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Sydney, Australia | Sport, Boxing

Black Aboriginal Activist (read Black Supremacist) Anthony "The Man" Mundine has once and for all been defeated in Wednesday night's IBF Middleweight World Title fight at the Sydney Entertainment Centre by Daniel Geale - A WHITE MAN!!!

Actually no. Geale is part Aboriginal, but 1. Does not look it, and 2. From what this author can determine, Geale is no Black Supremacist either. Touché! But no matter how much you attempt to explain racial differences to people ... Mundine and his supporters treat "The Man's" loss as some kind of White Racist conspiracy to rob yet another poor Aborigine of his rightful claims.

Quote from: Daniel Lane | Sydney Morning HeraldGood sport Geale knew gesture would be dismissed

WORLD middleweight champion Daniel Geale said he wanted to prove during Wednesday night's crushing points win over Anthony Mundine that the notion of sportsmanship was sacred - even against an ''idiot''.

Despite a bitter build-up to the Sydney bout that included Mundine questioning Geale's Aboriginal heritage, his right to fly the Aboriginal flag and claiming the champion's wife Sheena and their kids were ''white'', Geale still offered Mundine his glove at the beginning of the 12th and final round.

The gesture is used by some fighters to acknowledge a good effort and to wish their opponent luck in the final round. When Mundine refused to tap Geale's out-stretched glove, it was interpreted as the same insult as a refusal to shake hands. [more ...]

Mundine also refused to enter the ring until after the Australian national anthem Advance Australia Fair had finished playing. Mundine claims that the Australia's national anthem was "the theme song" of the "White Australia Policy to make Australia white ...."

Quote from: Anthony Mundine"So what are they really singing, Advance Australia White.''

''I want something that represents all Australians, not just something that represents the white Australia, which back in those days was very racist. There is still racism today but let's try to breed it out and move forward.''

Don't you just love the hypocrisy?

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General News / Re: Wikileaks
Mon 06 Dec 2010
I agree Albert, Wikileaks being a JOG tool makes more sense than it being the exposé journalism website that it claims to be. I've been aware of Wikileaks for quite a while now, since they first hosted the database of the Blood & Honour forum that was hacked not too long ago.

How much of this Cablegate is factual, or just a load of BS would be interesting.
Welcome to the forum Stephen.

I've received your email and will be in contact with you shortly.


Reverend Scott Harrison.
The anarchist cookbook has been known as being false and often dangerous. There are plenty of other educational publications available that provide factual, military standard guides to both production of improvised weapons and proper practice of guerrilla tactics.

That said, at this stage, studying racial theory (Creativity) and propagandising is much more important than knowing how to make explosives or homemade guns. Get a good grounding in Creativity and spread it to the masses, if we can't get the masses on board, any form of guerrilla uprising will be fruitless.