate new uploads since I myself prefer that (it's more relaxing and works better to listen to in my experience as I'm resting in bed when I'm tired or before going to sleep to get my mind off things and get into a relaxed state which the original narration doesn't do that well, otherwise the original version is probably better if you just want regular narration to listen to, but I found the Cathedral/Sermon-version very useful for that purpose and and the best to listen to that way, but let's say you'd be in front of a computer screen listening to it then it would be too relaxing or distracting perhaps if you're trying to do other stuff, or it might help people read along the book, I don't know but it's good enough to be an alternative/extra version offered separately at Internet ARCHIVE , you don't have to link that on CA of course) and perhaps others do as well. I won't remove the old original ones of course or replace them with the new Cathedral version, they'll stay. Basically this is the whole point of Internet Archive, you can have several archives and they will stay up online. No need to delete anything that's good. I didn't like the Church Hall version so I'll delete that merged version, that was just a test and I found Cathedral which was better.

I will link to them as well. More options are always better. Like the @JamesCostello versions that I will keep. Perhaps David Attenborough fans and English upper-class snobs prefer those and be attracted to join the Church? The only ones I'll get rid of are those old robotic ones from twenty years ago.

Same with the books. Clean up as best as possible the old text versions (when I have the time) and leave them as optional but very small versions. You may have noticed that when we have better text/typed versions, we use them rather than the printed books. The only two are The Little White Book and Salubrious Living. The LWB is extended, and SL has corrections with respect to Australian Abos, modern diets and additional pictures. I also have a companion book for SL that either needs typed out, or maybe there's an AI that will convert the text for us? ... Well one day we'll get it done.

@Rev.JohnBarletta has mentioned that prisoners can access books from Gutenberg no longer accept submitted books, and there's no way we can get ours onto there. But there is If prisoners can access Self Gutenberg, then it behoves us to get to work on that ASAP! If not, then it's just another place where we can stash our books for advertising.

When you are working with the Holybooks, Forum and Website, everything seems to take forever because there is so much that needs done yesterday.

Now that all of the footer Holybook links are to the FlipBooks - which adds the bonuses of no need for eBook Reader Software for the End User, and it cuts down on our bandwidth usage while still giving easy access to the downloadable PDF's - I'll have to get back to working on the Holybook Audio pages. And when I get sick of that, I'll switch back to doing FlipBooks for the old Racial Loyalty Newspaper, and redoing the Book Download pages with all the options including FlipBook, PDF Default, PDF Scan, PDF Typed, other eBook formats, and the Audio. And then I'll go back to working on the Holybook Audio pages again.

Keep Busy
Remain Creative


Compare Image Searches: Black vs White vs Golliwog
It's quite clear who's being erased and replaced

Google pauses its Gemini AI tool after critics blasted it as 'too woke' for generating images of Asian Nazis in 1940 Germany, Black Vikings and female medieval knights

* Some users claimed Gemini 1.5 refused to generate images of white people

* In response, Google announced it is pausing the feature to address complaints

Excerpt: An avalanche of users began to criticize the AI for generating historically inaccurate images, instead prioritizing racial and gender diversity.

The week's events seemed to stem from a comment made by a former Google employee,' who said it was 'embarrassingly hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist.'

From a Comment: Jack Krawczyk, the guy behind the project, is Jéwish and will either call himself a "white man" or "not a white man" depending on the circumstances. This keeps happening over and over again.

Jack Krawczyk, the product lead on Google Bard, apologized Wednesday for the "inaccurate" images, stating: "White privilege is fucking real. Don't be an asshole and act guilty about it — do your part in recognizing bias at all levels."