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Topics - PaulW

Well its time to get out on the road again. This week I am setting off travelling from the UK to the Black Sea. Then after a little rest, back across Europe all the way to the Arctic Circle through Sweden and Norway. The trip will last until around October. I am not well off or getting any sponsor, but if you would like a visit while I am on the road feel free to drop me a line. And I will do my best to stop in and see you.  I will be doing my best to get the word out about our Church. There are lots of so-called Right-Wing groups throughout Europe and whenever possible I will be meeting up and putting the good word forward.  :)   
General Jabber / Leadership
Thu 30 Jan 2014
I joined the british army in 1979 when we were in the middle of a war with the IRA. some people have strong thoughts on this conflict. And also firm ideas on the subject. So here is mine.

The IRA was a terrorist group killing not only soldiers and police, but also anyone who disagreed with them. I did three tours in Northern Ireland. Was shot at directly three times. I was also at Bobby Sands funeral ( hunger striker ) where I was stranded with three other soldiers being bottled bricked and attacked with acid in milk bottles. By around 500 rioters. I also was nearly kidnapped twice. The first time was on the way back from my ex wife's house. The second  in Larn at the ferry port. Plus other things I don't need to list here.

So why am I talking about this?

Well to me it was the perfect example of leadership. The IRA was led by people who believed in there cause. And were willing to go to jail or even lose their lives for what they believed in. Over the years I was there I met Gerry Adams, as well as some of their top gunmen etc. One thing they had in common was belief in their aims, and commitment to the leadership. As for the army we had good and bad leaders over the time; But the top leaders - the government sold out ... not only the serving soldiers, but also all future and serving soldiers. 

So what can we learn by this short example of my life. Well to me the main thing to learn by this is simple. Without strong leadership - And a belief in our cause and aims - We will not win. WE have the strong leadership, strong aims, and we definitely have the strongest cause. It may take years to win our fight, and there will be setbacks. But history tells us even if the forces against us are bigger - And their resources are huge - We can win -  With our strong leader and commitment to our cause, and like it or not, our sacrifices whether it means jail or death. It is possible to win. So don't give up hope. Fight for what is right. Again and again. Then we will be remembered in history as the people who saved our race. Be loyal to our leader, believe in our aims. And fight for future generations. It is a racial holy war. ZOG does what is easiest for its aims. We do what is best.
I have posted on this section because it seems like the right place. When looking through the site last night it suddenly hit me.
The first time i came across the church was i think, because of a little contact address in a old BNP newspaper. I came across the address and sent off a letter. To someone called Ben klassen in America. Then about a month later i received a very polite letter with a copy of the white mans bible. The point is it hit me that this all happened just before he died. When i found out that he had died i thought that was it for the church. Just another white group gone to the wall. Like lots and lots of others. How wrong was i.
Here i am a rev in the church. writing this in 2014. And not only are we still here, but we have a even stronger leader. Bringing in new members all the time word wide. I wish i still had the letter our founder sent. But i think he would be proud of what he started and would be even prouder of the progress our current leader is making in his name. To all old members, new members. And future members. Feel proud of not only your race, and church. But feel proud in yourself. Because without you all. We as a church would not even be here.
About time. Another black turd dead. Mandela has been pissing me off for years. So well done on dropping dead you black turd!
:'( :'( :'( ;D
Well now you got the chance to buy a nice little new born mud for only £250.
Thats the price of a romanian baby in the uk. It was offered to a reporter from the BBC but guess what they did not report it
until some member of the public brought it into the open. And this is not the first time.
Lets have a guessing game and see what we think would have happened if it was a white person trying to sell babies in the park
for drugs.
Nice little taster of what its going to be like next year when every mud from romania and bulgaria can just walk in to the country.
something to look forward to in the new year. 
So dont wait get your order in soon. only 27.000,000 left for sale.

