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I am sad to report the death of Michelle Wilson of Michigan, a long-time worker for the White cause, and an activist with the Church of the Creator.

Michelle Lee Wilson (April 11, 1971 - May 8, 2015) of Marine City, Michigan passed away unexpectedly in her home at the age of 44. She was survived by her son, her parents, and two brothers. She was a Reverend in the World Church of the Creator and will always be remembered for her White racial beliefs. She was loved and will be greatly missed.

Her father was of Irish descent; her mother was Polish; her father's side of the family arrived in North America around the time of the potato famine.

Her father worked in the automobile industry, then began a career as a policeman in Detroit. Her parents were racially aware and passed on those healthy values to her -- but Michelle was the first of her kin to become active in the cause of our race's survival.

Michelle went to a strict Catholic school for most of her school years, but attended a mostly-White public school for a couple of years before her graduation.

Her efforts for the Church of the Creator brought her into contact with other White groups in the vicinity, like the pre-National-Alliance Resistance Records and Gary Gallo's National Democratic Front, with whom she had friendly meetings. Her chapter of the Church was, to my knowledge, the very last remaining White activism in metropolitan Detroit.

She was a mother, and said her son was the thing she was most proud of in life.

Hers was the voice heard on the Church's answering machine and she handled all the local correspondence that came to the Church's Detroit PO Box for many years.

Some have said of her:

Quote"I last talked to Michelle around May 1st. Thought something was wrong so I drove up to Marine City from Illinois on May 31st and talked to neighbors and was told about what happened. Michelle was loved and will be missed. Bye Michelle!"

Quote"Loved and never forgotten; we love you and miss you."

Quote"You are loved and always will be remembered; my children will always know you are their Aunt Michelle and my sister and I will always have you in our heart; be at peace my friend."

Quote"I'll always miss the 30 years we had. It was not enough. But I know you are at peace now; no more pain, my darling."

Quote"Thank you Michelle, for your kindness and compassion. I didn't know you long, but our time together will not be forgotten. I know I'm a better person for having known you."

With thanks to
You can find Reverend Michelle Wilson's Creator Forum Profile at;area=summary;u=793
Posters claiming white race is under threat found in town

Warrington Guardian | 20 May 2015

A SERIES of posters and stickers urging the public to 'save the white race' have been spotted in the town.

The posters, which also call for white people to awake, have been designed by a group called the Creativity Alliance.

On their website, it claims that the 'continued biological [of white people's] existence on this planet is in doubt'.

Mark Blackburn, of Saxon Park, Sankey Bridges, has come forward to express his shock at the nature of the posters.

He said: "I was quite shocked. I know racism is out there but I was quite shocked to find it in our town."

The 30-year-old also expressed his disgust at finding the posters and stickers near to schools and has been removing them.

Both the council and police have said they were aware that some posters had been found in the town.

A council spokesperson said: "Fly posting of any racist, offensive or obscene material will not be tolerated and we have reported this incident to the police.

"If individuals are caught fly posting we can issue a fixed penalty notice of £75 and people convicted of fly posting can be fined up to £2,500.

"The council will also remove any offensive material on public property as soon as possible."

A spokesman for Cheshire Police added: "Police have been made aware of two instances of these posters being posted at locations in Warrington, which were subsequently removed from local authority property.

"We are currently investigating if there are any other occurrences in Cheshire or elsewhere nationally."

Anyone with information about those responsible is urged to call Sgt Mark Spaven by calling Cheshire Police on 101.

Residents can report fly posting by visiting

Fly Posting or Flying Post?
Be the judge and call the executioner at 101 when you see our helicopter overhead.
David Lane Memorial, US Embassy London;sa=view;id=1618

Creativity White Emblem at David Lane memorial, London. May 23rd 2015.
Just finished reading Bishop Williamson's 'Eleison Comments' piece, 'Issue CDV (405)' from April 18th 2015. In it he poses the question, can a Pope be deposed for his heresy? As Williamson is a 'traditionalist catholic' he views 'Vatican II' as heretical and therefore any Pope that supports it is a heretic also. So in the Comments we wade through a lot of convoluted twaddle by some theologian from the 17th century who explains how a Pope can be deposed and declared a heretic. We get to the penultimate paragraph and the conclusion is that only Christ has authority over the Pope and that he alone has the 'authoritative' power to depose him. In the final paragraph the Bishop declares with an 'alas' that all the Cardinals and Bishops that are running the show today are so infected with the same wickedness as the Popes that there isn't a snowball in hells chance that they would ever declare a pro-Vatican II Pope a heretic. So what is the 'wonderful' solution that the Bishop has to offer his flock? 'We can only pray and wait for the divine solution, which will come in God's good time.' Yep, that's just what we need! Thanks, Bishop! :-/

See also  Vatican II: Love Jews & Muslims, But Hate Heretical Creators,6904.0.html
Watch this video clip from the 1:46:30 point where the Jewish flag is burned, with added commentary from Racial Loyalists shouting 'The Edict of Expulsion is still valid...' 'They illegally settled in England, they need to go!...' 'They're illegal everywhere, lad.' Makes me smile every time I watch it. :)

I recently commented on a podcast in which a fellow by the name of 'Bill Rhyes' advocates the Lone Wolf idea, almost parroting Tom Metzger word for word.

'Listened to this show. Bill is clearly a disciple of Metzger. So basically a good man, but one who is taking a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and tossing it all together to hopefully make a palatable chop suey. It doesn't work for me, because too often it sounds contradictory and you find yourself wondering where exactly he stands on various issues.

