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Download and distribute these! They are aimed and the average, law abiding white citizen. Giving all three at once is probably the best, as they are all related.
The website, , offers a fast and easy way to report illegals. It's free, anonymous, and has great reviews from users of the service. is another website for reporting them.
Taken From:

White Americans' majority to end by mid-century

WASHINGTON – The estimated time when whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans has been pushed back eight years — to 2050 — because the recession and stricter immigration policies have slowed the flow of foreigners into the U.S.

Census Bureau figures released Wednesday update last year's prediction that white children would become a minority in 2023 and the overall white population would follow in 2042. The earlier estimate did not take into account a drop in the number of people moving into the U.S. because of the economic crisis and the immigration policies imposed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The 2050 estimate is one of four projections released that is based on rates for births and deaths and a scenario in which immigration continues its more recent, slower pace of adding nearly 1 million new foreigners each year. Demographers said that scenario offers the best look for now at the future demographic makeup based on current conditions, rather than other models which assume higher rates of immigration.

The United States has 308 million people today; two-thirds are non-Hispanic whites.

The total population should climb to 399 million by 2050, under the new projection, with whites making up 49.9 percent of the population. Blacks will make up 12.2 percent, virtually unchanged from today. Hispanics, currently 15 percent of the population, will rise to 28 percent in 2050.

Asians are expected to increase from 4.4 percent of the population to 6 percent.

The point when minority children become the majority is expected to have a similar delay of roughly eight years, moving from 2023 to 2031.

The population 85 and older is projected to more than triple by 2050, to 18.6 million.

The actual shift in demographics will be influenced by a host of factors that can't be accurately forecast — the pace of the economic recovery, cultural changes, natural or manmade disasters, as well as an overhaul of immigration law, which may be debated in Congress as early as next year.

As a result, the Census Bureau said the projections should be used mostly as a guide.

The agency also released numbers showing projections based on "high" rates of immigration — more likely if more-flexible government policies and a booming U.S. economy attract large numbers of foreigners — as well as "low" immigration, a possible scenario if U.S. policies don't change much while the economy substantially improves.

_With high immigration, the minority "tipping point" is moved up to 2040, two years earlier than the previous estimate. At that time, Asians would have a much larger share, at 8 percent, since their population growth is more dependent on immigration than birth rates.

_With low immigration, the "tipping point" arrives by 2045.

Under a purely theoretical "zero immigration" scenario in which the U.S. effectively does not take in any immigrants, whites would remain the majority in 2050, making up a solid 58 percent of the U.S. population. In such a case, the share of Hispanics would increase to 21 percent because of high fertility rates and a younger population.

Under a "zero immigration" model, the 65 and older population also grows substantially faster, comprising nearly 1 in 4 Americans.

"These projections show that immigration will serve to replenish our labor force as baby boomers age into retirement and make our population younger without overburdening our schools and other community resources," said William H. Frey, a demographer at Brookings Institution.


On the Net:

Census Bureau:

General Jabber / Hey
Tue 17 Nov 2009
Hey, just wanted to let you all know that although I haven't been on the forum awhile, I'm still around, I've just been busy. I hate just not posting for awhile and then popping out again with no explination. So hows everyone going?
I really liked it. It makes alot of good points and really snuffs out any programming that was left over from exposure to jew media. Now i'm on the second half, "The Salvation"
Image of election results by county is here:

Who elected Obama?

