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Trump must read Trials by Klassen who also had libertarian views. If not Trump,someone from CIA and prepare him for the campaign.
Good book about banking is Sumerian Swindle. Jew just copy it. Interest on money is trap. I strongly support private bank instead of central bank because such bank like FED and others do not exists. They are just distributor of private banking what means that are all actions of bank private actions. Market is clear and it says that quality always pass does not matter who is owner.
They are working against White people. They have their torture devices for victims,something as illegal private jail. They are also  part of pansexual pedophile organizations. All of scum united against White people. Media represents them as liberals but they are far from it. I exposed that such organizations have infiltrators inside Christian Curch as priests who are teaching Christianity as they want. 
In my area exists BDSM organization known as Black Rose who work on the Might is Right principle. Their leader was non-White as their mafia in our region. They are part of criminal secret services who do not cooperate with the official government. They forcibly want to expell Whites from their areas in the name of UN. They have also strong LGBT lobby. Wake up White police or our land will be in chaos. We need pro-White anti-terrorist unit. Yes,Antifa movement is terrorist organization without doubt and they are part of their civil sector in my town. In fact,there is not "UN",all groups are segregated and hate each other. The government are living from money of enemy. Enemy do not want help you,they always want to destabilize victim. Do not be hooker White man !
Serbo-Croatian / Re: Anticiganizam
Sun 31 Mar 2024
Not just this. In one o the top so-called liberal area we have pansexual organization with lgbt sponsors. Freud was a pedophile, read his book "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality". Our controlled health institution gaslights us - or better to say brain fuck - that it is problem with us White heterosexual.
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