For example, he keeps telling us that people are going wrong by demonising the 'blacks' and Jews, etc., too much, but doesn't tell us exactly what (in his view) the right balance should be. I think he's misrepresenting a lot of people anyway, because many have the right balance of criticising the 'blacks,' Jews, muds, traitors and even ourselves. I'm also very sceptical about the 'Lone Wolf' tactical concept, which, if followed, will only lead to isolation, demoralisation, wasted energy and talent.

You need some kind of organisational structure to keep people motivated. Somebody in a leadership position to urge activists to keep busy and to act as a spokesperson. True, we need to practice caution in order to live in this madhouse of a society, but to completely shun networking with others is just wrong and probably suicidal.

The idea that this 'Lone Wolf' concept keeps people safer doesn't work for me either. If, as Bill says, the government decided to come down strong on people like us (and I agree they eventually will), they would just as easily be able to locate those who are 'Lone Wolf' as those who are a bit more out there. All they (or the Mossad) would have to do is find out who is visiting a certain website (say or or doing activity in a certain area and come and pick them off.

And if the government goons or Mossad did that, because the 'Lone Wolf' is completely hiding their views and have no network of fellow Racial Loyalists, who is going to sound the alarm bell when you are 'disappeared'? Surely it would be better to have all your friends, family members and network of hundreds of Racial Comrades know that you have been 'disappeared' and let the world know about it? Surely this would help to radicalise all of your family and those 'fence sitters' in your community that become aware of this evil injustice.

Anyway, I would still argue that the best way to go forward - if we are to have a Revolution of Values, and people are to become true Racial Loyalists that imbue family members with this same zeal - is to adopt an uncompromising Racial Religion. For me it's a no brainer - CREATIVITY ticks all the boxes. It is a fully structured creed that is both comprehensive and consistent, so you always know where you stand. It even has a sound organisational structure that is more or less compatible with the idea of practicing caution, whilst still demanding adherents to proselytise (convert others that are suitable to the creed).'
It's good to see adherents to Creativity in Scotland getting out there and promoting the White Man's creed. Bravo!

Quote from: Lee McCannLee McCann | | Mearns Leader (UK) | 19 March 2015

Inverbervie targeted by radical group

Flag and stickers promoting 'white power' seen in the town

Locals disgusted and have removed some of the items

Inverbervie has been targeted by a group promoting white supremacy with racist paraphernalia appearing in the Royal Burgh, including a large flag.

Stickers have been posted onto several bus stops throughout Bervie, disgusting the local community.

The flag that was put up in Inverbervie on the old bridge

The Mearns Leader was contacted by a resident who made us aware of the flag and stickers.

Some of the propaganda has already been removed from the bus stop by locals. The flag was also removed early on Thursday by a concerned resident who told us that they had contacted police.

The stickers are promoting a group called 'Creativity Alliance'. Messages in Bervie say "White people awake. Save the White Race" and "Non-White immigration means white genocide" including a image of using a razor blade to open your eyes.

The Creativity Alliance has its origins in America, where it was founded by Ben Klassen in the 1970s, and is openly racist and anti-semitic.

Someone has posted the graphic content around Inverbervie

The Mearns Leader has contacted Police Scotland for comment if you have a view send it to
After the sack of Rome by the Gothic king Alaric in the year 410, the (now largely mongrelised) Romans were so shocked by this humiliation that they considered abandoning Christianity. They reasoned that perhaps Christianity, with its emphasis on 'pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die' and 'lay not up treasures on earth, lay up treasures in heaven' was responsible for the fall of their great empire. A no-brainer, you might think. Up steps a proper 'brain-box' by the name of Augustine, who wanted to reassure the Christian faithful and converts to this suicidal death cult that rather than contributing towards the decline of Rome, Christianity had in fact been responsible for its success. Forget the fact that the greatest Roman leaders and thinkers were pagans and the height of Roman pre-eminence came during the earlier period, before Jewish Christianity gripped hold of and perverted their minds. So this Augustine fellow, seemingly a mongrel himself, got to work on his 'magnum opus' (greatest work), 'The City of God,' in which he defended the faith from these 'god-hating' accusations. This work would later be held up as a 'cornerstone of Western thought,' as the author prattles on tiresomely about a lot of spooky nonsense that troubled the minds of the most gullible and superstitious of the mongrelised Romans. And what did this 'great work' have to offer? Well, according to the description on Wikipedia, the following:

'The sack of Rome by the Visigoths in 410 left Romans in a deep state of shock, and many Romans saw it as punishment for abandoning traditional Roman religion for Catholic Christianity. In response to these accusations, and in order to console Christians, Augustine wrote The City of God, arguing for the truth of Christianity over competing religions and philosophies and that Christianity is not only not responsible for the Sack of Rome, but also was responsible for the success of Rome. He attempted to console Christians, writing that, even if the earthly rule of the Empire was imperiled, it was the City of God that would ultimately triumph. Augustine's eyes were fixed on Heaven, a theme of many Christian works of Late Antiquity, and despite Christianity's designation as the official religion of the Empire, Augustine declared its message to be spiritual rather than political. Christianity, he argued, should be concerned with the mystical, heavenly city, the New Jerusalem—rather than with earthly politics.'

Okay, so the world - the *real world* - is falling apart around your ears, marauding tribes are looting, raping and burning down your cities, and the best 'consolation' this 'great priest', this 'Church Father' has to offer is this: 'Let's not worry too much about the real world. Don't worry if your cities and civilisation is burned to the ground and your families are raped, murdered and starved. Let's meander off and indulge in mysticism and fantasy and let god sort it out. We'll have our heavenly "New Jerusalem" don't you know, if we can just keep the faith.' How *CRAZY* can you get? And we wonder why the Roman Empire collapsed in a miserable shambles and the White Race wallowed in the Dark Ages for a thousand years? Could it get any more obvious, people?