Interesting   Statistic
Professor Joseph Olson  of Hemline University School of  Law, St..   Paul , Minnesota , points out facts of 2008   Presidential  election:
  Number   of States won by:
  Democrats:   19
  Republicans:    29
  Square   miles of land won by:
  Democrats:   580,000
  Republicans:    2,427,000
  Population  of counties  won by:
  Democrats:  127  million
  Republicans:  143  million
  Murder  rate  per 100,000 residents in counties won   by:
  Democrats:   13.2
  Republicans:    2.1
  Professor  Olson  adds:
  "In aggregate, the map of the  territory Republican won by  Republicans was mostly the land owned by  the taxpaying citizens of the  country.
Democrat territory mostly  encompassed those citizens living in  government-owned tenements and living off  various forms of government  welfare.
Professor  Olson believes the United States is now  somewhere between  the "complacency and apathy" phase of Professor  Tyler's definition  of democracy, with some forty percent of the  nation's population  already having reached the "governmental  dependency"  phase.
If  Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to  twenty million criminal invaders  called illegals and they vote, then we can say  goodbye to the USA  in fewer than five years.
Pass this along to help  everyone realize just how much is at   stake, knowing  that apathy is the greatest danger to our  freedom
Read this, the preamble of CPUSA Constitution. They don't even hide that they are tools of the jews.

Amended July 8, 2001 at the 27th National Convention, Milwaukee, WI

The Communist Party USA is the party of and for the U.S. working class, a class which is multiracial, multinational, and unites men and women, young and old, employed and unemployed, organized and unorganized, gay and straight, native-born and immigrant, urban and rural, and composed of workers who perform a large range of physical and mental labor—the vast majority of our society. We are the party of the African American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, all other Latino American, Native American, Asian American, and all racially and nationally oppressed peoples, as well as women, youth, and all other working people.

The living standards of workers and the natural environment on which life depends are under constant attack due to the drive for maximum profits inherent in capitalism. Our party fights for jobs and economic security, a decent and rising standard of living, peace, justice, equality, a sustainable environment, gay rights, health care, education, affordable housing,  the needs of seniors, democracy, and a fulfilling life for everyone, with socialism as our goal. Only through the abolition of the capitalist system and the socialist reorganization of society can exploitation of human beings by others, and the evils of oppression, war, racism, environmental degradation, and poverty be ended. We seek to build a socialist society which puts people and nature before profits.

Our country's founding Revolution exalted the ideals of equality, justice, and democracy, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Marxists have long hailed its progressive significance, while recognizing its historical limitations, chief of which was the failure to abolish slavery. The Communist Party today upholds the continuing struggle to realize these ideals. The revolutionary democratic traditions of the United States call for radical change when injustice, inequality, and exploitation become unbearably oppressive. This legacy gives us, the working class and its allies, the right and responsibility to build a new society. We advocate an expanded Bill of Rights to guarantee religious, political, and individual freedoms, but also freedom from poverty, hunger, joblessness, and racism.

Racism plays a particularly destructive role in the life of our country, imposing severely impoverished living standards on tens of millions of the specially oppressed, and lowering the quality of life for all workers. Racism harms all workers, obstructing the development of working-class consciousness, driving wedges in class unity to divert attention from class exploitation, and creating extra profits for the capitalist class. The Communist Party is unalterably opposed to all manifestations of racism, national oppression, U.S. national chauvinism, male supremacy, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, which are used by the enemies of progress to divide the working class and people's forces. The principles of democracy, equality, justice, and class self-interest require a joint fight against all expressions of racism and gender oppression. We fight for full equality for all who suffer from racial, national, and gender oppression as an essential aspect of the unity that is basic to all social progress.

Issues of war and peace, wealth and poverty, ecology and pollution, racial and national division, gender discrimination, and international conflict are all connected to class struggle, and have common features on which to build unity among peoples, organizations, and coalitions. The working class as the necessary leading force along with the other core forces—all racially and nationally oppressed groups, women, and youth—can build a movement that also includes the many streams of our working people—such as family farmers, small business owners, and the self-employed—who united together have the power to make fundamental progressive change.

Peace is essential for the survival of the planet and humanity. The pursuit of world domination to further enrich capitalists has resulted in destructive wars, environmental devastation, and massive poverty. The Communist Party fights for solidarity among the working class and peoples of all lands and supports their pursuit of self-determination over their own lands and economies. In the spirit of working-class internationalism, the Communist Party builds the closest bonds with Communist and Workers Parties throughout the world.

