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Messages - Rev.Cambeul

We told you so :D

Israel Firster Ben Shapiro has been outed by Tucker and the America First "Right"
Video from the @NuclearGrifter

Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Sat 06 Apr 2024Scotland's new Anti-White Hate Crime Law is Sharia Law. Islamic anti-Blasphemy Law tarted up as Social Justice.

Scotland's Head Paki In Charge/HPIC Cops the Majority of Complaints Under His Own Law
Meanwhile, Ireland's HPIC quits. England's HPIC & London's HPIC say "Meh."

Video from @SkyNewsAustralia

Scotland's HPIC, Hamzah Useless, declared that anyone that has a complaint about his ANTI-WHITE speech is FAR RIGHT. In the UK, just the act of being declared FAR RIGHT is enough to have you raided, charged, found guilty and imprisoned for five years for the HATE CRIME of teaching your dog to shake hands - AND NO, I'M NOT JOKING THERE!

Entertaining Comment from YouTube

Embarrassed Canadian here.  You KNOW you've messed up when news outlets in other countries (commonwealth or not) slap an "esque" suffix onto the Prime Minister's name! �🇨🇦
Fury over Seattle's axing of gifted and talented schools for having TOO MANY WHITE STUDENTS grows

Q: What's long & hard on Niggers? A: Second Grade
"Disadvantaged children of all races will now suffer"

Excerpt: Anger over Seattle's decision to close its schools for gifted and talented students has grown - as newly-unearthed footage showed shocking behavior from the board who made the decision.

Last month's announcement that the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) schools would shutter because they have too many white and Asian students enraged parents who say bright but disadvantaged children of all races will now suffer.

The gifted and talented program has been replaced with the Highly Capable Neighborhood School Model which requires teachers to come up with individualized learning programs for all of their students.

According to Seattle Public Schools, the new model will be 'be more inclusive, equitable and culturally sensitive.'

Critics say that is false - FAKE SCHOOLING.

       HOW ARE YOU? 



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From 1997 he now lives in Paris.
Dionysos is a book critic and a successful film-maker.
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OJ Simpson dead at 76 after cancer battle

The notorious double murder suspect, who was later found civilly liable for the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her Jewish friend Ron Goldman, passed away surrounded by his family at his home in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

OJ and the dead Mushark, Nicole Brown

Bruce Jenner has broken its silence over the death of OJ Simpson simply saying 'Good Riddance.'
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