Now if *only* the great White Romans had a militant Racial Religion in the early stages of their civilisation; a religion based on reality, rather than playing games with frivolous non-existent spooks like Jupiter, Venus and Apollo. A religion that emphasised Racial Loyalty, Racial Teamwork, Racial Solidarity, Racial Separation, and urged adherents to strive for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Roman race. Can you imagine what a glorious civilisation could still be in existence today if the Romans had not been mongrelised and the White Race had not atrophied for a thousand years of the Dark Ages? It would be a wonderful marvel to behold. This is why we Creators promote a Racial Religion for White people, in order to straighten out the thinking of our people and avert the horrible tragedy that befell Rome and other White civilisations. Instead of indulging in fantasies, let us face the real problems in this world head on, promote and expand our Holy Creed and work towards building a Whiter and Brighter World. My thought for the day.

This is absolutely disgusting. A lad from the North West of England has been sent to prison for thought crimes. I have personally met Mr. Helm and know him to be just a nice, ordinary lad who happens to be pro-White. Pro-White and loves Britain and his race more than anything in the world.

Pro-White, loves his race, loves his country and - so what! - he said an unkind word to some Jewish politician on Twitter. He made no threats of violence and right now he is *SITTING IN A PRISON CELL!* Outrage. Shame on Britain. The corrupt powers that be showing how much they despise the White British people.

'Unmasked': Merseysider jailed for anti-semitic tweet to Luciana Berger shows a 'dark side'

Meanwhile, the National Crime Agency today admits that it will no longer be prosecuting those who view and share child porn online, as it has gotten so out of hand. But they will bend over backwards to jail those pro-White people who post unkind messages on Twitter. What a crazy world we live in! Wake up White people!

Thousands of paedophiles will escape ANY punishment because police cannot cope with scale of online abuse
Disgusting excuse for a man. Billy 'Oddball' Oddie probably earned himself an extended contract with the BBC for this anti-White venom.

Quote from: Bill Oddie
"Historically, we seem to have built up this ridiculous idea that: 'Oh, we are British, this is our island and we don't want anybody else in it'."

"I personally loathe that kind of chauvinism and I'm happy to say I'm not proud to be British. In fact, I'm very often ashamed to be British,"

"We are a terrible race, all the hooliganism and God knows what..."
I agree with this from Peter Reynolds, even though I disagree strongly with his insane views on the supposed 'benefits' of cannabis.

'Even before Theresa May delivers another speech of hatred, prejudice and bile at the Tory Party conference, the dreadful news is out. Cameron himself has trailed it and blatantly, unashamedly, these two oppressors of British democracy plan to restrict our freedom of speech and thought in a way never before contemplated.

Cameron explicitly states that it is not just about committing or inciting violence, it is about holding "extremist views". All that the Home Secretary has to have is "reasonable suspicion" that people hold views she does not agree with or dislikes and she may lock them up.

This must be stopped. It is the greatest ever betrayal of the British people and Cameron and May have demonstrated conclusively that they are not fit to be in government. They are hoist on their own petard for their ideas are as extremist as any other and if such legislation is introduced, they should be the first to be arrested and charged.'

Anybody see Billy Connolly on 'Who Do You Think You Are'? Sorry, but I am just a bit sceptical about this supposed distant Indian ancestor. Apparently his great, great, great grandmother, 'Matilda Allan', was an Indian girl. Tenuous evidence indeed. They didn't even attempt to get to the bottom of it. Just, 'She was Indian, no doubt about it - case closed,' and we are supposed to accept that. Hmmm. Even if true, even if one does have a thimble of mud in ones veins, it's not an excuse to pour a wheelbarrow full of faeces into the gene pool (as the race-mixing lunatics would have us do). As for Connolly, he really does need to sort that hairdo out. What a scruffy mess.

BBC iPlayer - Who Do You Think You Are? - Series 11: 9. Billy Connolly
If any other country did what the bandit state, Israel, is doing, they would be universally condemned, no doubt about it. Look at what happened to Serbia for example. Why did the (Jewish dominated) media wish us to feel such pity for the Albanians during the Kosovo War, and yet we are supposed to feel indifferent about the Israeli slaughter campaign in Gaza? The pro-Israeli propaganda machine keeps telling us that the Palestinians (or Arabs, or whatever you want to call them) are hiding behind babies in the 'hope' that children will be killed by Israeli missiles. I am not sure if that is the case, and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if it is. But this idea was not sold to us during the Kosovo War, was it? Were we inundated by smug pro-Serbian propagandists telling us that the (mohammedan) Albanian 'terrorists' deserve to be blown up? That they deliberately hide behind babies in order that they may be slaughtered, and thus use these horrors to get 'western' and world sympathy? I don't recall that. I don't recall it because it didn't happen. All I do remember is the constant demonisation of Serbia, with Slobodan Milošević repeatedly compared to Hitler (as if that is some kind of insult), and footage of the 'poor' 'Kosovo Liberation Army' members crying into each others arms after their fellow countrymen had been slaughtered in combat by the Serbs. Why the double standard? Why would any sane British or other European person go out of his or her way to justify what these *filthy* Israelis are doing? These despicable miscreants whose co-religionists are working flat out to undermine and *destroy* the White Man's world? To destroy *everything* we hold near and dear? Why aren't these same idiots calling for the kind of NATO 'humanitarian' intervention that we saw in the Balkans back in 1999? Could it be that our media and governments are controlled by the brethren of these mass killers? Could it get any more bloody obvious? :-/
I thought I would start a thread in which I and other Reverends can post chapters from Nature's Eternal Religion, with corrections. I will begin by posting the Foreword from NER, which I cut and pasted from the 2008 Edition, edited using the corrections observed by the fellow calling himself 'Wilhelm,' compared with the 1992 Edition that I have (which is very good), and one error that I noticed myself when reading through the text. This will help Reverend Cambeul for when he puts together the new and improved version later this year. Please feel free to read over the chapter text for errors, and if you spot them, please highlight and we can edit the post accordingly. Thank you.