Founded in Chicago in 1919, the Communist Party of the United States has an outstanding history in the struggles for peace, democratic rights, racial and gender equality, economic justice, union organization, and international solidarity. Our Party is organized on the principle of democratic centralism, combining maximum democratic discussion and decision-making with maximum unity of will and action, ensuring our ability to play a strong organizing role in the class struggle. We focus our efforts on increasing our ability to organize millions into struggle, fighting anti-communism as a divisive weapon of the capitalist class. With Marxism-Leninism guiding our actions, the Communist Party strives to build the broadest unity against global capitalist imperialism now headed by U.S. imperialism, for immediate gains and reforms that benefit working people, and for a progressive democratization of the government, the economy, and society of our country on the road to and after winning socialism.

With pride in our past and confidence in our future, we hereby establish this Constitution of the Communist Party of the United States America.
BEWARE, this is ONLY a joke, DO NOT take this seriously!

16We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Matt Hale, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty. 17For he received honor and glory from Thor the Father when the voice came to him from the Majestic Glory, saying, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."[a] 18We ourselves heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with him on the sacred mountain.

19And we have the word of Hale made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. 20Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Nature's Eternal Religion came about by the prophet's own interpretation. 21For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from Hale as they were carried along by his spirit.

The WP Bible
Matthew 3:16-21
The Book of Hale
General News / Racist Republicans
Tue 27 Oct 2009
My first response to this was "Everyone is making pictures like this. Whats the big deal? Then I realized it's the Republicans, a big target of the media. I liked how they threw in the stereotype about jews, too. It wouldn't be complete without that. This shows you what our nation worries about during our worst economic period since the depression. Also, they're using Obama as a resurgence in "racism awareness." I saw another article called : "Why conservatives don't want a black president."  It's getting ugly real quick. My two news posts were sort of in response to the post I read about the new hate crime legislation. I figured they'll help raise awareness.

The Republican National Committee came under fire after a user posted a controversial photo on its Facebook page. The RNC "fan" upload features a picture of President Obama eating fried chicken with the slogan: "Miscegenation Is a CRIME against American values... Repeal Loving v. Virginia."

Loving v. Virginia is a milestone civil rights case that led the Supreme Court to rule that prohibiting interracial marriage violates the Constitution.

Though the "miscegenation" post was removed from the RNC's Facebook page after provoking outrage, Newsweek points out that the slip-up is not an isolated incident:

E-mail has been a recurring Achilles heel. In February, the mayor of Los Alamitos, Calif., sent around an image of the White House surrounded by watermelons; he was forced to resign. The leader of a San Bernadino County, Calif., Republican women's club resigned last fall when the club circulated a similar photo, with then-candidate Obama surrounded by fried chicken, watermelon and ribs. The web also spread word of two South Carolina Republicans' reference to a stereotype about Jews.

Read more at:
General News / Inventing Israel
Tue 27 Oct 2009
Another example of jew cover-up.

Article site:

Inventing Israel
Historian Shlomo Sand argues that 'Jewish peoplehood' is a myth
By Evan R. Goldstein | 7:00 am Oct 13, 2009 Print

David Ben Gurion reads the Israeli Declaration of Independence in Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948.

CREDIT: Zoltan Kluger/GPO via Getty Images

The key assumptions about Israel and the Jews are indelible. Forced from Jerusalem into exile, the Jews dispersed throughout the world, always remaining attached to their ancient homeland. Psalmists wept when they remembered Zion. A people were sustained by an unflagging determination to return to their native soil. "Next year in Jerusalem!" The triumph of Zionism—the founding of Israel—is the fulfillment of that ancient vow. The Israeli Declaration of Independence states it plainly: "Eretz Yisrael was the birthplace of the Jewish people... After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people remained faithful to it throughout their Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom."