General News / here they come
Wed 06 Nov 2013
The UK population will rise by nearly 10 million over the next 25 years with the majority of the increase attributable to migration, according to new official projections.
[/size][/color]Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a projected population increase of 9.6 million over the next 25 years from an estimated 63.7 million in mid 2012 to 73.3 million in mid-2037.
[/size][/color]The ONS said 60% of this increase - or 5.8 million - was due to migration, either directly through new arrivals into the country or indirectly through the impact on the birth rate.
[/size][/color]The projected 9.6 million rise in the population would mean an increase bigger than the current 8.3 million population of London, the ONS confirmed.
[/size][/color]The figures also project an increasingly ageing population with the average age increasing from 39.7 years old in 2012 to 42.8 by mid-2037. The number of people aged 80 or older is projected to more than double over the same period to 6.2 million.
[/size][/color]The average completed family size is projected to be 1.89 children by 2037, the ONS said.
[/size][/color]The projections forecast an average UK annual population growth of 0.6% until 2037.
[/size][/color]The ONS said a breakdown of the projected 9.6 million increase over this 25-year period was made up of 5.4 million more births than deaths (57% of the rise) and 4.2 million in net migration into the country (43%).
[/size][/color]But it said 5.8 million of the overall population increase (60%) was attributable either directly or indirectly to migration - including not only new arrivals in the country but the effect on the birth rate.
[/size][/color]The figures show a sharp rise in the projected number of people aged 80 and over by 2037, from around one in 21 of the population to one in 12, the ONS said.
[/size][/color]if ZOG lets in many more in to the uk we might have to put floats around the beaches to keep the island from sinking !
Nathan Rothschild (1777-1836), banker, said: "Allow me to issue and control a country's money and I care not who writes its Laws."

does anyone think the jewish problem is a new thing !
So the question is how do we get away from this problem of being controlled through the jew run money system.
While they control the money they control the law makers.
And while they control the law makers and the money they control us.
We need to come up with a system of our own.
It would be a small start but how about a fund set up for members of the church to help start businesses buy land etc
Any small business start up could be funded this way, with a return to the church from all future profits from the business.
Just a thought, but i would be interested in hearing your views. 
QuoteFollowing on from our successful one day conference NBU will be holding a two day training weekend in Mid-England. With the growth in Officers this weekend will be ran along military lines. Accommodation will be in single bed 12 and 15 man dormitories, catering will be undertaken by NBU Quarter-Master, basic breakfast, lunch and evening meal. We hope to have items of uniform etc available at the weekend for officers to purchase at low cost. Training will include the three D's, drill, discipline and dress along with propaganda, elections and self defence as well as team building exercises.This weekend will cement bonds between fellow Blackshirts ensuring that all know what is required of NBU Officers and are clear of the way ahead.

This a little of a email i got today from the new British union / The so called leader loves to dress up and be called sir. I think Mosley was a great man, and if he became leader of our country  in the 30s the UK would have been a different place plus we would never of went to war with Germany . But he did not get that far, thanks to the jews.  But i just cant get my head around why people who say they are fighting for there people cant learn from the past. Tinsdale who set up the BNP liked to dress up also, and all it did was get him a free ten by ten cell. ZOG uses this type of thing to make us all look stupid. Anyone reading this from the UK STAY AWAY FROM IDIOTS IN UNIFORMS would be my advice.
i am Just sitting watching question time. a well known audience based political show in the UK. There was a question about immigration.
When it was said . keep them out. and what about the white native populations destruction. 
the audience give the loudest cheer.

This might not sound much but i have watched this programme, for lots of years. And this was the first time i have really believed that my own people have at last started to wake up . We have to believe our people have the will still, and the courage, to push off the jew's brainwashing that's been happening to our people over lots of years.

It's the little things like this that has to give us hope and the push us to do more for our family friends folk and church.

I have also just finished doing a church business card. And sent off for it to be printed. With the plan in place for the next month to do a leaflet drop to three of the biggest towns on the west coast where I live.

I didn't say this to say well done me. I am simply saying take heart in the little things that our people do or show in times like this.

We must make all in our church, and the ordinary people out there who need to know the church, understand that they need to go out and do that little bit more. It's not only our obligation to the church, but its the giving up and giving in and condemning our race and your children as not worth saving that has to stop.

Take the little things and turn them into a big thing ! its up to us. or if not who else is going to do it ?
General Jabber / GREECE
Sun 29 Sep 2013
General Jabber / Hi from Scotland
Tue 17 Apr 2012
just got chance to say hi to all my brothers in the church myself and son have been on the road for over 3 month now we have traveled from Bulgaria through ten countries and are now in Scotland. one of the main things i have noticed is the amount of people who are now willing to stand up for our race. speak there minds, and call a spade a spade.
i have found this change very noticeable. i gives me hope that things are starting to turn in our favor. 
keep up the good work brothers and sisters our word is getting out and making a difference.

I have just been watching Enoch Powell rivers of blood speech. Even though it is a British thing its worth all CREATORS take the time to watch it on JewTube.

This was a man who could see the future, and was a true hero for his people. The other lesson to be learned from watching this great man, is how the ZOG controlled government shut him down even though the people were taking to the streets in there thousands.

The first thing i will do in the uk when i get rich is make a copy of this and post it to every house in the uk.
He was and is a true hero of mine. And If he was alive now he would be in the church helping lead our people to there rightful place.