*Edit: I am making the following chapters identical to the 1992 edition, though I will make corrections if I find any errors thereof.

The principles and creed set forth in this book constitute the Articles of Faith of the Church of the Creator.
Our beliefs are strongly reinforced by an overwhelming mass of substantiated evidence. They are based on the eternal Laws of Nature; they are based on the lessons and experience of history; furthermore; they are based on logic, common sense and reality, not myth and fantasy. No other religion can honestly make this claim.
We furthermore believe that in 6000 years of recorded history, this book is the most profound and meaningful religious book ever written for the survival of the White Race. It is a fundamental creed, based on the eternal Laws of Nature for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, the noblest creation in Nature's realm. We are confident that the White Race will soon return to reality, embrace our powerful new religion, regain control of its own destiny, and advance forward to new heights never before dreamed of.
It is towards this noble objective, the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, that this book is dedicated. It is for this reason our dynamic new religion was founded. We call our religion Creativity, and members thereof, Creators, because, we believe these words, in essence, best describe the characteristic soul of the White Race.
We completely reject the Judeo-democratic-Marxist values of today, and supplant them with new and basic values, of which race is the foundation. We take a new, revolutionary and dynamic approach to the problems that face the White Race today in its desperate struggle for survival.
Although our religion is new, the laws embodied in our religion are not new, nor are they something we have invented. On the contrary, we have only observed and put into words that which Nature in her eternal wisdom has decreed for the survival of all her creatures from the beginning of time.
Nor is it at all remarkable that we should have observed these laws and based our religion on them. What is most strange is that the creative White Race has not done so centuries ago. In fact, it is amazing that the Romans and the Greeks failed to do so in their time. Going back even further, it is hard to understand why the highly gifted Egyptians failed to do so in their great White civilization 5000 years ago. Had the White Race done so in its earlier history, it would not now be trapped in the idiotic and precarious struggle for survival in which it now finds itself ensnared.
We believe that reality is more important than "believing" in the unsubstantiated ramblings of a wild and over-stimulated imagination. We believe that facts substantiated by massive evidence are a thousand times more valid and meaningful than supernatural claims that not only are unsubstantiated, but fly in the face of reason. We refuse to accept on "faith" ludicrous claims that repudiate historical evidence, geological evidence, scientific evidence; and fallacious claims that repudiate every other kind of evidence. We believe that evidence and judgment are basic in forming conclusions and decisions in all the vital matters pertaining to our lives.
We believe a religion that is detrimental to the survival of a race is a bad religion. A religion that helps a race to survive, expand and advance is a good religion for that race. Our creed is such a religion, and will have the most profound and far-reaching implications for the benefit and welfare of the White Race.
It is not our intention to make the White Race less religious. On the contrary, it is our intention to have the White Race become muchmore strongly devoted to religion than it is today, and above all, it is our objective to give the White Race a far superior religion than the self-destructive, suicidal religion with which it is now burdened.
We believe that the highest Law of Nature is the right of any species to survival, expansion and advancement of its own kind. We deem that for the White Race, the right to survival, expansion and advancement of its own people is not only the highest Law of Nature, but also the foundation of our religious creed.
It is overwhelmingly clear that unless the White Race in this generation changes the suicidal course on which it is now embarked it will miserably perish from the face of the earth, overrun and inundated by a flood-tide of colored mongrels.
We are confident that in the near future the White Race will rally, unite, and embrace the Creativity program for its own survival.
Furthermore, we are convinced that if only one-tenth of the time, energy, and money, were spent in propagating our dynamic new religion as is spent on keeping alive the sick and morbid religions now undermining our race, that Creativity would spread like wild-fire. We mean to organize all our good people and expend that energy—and more. United and organized the White Race is ten times more powerful than the rest of the world put together. We predict that our religion, Creativity, will be the supreme religion of the future. We predict that it will not only spread to all the corners of the earth, but will eventually supplant all other religions, barring none. We believe that such is inevitable.
The 'W' in our insignia stands for the noble White Race. The crown represents our unconditional right to supremacy in Nature's realm. The halo signifies purity of blood, and that we jealously regard our blood lines as the sacred value on the face of the earth.

There are said to be between 300 and 400 thousand Jews living in Britain today, but we know - well, we strongly suspect - there are well over a million of these 'chosen darlings' of Yahweh in our midst. It is very difficult to get an accurate figure on the actual number of Jews living in a country, simply because there are so many kinds of Jew and because Jews are such a deceitful lot. For example, you have the orthodox Jews, the conservative Jews, the so-called liberal Jews, the crypto Jews, and the bleedin' mischling Jews. All of whom are fiercely loyal to the Jewish race and extremely hostile to the White Race. Then we have the people that may not identify as Jewish, or even realise they have significant Jewish heritage, but become fervent Jew-lovers and supporters of the Jews once they discover they are of Jewish descent or in the face of hostility from normal White people like us. If the (Jew-controlled) census tells us there are a certain number of Jews residing in a particular country (especially Jew-controlled White countries), you can safely triple that number and you would have a more accurate figure. I glance at the 'Jewish population by country' page on Wikipedia (the one that claims the Jewish population of the world dropped from 17 million to 11 million following the 'Holocaust') and it states that there are no more than 1,200 Jews living in Portugal, 1,800 Jews living in the Republic of Ireland, and 2,500 Jews living in Norway. Now we can safely assume that is a good Jewish laugh. When these Jews have the chutzpah to come out with ludicrous numbers like that, rather than triple the number, we'd probably be safer if we octupled it. Why do you think this 'tiny' group of people are so successful? Well, in large part because they practice racial teamwork (a virtue we White people should learn very quickly), and because they really aren't all that tiny.