Now suppose that none of it is true.

That's the thesis of a new book, The Invention of the Jewish People, by Tel Aviv University historian Shlomo Sand, who argues that the Jews were not in fact exiled from Israel, and that the bulk of modern Jewry does not descend from the ancient Israelites Rather, he claims, they are the children of converts—North African Berbers and Turkic Khazars—and have no ancestral ties to the land of Israel. Zionism is not a return home, Sand writes, it is the tragic theft of another people's land. As such, Israel is not the political rebirth of the Jewish nation—it's a complete fabrication.

Predictably, The Invention of the Jewish People generated a torrent of controversy when it was published in Hebrew last year. Sand's arguments were hotly debated in newspaper columns and academic journals, with Tom Segev, the post-Zionist "new historian," acclaiming it as "one of the most fascinating and challenging books" to arrive in Israel in a long time, while Alexander Yakobson, a professor of history at the Hebrew University, called it a "pack of lies." In March, the French translation, which has sold 45,000 copies—a large number for an academic historian—received the prestigious Aujourd'hui Award, which is given to the year's best non-fiction book.

But for many—including Sand himself—the real test of the book's significance will take place October 19, when the left-wing publisher Verso Press brings out the English edition of The Invention of the Jewish People. Supporters and detractors alike are closely watching to see if the book becomes a mainstream publishing controversy or vanishes into the esoteric precincts of academe. "America will be the real battle," said Sand, who arrives on these shores this month for a series of appearances in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and elsewhere.

There is, perhaps, a precedent for this type of work. In 1976, the anti-Communist writer Arthur Koestler published The Thirteenth Tribe, a tendentious little book to which Sand owes a great intellectual debt. Koestler argued that the Jews of Eastern Europe are the descendants of Khazars, a Turkic people who dominated the Russian steppes from the mid-7th century to the beginning of the second millennium. Around 740, the ruling elite of Khazaria converted to Judaism. Koestler speculated that after the collapse of Khazaria those converts drifted westward into Poland, forming the nucleus of Eastern European Jewry. Lacerated by critics, Koestler's book was nonetheless propelled onto the best-seller list for a few weeks. "Today," Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for The Atlantic, told me, "The Thirteenth Tribe is a combination of discredited and forgotten."

But Koestler and the Khazar theory he advanced lives on in the fever swamps of the white nationalist movement, where Sand's ideas have already stirred some interest. "Sand is not publishing this book at a dignified conference in Bern at which scholars of the Middle East debate the origins of the Jews," said Goldberg, also a Tablet Magazine contributing editor. "He is dropping manufactured facts into a world that in many cases is ready, willing, and happy to believe the absolute worst conspiracy theories about Jews and to use those conspiracy theories to justify physically hurting Jews." Goldberg views The Invention of the Jewish People as part of a growing body of work designed not only to discredit the idea of Jewish nationalism, but also the idea of Jews themselves. "It is nothing new," he added, "We survived Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe; we can survive this."

In a recent interview, Sand acknowledged that his reinterpretation of Jewish history might serve the interests of anti-Semites and other enemies of the Jewish state. "But as a historian my commitment is foremost to what I believe is the truth," he told me.

But what is Sand's truth? In the late 19th century, he argues, Jewish intellectuals like Heinrich Graetz, Moses Hess, and Simon Dubnow refashioned Judaism—a diverse religious civilization—into a homogenous collective. Sand writes that they "imaginatively constructed a long, unbroken genealogy" for the Jews out of fragments of religious memories. Prior to that, "world Jewry had been a major religious culture, not a strange, wandering nation." This historical hoax was later embraced as a useful fiction by the Zionist movement: "To achieve their aims, the Zionists needed to erase existing ethnographic textures, forget specific histories, and take a flying leap backward to an ancient, mythological and religious past."