Watching this speech made me remember and realize that our main enemy is not the niggers or even the jew, But the traitors in our own race who makes it possible for the rest of the scum to exist.

May they all die a thousand deaths.

23 Words: What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.  &:( &:( &:(
General Jabber / Is America lost
Sat 17 Dec 2011
The question i am asking is America lost ? The mud is flowing faster and faster from the south, the ZOG government has a black as its figure head. The ZOG banks are taking the houses from the people, and the jobs that have been traditionally white are going to china.
I dont know as i am not American nor have i even visited. All i am going off is the posts on the site and the tv.
But the situation looks grim. The uk is in the same boat quickly heading for the point of no return.
If this is the case what can we, or should we do ?
Is it time to come together in one area and start building our new home land ? should we fight ? should we simply put our heads in the sand and say there is nothing we can do ?
All the traditionally white home lands are being invaded ,and at the moment we are losing the war. 
With the world meltdown thats going on the people are starting to stand up and say this is not right, look after us and ours first. We need to be there for our people and take advantage of the situation as it is. In times of trouble the white race has always come through. We need to make sure this happens again. Do i know how to do this,
no i dont.
But as a church we need to start asking ourselves these hard questions, and come up with the answer's. 
I download all my films ect from kick ass torrents. But i am sorry to say i don't know much about how to put things on to this site. If some one can download the church books onto sites like this i think it would help get the word out there.
I have been living in Bulgaria for three years now and i see news etc. from here as well as other country's in the area.
The one thing i have found interesting, is the rise of the so called right. In Bulgaria the third biggest party is right wing and its members have a uniform just like the brown shirts.
And as far as i can see this is also the case in lots of the old Russian areas.
Keep a eye on this side of the world. it just might be a place to grow the church and spread the teachings. believe it or not.
the people here are open to the word.
here i go again.
Salubrious Living ? how many people in the church lives by the founders teachings on Salubrious Living.
how many smokes ? how many drinks ? how many only eats the way put down in the teachings ?
going off the post about lucky find . i don't think many.
i don't.
i grow my own food, i have my own animals for milk and meat. i even grow my own tobacco. and make my own wine and spirits. plus i make my own punch bags etc. to keep fit.
this is my idea of healthy living. plus it helps keep me out of the system.
so here it goes !
should the church drop the teachings on this subject ?
if as i think not many, if any, people in the church lives by it. then is it not a subject that will help the church. i will go further it makes us look like a bunch of nuts.
humans even from the cavemen drank and cooked meat ect ect

i would be interested in your thoughts on the subject of sir oswald Mosley and his British union of Fascists.
do you think he would have been a good member of the church. and would his party and views on a government system
be in keeping with the aims of the church ?

What do you know of Bulgaria or any of the other country's that was part of the Russian Empire?

Let me give you a little information from a white Englishman who when in the military never dreamed would be here living in Bulgaria.

You can buy a house with lots of land for around 3000 pounds. and after spending around the same or a little more you can renovate it to a very high standard.

You can get at least two crops from the land per year making it passable to be nearly fully self sufficient in food etc.

As for the people the girls outnumber the men and they are very lovely and friendly. the men are also friendly and happy to have white outsiders here.

If from America, you may have a problem with the fact it was Communist; but that was long ago now. And I can tell you it was not there choice to become a communist  state.

The fourth biggest party here is a ultra right wing party. who is not very keen on gypsy's. the main people here who cause most problems and crime. (I have in three years only seen one NIGGER and one family from China - I think).

It is a poor country, but its getting better the web connections; phones transport etc is I think better than the UK.

The weather is hot to very hot for about 9 months of the year and cold the rest.

So, if you are looking for a place you can be free to live healthy and believe, and  say what you wish. Bulgaria may be the place for you. It was for me and my kids.

i have been looking at the teachings of our founder and agree with his teachings. but outside of America.if we in Europe use words like nigger etc it can mean time in prison. we don't have free speech we must understand this.
so here goes the passable cont reversal bit.
should we not re write the teachings etc.. without these words.
in this age and place we need to get through to people who wish to save there family and race.
but after so many years of being brain washed it is hard to use terms like this.
plus it only helps our enemy's keep us out of the main stream where we need to be.
we can keep our beliefs and live the right way and fight for our people. without the terms most people weather we like it or not
cant or don't like to say.
i am interested in the reason for keeping these terms in place. so please feel free to let me know what you think.
good or bad.

just wanted to say hi to the church it has been a lot of year since i was in contact but i am back now so once again hi from a englishman living in bulgaria
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