'On a worldwide basis, the Jews give us a variety of figures regarding their own numbers. Oft quoted Figures are 18 to 20 million. Again I believe that these Figures are kept deliberately low in order not to alarm the White Gentiles. Again, I have no way of telling, but I would suspect that there are at least 80 million Jews infesting the face of our planet.' -NER, Chapter 18 - False Ideas Disseminated by Jews.
Disgusting, yes. However, the situation of White Flight is much more grave than the government and media would have us believe. When they say 600,000 White people have fled the city in 10 years, I am inclined to double that number. The official census cannot be trusted. First of all, what is their definition of 'White' or 'White British'? I guarantee it isn't the same as what you or I have in mind. Some kinky-haired race-less mongrel, with the physiognomy of an African bushman, might be classed as 'White British' because he 'feels' White British. So we must be cautious with these numbers. They say blacks make up 13 percent of the London population. Make that 20 to 25 percent. Census figures say 'Asians' make up 18 percent. Make it closer to 35 to 40 percent. Then we have all the other rubbish in-between that are probably around 10 to 20 percent. When they say the White (British) population is around 49 percent - no chance! - I am inclined to half that number. What is it like on the ground is what I ask. They tell us that a North West town like St Helens is 99 percent White (which isn't White enough for my liking), yet in my experience visiting that town, it is probably more like 95 percent White, or less. Forget 'White British,' I would posit that the entire White population of London - including White people from abroad - is probably no more than 25 to 30 percent. The situation really is *that* bad. Can I prove this? No, I cannot. But the census figures are so unreliable - total lies! - that we are forced to use our life experiences and common sense. I know of Londoners that have relocated to areas in the North West that are not exactly choice places to live. I know of at least three families from the London area in my home town. My uncle moved to London a decade or so back, met a local woman, and soon left for Nottingham. Last week when in Rhyl, Wales, I met a woman who tells me she and her family are originally from London. Why on earth would these people leave a great capital city to live in some of the poorest housing estates in Britain? Are these the places they are going to in order to 'retire,' with their young brood and all? No. These unfortunate people all tell the same story - though firstly reminding me 'I'm not racist, but...' - 'London isn't London anymore.'
This horrible little gefilte fish munching creature, Jack Straw, plays a leading role in flooding our once pristine and pleasant land with the dregs of the third world. And now the miscreant has the chutzpah to 'intervene' and talk feebly of 'British values' when it has become evident that the mohammedan zealots are having a field day promoting hardline Islam to the brown masses of Birmingham and elsewhere. He laughably preaches to muslims about how they must 'accept' our 'wonderful' (Jewish) 'values'. What piffle. 'You may as well go about to turn the sun to ice with fanning in his face with a peacock's feather,' to quote the Bard. Not going to happen, Jacky boy. Not going to happen.

'Muslim schools 'must respect British values' says Jack Straw as Birmingham MP admits there is a 'Trojan Horse' plot by extremists'
Babies raped and burned alive... for *pleasure!?* These *bastards* that are committing such heinous crimes ought to be burned alive themselves when they are caught. It is so sad that the government and media - whose membership are almost certainly involved with a lot of this sick filth - would use these evil crimes as an excuse to further control the Internet. So normal people are punished and spied upon for the deeds of these wicked scum, again, many of whom are part of the establishment. Heaven forbid that the plebs and peons would have access to 'controversial' websites that don't meet the approval of the treasonous politicians and their Jewish masters.

'Disturbing new internet child abuse sees toddlers raped and burned live on webcam as paedophiles use Bitcoin to stop being traced'
Now check this out. A former billionaire, Chuck Feeney, gives most of his 6.3 Billion fortune to 'philanthropic' causes. Apparently this is all part of 'The Giving Pledge,' where the richest men in the world, including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, pledge to give all their money to help 'improve the human condition.' Does anybody think for a moment that this money will be used in any way to help advance the White Race? You can bet your sweet life that it won't. On the contrary, these vast sums of money will be used to help mongrelise and destroy us. What a horrible waste. If so many of these people are so ready and willing to pour their fortunes down a rat-hole in this way, one would think that at least one of them would 'go nuts' and 'waste' a billion or two helping to advance the Cause of the White Race. If some anonymous White billionaire donor decided to 'throw away' a billion or two into the Cause of the White Race, the results would be earth moving. It would be a wonderful marvel to behold. But no, this has not happened. Super-rich Jews invest billions - even trillions - helping to advance the cause of the Jewish race, and that is considered perfectly acceptable (which it is). So why can't these super-rich 'goyim' do likewise for their own kind? This is treason as far as I am concerned. Throwing billions away in the useless attempt to advance the turd-world and not giving a second thought for the plight of the White Race is pure treason.