"Judaism," Sand said, "was a very important civilization, and still is in some ways. But the Jews are not a people because they are not bound together by a secular culture like other nations." Israeli culture, he noted, is secular but it is distinct from Jewish culture in other parts of the world. "Israel does not have a Jewish cinema, a Jewish theatre, or a Jewish literature; it has an Israeli cinema, an Israeli theater, and an Israeli literature," Sand said. Moreover, he thinks that few Jews living outside of Israel have a stake in Israeli culture, a disinterest amplified by their lack of Hebrew. "A nation is a people that want to be sovereign, but most Jews don't want to live under Jewish sovereignty." The idea that a cohesive national identity unites Jews in New York, Moscow, London, and Paris is what Sand called "an ethnocentric myth."

Born in Austria in 1946, Sand spent his first two years in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany. His parents, Polish Holocaust survivors, immigrated to Jaffa in 1948. "My parents did not come to Israel by choice," he said. "For them it was a tragedy. All their life, they couldn't accept it. And I don't blame them. Most of the people who came to Israel did not choose to do so; they were not Zionists." Sand describes himself as a post-Zionist, but his politics are eclectic. "I am not a Zionist because I am a liberal democrat," he said. "It is not possible to have a Jewish and a democratic state. It would be like America defining itself as a Protestant state. It makes no sense."

In the late 1960s, Sand joined Matzpen, a now defunct radical group that advocated the de-Zionization of the Israeli state. He left when the party line drifted from challenging Israel's identity as a Jewish state to questioning whether Israel should exist at all. The experience impressed upon Sand the importance of tempering his politics with pragmatism. "Unlike a lot of other leftists I am not in favor of a one-state solution," he said referring to the proposed incorporation of Palestinians and Jews into a single state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. When pushed, Sand will admit that he is not "morally opposed" to one-state but that it is merely a "dream," not a serious political project. "To have one state for the two societies you need the consensus of both societies, and right now most Israelis don't want that," he said. The Invention of the Jewish People is dedicated to the "memory of the refugees who reached this soil and those who were forced to leave." But Sand opposes anything more substantial than a token right of return for Palestinian refugees. "You cannot recognize Israel's right to exist and recognize the right of return for six million Palestinians. It is an oxymoron," he said.

While Sand is quick—and arguably disingenuous—to portray his personal politics as "very moderate," he doesn't flinch from describing his work on Jewish historiography and Israel as "radical" and "courageous." Verso has used adjectives like "bold" and "ambitious" to promote his book. But Hebrew University historian Israel Bartal, among others, has pointed out that Sand's politics have undermined the credibility of his scholarship. "Sand's desire for Israel to become a state 'representing all its citizens' is certainly worthy of a serious discussion," Bartal wrote in Haaretz, "but the manner in which he attempts to connect a political platform with the history of the Jewish people from its very beginnings to the present day is bizarre and incoherent."

Some of Sand's natural sympathizers fear that the inherent shock value of The Invention of the Jewish People will cause the American media to sensationalize Sand's thesis. New York University historian Tony Judt, a proponent of the one-state solution who has battled vociferously with critics in the United States, worries that Sand's book will be received here as just another polemic. "It's a much more reasoned and thoughtful book than that," Judt said in an interview. He credits Sand with "blowing open" the "core guiding myth of Zionism." By demonstrating that Jews are in fact a complete ethnographic and national hodgepodge, Judt argued, Sand's work normalizes Jewish history. "I hope the book will remove from serious conversation any mention of ancient rights, ancient privileges, or who was given what land by which authority—whether God or King David," Judt said, adding that an understanding of Jewish history must give way to an honest accounting of contemporary Israeli problems. Such a possibility, Judt added, "is surely good news for everyone."

