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Well life utterly fell apart on me and I haven't been able to check in, but I'm back. 

My beautiful White Mother has terminal cancer so I've been taking care of her the past several months. Not an easy thing to go through. 

My activism for Creativity hasn't stopped. I leave a creativity card wherever I can. Even if life does get challenging you still gotta keep pushing Our Message. 

Brief hello, but I'm still here.
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I had Creativity collar tabs made. There are 8 left so if you want one or two please let me know.
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I've had these made and am waiting on the collar tabs to arrive so I can put them together on a button up shirt. I've have extras so please feel free to contact me if you'd like one.
General Jabber / Niggers Gonna Nig
Fri 19 May 2023
I found this video yesterday of an insane nigger who hauled off and killed her baby. I'm not surprised by this as they perpetually seek to destroy their own kind, as well as Us. But I'm posting this video so everyone can see how depraved niggers are, how uncivilized they are... I could go on. But I digress. This video only confirms what we Creators have been saying for decades.