After reading MailOnline ARTICLE titled 'Our TV shows are far too white, says Lenny Henry' I had this to say:

'This anti-white creature Lenny Henry never stops banging on about how few blacks there are on television. This from a man who strangely doesn't much care for black women, instead opting for a horrible, ugly, repulsive, fat white-skinned slob before he would go near one of his own kind. A while back I remember him complaining that there were too few black people in the Harry Potter films. He complained so loud and long about this 'disgraceful' discrimination that the film creators gave this big mouth a part in one of the films, namely The Prisoner of Azkaban. They had to invent a pointless 'shrunken head' character who - in typical Lenny Henry style - makes a lot of senseless noise, just to keep people like him happy. (This character doesn't even appear in the books!) I have only recently watched the first few Harry Potter films, after I discovered there is an anti-white theme throughout the series, and from what I can see, there are too bleedin' many blacks in the films. Screeching about the place and generally making things look untidy, their very presence ruins these otherwise charming films. They ruin the films, they ruin the television, they ruin the music, they ruin their (and our) neighbourhoods. And we need more of this and less White people he says? No thank you, Lenny. I say more White people. More, more, more. :) '
Found this online ...

The following is actually an excerpt from my diary.

Via Twitter I had previously asked an atheist lady from Minneapolis, Minnesota, if she could provide evidence for her assertion that she believes the figure of Jesus Christ to be a genuine historical figure because, quote, 'I accept he existed because evidence suggests he does.' This is from yesterday and she didn't get back to me for whatever reason. However, a Christian fellow, or 'pastor,' named Gregory who talks of his own 'testimonies of God doing the impossible in my life,' took up the challenge, citing the standard Christian 'evidence' that Christ was a real historical figure. I'm just surprised he didn't cite Josephus and Philo:

'@James Tacitus' 'Annals: book 15, chp 44' (written in the 1st century)....he was  a Roman historian. Pliny the younger, a roman governor, mentioned Christ & Christians when writing to ceasar. Seutonius mentioned Christ & Christians in a writing about some riots (69-140 ad). Thallus wrote about the earthquake that the Gosples mentioned happening at the crucifixion. Thallus also wrote a history of the Trojan war. sorry, 1 more..also pontias pilot himself (the Acts of Pilate)...& a Roman satirist Lucian.'

My reply to each tweet:

'@Pastor Gregory This (Tacitus Annals) isn't a contemporary source. Written nearly 100 years after the supposed event. This just means there were Christians. To me, if the source is accurate & not the work of an over-zealous Christian scribe, means Tacitus was familiar with the myth.

Of Christian religious rites, Pliny notes: 'all I could discover was evidence of an absurd and extravagant superstition.' Anyway, as with Tacitus, Pliny wasn't born until many years after the supposed events. He only notes there were Christians. 'Do not go out of your way to look for them,' advised Trajan to Pliny (Letters of Pliny). Big mistake. Rome would come to rue this advice.

'Punishment was inflicted on the Christians, a class of men given to a new and mischievous superstition.'-Suetonius AD 121. Basically these sane Romans depict Christians as the zealous lunatics that they were. Again, Suetonius years after the 'event'.

From what I'm reading, Thallus was the invention of an overly zealous 3rd century Christian Sextus Julius Africanus. Unreliable. We can't even verify the historicity of Thallus, & what he supposedly had to offer wasn't so special anyhow.#ChristianSilliness

Gospel of Nicodemus not authentic. Okay, I took the time to look up every source & there is basically nothing on offer here. So really, Gregory, outside of your works of fiction, what do we really have to verify Christ's existence & his miracles? Nowt.'

'"The Christians, you know, worship a man to this day—the distinguished personage who introduced their novel rites, and was crucified on that account. ... You see, these misguided creatures start with the general conviction that they are immortal for all time, which explains their contempt of death and voluntary self-devotion which are so common among them; and then it was impressed on them by their original lawgiver that they are all brothers, from the moment that they are converted, and deny the gods of Greece, and worship the crucified sage, and live after his laws. All this they take quite on faith, with the result that they despise all worldly goods alike, regarding them merely as common property."
—Lucian, The Passing of Peregrinus

It seems Christians don't realise when they are being mocked if they regard this satirical quote as 'evidence' for the historical existence of Jesus. Anyone care to guess when Lucian was born? AD 125. :-/
Recently our fellow pro-White, the ever kooky though (I hope) well-meaning John D. Nugent, shared a rather dubious Mail Online article on Facebook titled 'Is this proof near-death experiences ARE real?'

The author of the piece claims that 'Near Death Experiences' are 'real' and that we need not worry about the nebulous afterlife, as it is such a wonderful paradise in which we meet up with the ghosts of our dead relatives, etc.. With all this 'wonder' and 'heavenly happiness,' one wonders why those who experience such hallucinations don't simply jump out of the nearest window and get back to the heavenly hereafter. Strangely they seldom (if ever) do this. 

After reading the article in question, I had the audacity (dare I say, the chutzpah) to post a comment questioning the validity of the authors claims, a comment that clearly irked Mr. Nugent. His immediate response was to delete my comment and made the following statement:


He then edited his post to read 'Start your own thread there proving there is no God . ;) '

Fair enough, I said, I will do so. At least to his initial comment. Refuting the existence of non-existent spooks is of course not necessary, as the burden of proof is on the party affirming, not the party denying.

Anyway, for your reading pleasure, here is the offending comment:

'With all due respect, John, how can this MailOnline piece be regarded as 'proof' that 'Near Death Experiences' (and therefore the hereafter) are 'real'? Methinks it wishful thinking more like. Personally I find it disgraceful that a supposed professional news outlet would give this silliness the time of day. This contemptible rag is perpetuating superstition, giving the poor gullible yokels false hope in a nebulous and non-existent hereafter when they ought to be grounding their readership in reality.

No doubt people do experience Near Death Experiences, but they are simply hallucinations, comforting figments of the convoluted human imagination. Which is not at all surprising when we consider the fact that those who experience these strange apparitions are usually extremely ill, near death and drugged up to the eyeballs on medication at the time of the event.