But in the Israeli academy Sand's book has not been received as good news. Yakobson, the Hebrew University professor, said that Sand's interpretation of Jewish history "gives a bad name to flimsiness." To him, even if Sand had made a compelling argument about Jewish origins, it would have no bearing on whether the Jews can be considered a nation. "In order to be a people in the modern sense you do not have to be a descent group," Yakobson said. "What makes a people is their self-determination to regard themselves as a people." Israel Bartal charged Sand with "intellectual superficiality" and "twisting the rules governing the work of professional historians." Sand's alleged sins include the use of misleading citations, disrespect for historical details, and a slippery tendency to present extreme theories as though they reflect the scholarly consensus. Anita Shapira, a professor of history at Tel Aviv University, wrote what many believe was the definitive take-down review of Sand's book for The Journal of Israeli History. In it, Shapira wrote that she found something "warped and objectionable in the assumption that for Jews to integrate into the Middle East they, and they alone of all the peoples in the region, must shed their national identity and historical memories and reconstruct themselves in a way that may (perhaps) find favor with Israeli-Palestinians."

Yet this barrage of criticism has done little to dampen interest in The Invention of the Jewish People. Translations are underway in a dozen languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian. Sand signed a contract with a Palestinian publisher to release an Arabic-language edition, but the translation was so sloppy that Sand halted publication. "I am very depressed about it," he said. "I want to write in the preface that I am waiting for an Arab historian to have the courage to write about Arab history in the same way that I wrote Jewish history."

But at the moment, Sand has his eyes set on America. "I know there are a lot of organized Zionists that cannot accept the sort of criticism I can voice in Israel," he said. "But I want you to know I am not afraid of Alan Dershowitz."

Evan R. Goldstein is an editor at the Chronicle of Higher Education.
This is the first of three parts of a documentary from PBS called Guns, Germs, and Steel.

Here is an overview of it from PBS:

Based on Jared Diamond's Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name, Guns, Germs and Steel traces humanity's journey over the last 13,000 years – from the dawn of farming at the end of the last Ice Age to the realities of life in the twenty-first century.

Inspired by a question put to him on the island of Papua New Guinea more than thirty years ago, Diamond embarks on a world-wide quest to understand the roots of global inequality.

Why were Europeans the ones to conquer so much of our planet?
Why didn't the Chinese, or the Inca, become masters of the globe instead?

Why did cities first evolve in the Middle East?
Why did farming never emerge in Australia?
And why are the tropics now the capital of global poverty?

Now, we all know the answer to the first two: As it is stated in Nature's Eternal Religion, the White Race is Nature's finest. The reaon I am posting this is because I want to see what is supposed to be a quest into the truth turns out to be, being that this whole thing is influenced by the jew media. I haven't watched it yet, but I plan to.

Here is the link for the video:
This is an important thing to me. I came to this site to learn about Creativity. Today I've decided to embrace it. I found myself hoplessly confused and lost with other religions, ultimately never knowing anything about a god. Non thesitic religions, like Laveyan Satanism and Spiritual Humanism were good, but there wasn't enough meaning to them, they lacked a higher purpose. Creativity has a higher purpose, one that I value. The survival of the white race. As I have come to understand it, life is it's spirituality, because it is based off of Nature's laws, which guide life. Futhermore, it advances the most advanced life, White life. Thank you all for being helpful and answering my questions. I will stay on this forum and continue to help the movement.
In your opinions, what is the biggest obstacle our race faces? What is the biggest obstacle in our way while we try to unite and expand?
One thing that I noticed about Creativity is it's rule : Love your own kind and hate your enemies and how it corresponds with Norse paganisms emphasis on Fidelity, which they define as loyalty and faithfulness to family, tribal, and spiritual commitments.

Accually, I noticed that a lot of the old European paganisms had the same values. Each paganism was also focused on a certain ethnic groups and valued their people. The thing was, all the WHITE paganism had similar values, some being:


then Christianity came and screwed that up. And Christianity is of non white origin. Put them together.
I have heard of leaders in the White racialist movement like Lincoln Rockwell having "spiritual experiences" regarding the white race. Has anybody here had an experience like this?