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Benjamin Franklin on Jews

Started by Br.IanVonTurpie, Sun 30 Jun 2024

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The Price is Reich!

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Jewish Supremacist Quote: "The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach. I can safely promise you that our race will soon take it's rightful place in the world with every Jew a King and every Gentile a Slave." - Rabbi Rabinovitch, Budapest Conference of European Rabbi's - 12 January 1952. [More ...]


I think that we must have alliance with conservative Jews. Good to see that Jew support France far-right because they are not anti-semite as in past and it means that Jews will not use their international network against them. Today they have state what was not case in past. We as pro-Whites must reform our thinking about that question. It is not Franklins time,today are situation more serious. The most great point Klassen gave about Jews are in his book Trials. Also Fischer had red Klassen and gave positive opinion about him.
I am still learning English. Please forgive any errors you may see.


Quote from: Br.Rebel on Thu 04 Jul 2024I think that we must have alliance with conservative Jews ...

We can agree that when Conservative Jews speak in our favour, we can use that.

However, there can be no alliance with Jews of any flavour. An example is the UK: Over the last few years, more and more White Conservative voices have spoken out, and they are now willing to mention Indigenous British and White British synonymously - as they should. The problem is that Conservative Jews are now dominating the videosphere, and are demanding that White Indigenous British remain silent, removing the rights of Whites to speak for themselves.

In Britain, it's only the Conservative Black and Conservative Arab led by the Conservative Jew that is ALLOWED to speak for the future of formerly Great Britain.

Where Whites are Silenced, Jews Rule.
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It is I agree, a religious question. I recognized that our liberal and leftists love ancient philosophers and also Indo-Aryan caste system. However they can not agree with NS because lot of them are not conservative. Because of their anti-Christian roots,they have influence and laught on Christians as Romans in ancient times. My point is that we need reform of our pro-White thinking.

Our conservatives forgot our ancient roots of Aristotle and Seneca while our White anti-Conservatives love Plato and Hadrian. We must establish  pro-White commision how to develop our pro-White thinking. Nietzsche did not see nothing wrong in jewish banking system and he wrote that Germans can learn a lot of it.

I agree with Seneca that is religion invention of ruler and how to be good ruler read Machiavelli. Klassen did not much explain this philosophers. According to me,we must forget for Hitler,Franklin and other anti-jewish person and go direct to Darwin who was not Christian nor Jewish.

 He was only mention that races exists and persons who today called themselves as liberals or leftists would be in naturalistic Francis Galton words caracterized as genetic deviants. I agree that they are genetic deviants but it is not rare that they have high IQ does not matter about it. 
I am still learning English. Please forgive any errors you may see.

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