'Can all these people — and the many more that I've interviewed — be delusional?' asks the author Penny Sartori, a woman who unconvincingly claims that she first delved into the phenomena of Near Death Experiences as a 'cynic.' The answer, overwhelmingly, is *YES,* these critically ill and dying hospital patients are indeed delusional.

These poor ailing individuals have been terribly unwell, even to the point of actually being close to death. That there is little doubt. At this moment, for whatever reason, that eternally complex organ that is still a mystery even to the most learned and erudite of scientists (the brain) has resorted to this compassionate hallucination just before the glow of life fades forever.

That is my conclusion anyway. There must always be a rational explanation. When an individual constantly poses the question, 'How do you explain this phenomena,' then uses the fact that scientists haven't been able to sufficiently answer the question (to their liking) to then go on a fantastic flight of fancy, is completely unacceptable for the rational thinking mind. We always meet such wild stories with a suspicious and sceptical eye, and finally scorn.

'A skeptical and inquiring mind is no vice. Being gullible and superstitious is no virtue.' That is a quote from our very own White Man's Bible (CREDO 71). I suppose I ought to pin on my 'Young Soul' badge right now, hey John? :) ' (John de Nugent believes (based on what evidence I have no idea) that people who do not believe in spooks are 'young souls,' like babies to be pitied. The fortunate 'old souls,' like himself (and his former assistant Jason Salyers) are lightyears ahead of the rest of us pathetic newbies.) :)
This lad is obviously a bit of a (christinsane?) nut, out to make a spectacle out of himself. Certainly he cannot be counted as a true White Racial Loyalist. But here is a typical example of White people in Britain being severely punished by the injustice system - a year in prison no less - simply for wearing a silly fancy dress outfit and carrying around a dark complexioned doll. Meanwhile, violent criminals and drug pushers are let off with community service and a small fine, if they are unlucky. Welcome to the multicultural 'wonderland' that is modern day Britain. :-/ 

Racist thug who made white supremacist salute while leaving court

Salute: Philips appeared to perform a 'white power'salute outside court
I basically critiqued a supposed 'religious' text inspired by Cosmotheism, written by some 'well meaning' young lad here in England of above average intelligence, pointing out how pathetic and embarrassing this attempt was compared with our glorious Creativity.

It's startling how many of these people - young people in particular (this lad is around 24, 25) - have these mad ideas about formulating their own religion, even after reading Nature's Eternal Religion and the White Man's Bible. Bow before a superior mind and Creed, sh!tlets. Bow before and embrace Creativity. :)

'Hello J....,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but I have been rather busy with work and having to deal with many of my other racially loyal associates. I have taken the time to examine and comment on the first chapter of your book, as you requested, so here goes.

From the outset of your work there are a number of vague and uncommon terms and obscure phrases ('non-preconceived and omnidirectional' for example) that make the work seem inaccessible. It reminds me somewhat of the almost impenetrable first paragraph of the late Jonathan Bowden's work, 'GOODBYE, HOMUNCULUS,' which reads as follows:

In Hell, per se, a scrimmage has formed this side of desolation; it exists in front of a goal which served as a gibbet. A blackened waste lay in the rear – and it already tempted its greyness; if only to lie awake before this aperture.'

I have a habit of reading this passage out to people during Skype calls and watching them squirm and recoil when I ask if they understand it. They invariably do not, though it can be deciphered (sort of) after half a dozen attempts. Now compare that with the almost poetic flow that comes with the opening of Ben Klassen's Nature's Eternal Religion:

'The Laws of Nature are Eternal
When we look at the natural world about us, we are awed at the beauty and the majesty of Nature. We view the delicate rosy sunsets reflected in the wispy clouds, we view the massive splendor of the mountains, gleaming and shining in their white coats of snow in the winter, bursting with greenery and the color of flowers in the spring and in the summer, painted with endless coats of yellow and red with the changing leaves in the autumn.'

Now that certainly made for easy reading and paints a vivid picture, doesn't it? And it keeps on like that from this point all the way to the last wonderful page. Instead of chaos, Creativity emphasises order and the eternal laws of Nature.

Your work touches on what I believe is termed 'transcendentalism,' which is not something I am especially familiar with or feel comfortable discussing. Not claiming to be a physicist or expert in the subject of physics (a subject of which, if I recall, you have a great deal of enthusiasm), this rather nebulous subject (transcendentalism) causes me to feel a little uneasy and out of my depth. As a humble student at the University of Life, I feel far more comfortable with the following, again from Nature's Eternal Religion:

'We don't understand it all, we have no idea how long Nature has been putting on her bountiful displays. We just know that year after year Nature rolls through her seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall. We just know that Nature is always the same, yet always changing. We see as spring approaches flowers come forth out of the ground and later begin to bloom in their profuse colors, only to wither and wilt during the summer, produce their seed in the fall, and go to sleep under a blanket of snow during the winter. Then comes spring again, and seeds burst forth into a new generation of flowers and the same cycle is repeated again.'

That'll do me, as they say. I'm also not too keen on this talk of man attaining 'omnipotence,' an idea that I find completely ridiculous. On page two of your work you state the following:

'As hazards in the universe include those which may be posed by other  intelligent life, eternal immunity may belong solely to a single omnipotent species, which, by its supreme  power, stands unthreatened by all others. This state of omnipotence we call 'Godhood', and that which occupies this state may be called 'God'.'

Why does the above (and other passages from your work) conjure up images of aliens, other worlds and pink clouds at the far end - or outside - of the universe? Regardless, it all sounds like meaningless obfuscation to me. Again, it brings me back to my own religious text, in which the ever lucid Ben Klassen succinctly observes:

'Man has already unveiled millions of Nature's mysteries. Today man is discovering more of Nature's eternal laws at an increasing rate. Through technology he is increasingly benefiting by his understanding of Nature's mysteries. It is fairly safe to say that although mankind will continue to rapidly expand his knowledge of Nature's laws, that it will never, never solve more than a small fraction of them.'

Finally, I have to touch on the most important and most glaring omission from your text: no mention of race, or more specifically, the White Race. I don't believe the word White, Aryan, European, Europid, caucasian, caucasoid, or any other nomenclature that describes our species of man appears even once in your script. Not acceptable.

Contrast that to the religious texts of Creativity, where hardly a page goes by where it is not made abundantly clear that we Creators are Racial Loyalists and for the White Race and the White Race exclusively. This I wouldn't have any other way. Would any lowlife degenerate dare attempt to misinterpret our creed, in order that we come to embrace miscegenation and thus our own self-destruction? ('You shall keep your race pure. Pollution of the White Race is a heinous crime against Nature and against your own race.'-5th Commandment of Creativity.) I'd like to see them try.

Basically my conclusion is (how do I put this...) all good White Racial Loyalists need to abandon their hubris and embrace Creativity, the most articulate, scientific, complete and comprehensive White racial religious creed in the history of the world.

Of course people can nitpick - I have done it myself: 'I don't like the flag,' 'I don't like the term "RaHoWa,"' (don't use it then) 'I don't like "church"' (call it a 'creed' or 'religion of Creativity,' smart-arse), 'I don't like that it was written by an American,' (born in the Ukraine, raised and educated in Canada), et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Yes, granted, it isn't perfect. But Creativity is the best we have.

Hope this helps, and hope my feedback won't annoy you too much.
Be well, J...., and delenda est Judaica. :)
A young guy recently asked why adherents to the religion of Creativity refer to themselves as Creators.

My reply, borrowing and quoting Founder Ben Klassen:

'The White Race is and always has been the originator and Creator of all worthwhile Culture and Civilisation. Our race - the White Race - is our religion and our race are the Creative race, so what could be a more appropriate term for our religion than Creativity and our adherents than Creators? One of the Commandments of Creativity reads 'Decide in early youth that during your lifetime you will make at least one major lasting contribution to the White Race,' and another Commandment urges Creators to 'Utilize constructively your creative ability.' Thus keeping with the tradition of our Creative (White) ancestors.'

Was this answer adequate enough? Thoughts anybody? Thanks.
If this had been a 'muslim' woman brutally raped in this despicable fashion, it wouldn't be a question of whether or not the (useless) police bothered to do their job properly, to bring such vermin to justice and sufficiently punish them. It would be a question of how many Whites would be beaten and killed and have their houses burned down by the furious 'muslim' mob in retribution, for daring to dishonour one of their women? It says a lot about how White British men have been so totally emasculated, all thanks to a barrage of anti-white media and a failure to instil any real sense of identity into our people. How many so-called White men in the Lancashire area even regard this woman as one of theirs? 'One of ours?' I imagine the average White person asking. 'What, is she a Preston North End or Manchester United fan?' :-/

In 2011, Lucy Walsh was abducted by three (muslim mud) men after a night out
They raped her repeatedly, laughing when she cried out
Two were convicted and sentenced; police are looking for the third attacker
But the two successfully appealed and were given less prison time
And one of them was granted British citizenship while in jail
Fearful for her safety with an attacker still at large, Lucy has fled to Canada
My apologies for this somewhat hasty post and unpolished lines. I thought it would be appropriate to pay a small tribute to Founder Klassen at this time of year.

The elements were so mixed in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, 'This was a Man.'

All Hail our Great Founder, Ben Klassen, PM, who departed this world 20 years ago today.

Tribute to Our Great Founder Ben Klassen
Sinews to our Cause did he always give;
Truest White Loyalist ever to live.
Man of principle to his final breath,
Dying with grace, with a Creative death.
Awake our White Volk in this dire hour of need;
Go forth in his name, flourish our Holy Creed.
Varg Vikernes and his wife arrested on suspicion of planning a 'major' act of terrorism?

What utter piffle. What a flimsy pretext for apprehending this lovely couple. All because Varg downloaded a copy of Anders Breivik's manifesto and his wife *legally* purchased a few rifles? Anybody who follows the news will be aware that Anders Behring Breivik sent his document out on the morning he went on his rampage in Norway, and his 'book' went viral that very day. If you were to arrest everybody who happens to have the 2083 PDF or word document sitting around their computer some place, the corrupt authorities could have an excuse to arbitrarily arrest hundreds of thousands of people on suspicion of 'preparing a major terrorist act.' It's absolute bloody nonsense. Blatant state persecution of a family that dares to hold 'politically incorrect' opinions.

I also have to raise a severe smile at various controlled news outlets (for example HERE) which state that Varg has 'links' to Anders Breivik. What, they are both Norwegian? They both aren't particularly keen on mass immigration? The last I checked, this fine couple were just trying to build a house in the idyllic French countryside for their beautiful burgeoning family, Varg's lovely wife Marie pregnant with their (I think) fourth child, and his fifth. Does that really sound like a man who wishes to go on a wild counterproductive shooting rampage? They simply wished to legally own a few rifles to go hunting in the fertile French countryside, that best garden of the world. To live in harmony with nature and stay true to their European heritage. Nothing more. The thoughts of all good White Loyalists around the globe are with Varg and his family at this time. Hopefully Marie in particular isn't too stressed by this disgusting, Orwellian act of state persecution.

Edit: This was of course written before Varg's anti-Creator, pro-PC stance became known.
Why don't these 'chosen' bastards take the hint?
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