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Latest news coming out regarding the 39 Chinese deaths in Essex.

Shockingly, the young man arrested is being accused of being part of an international people smuggling ring who profited by flooding the UK with illegal aliens.

More suspects are being sought by Police and possible IRA links are also being investigated.
Racial Greetings from Scotland.

May Ukraine unite against the real Enemy and desist from such fratricidal conflict.

Only with White Racial Unity can we achieve victory.

Indeed Brother Londons White Population decreases annually whilst its mud population increases.

I consider White Flight to be an act of sheer cowardice and its a deeply flawed idea/excuse to begin with.

How far can one run and for how long until the rising tide of mud and degeneracy slowly catches up with those who promote and/or practice White Flight?!

Scotland isn't half as bad as most European countries as we are still pretty much majority White but the powers that be are attempting to change that demographic.

Even if I'm the last White Man standing I'll stay and fight against the Zionist filth that's attempting our very destruction.
London has well and truly fallen.

The place is vastly populated with all sorts of interlopers.

It now has a massive murder rate, grooming gangs, uncontrollable gun and knife crimes, no-go zones run by gangs, rape statistics soaring, Islamist extremism frequent and a Muslim Mayor who tells the population that Islamic terror attacks are "part and parcel of living in a big city".

It's now completely unrecognisable as an English city thanks to the DIEversity agenda!

When will the White Briton Awake?!

'The billboard lacks the level of diversity ever-present in other forms of marketing or propaganda–especially for London, which, according to the 2011 census was around 41% 'white English.'

' Another message from a few years ago caused a stir due to its message, "SEX WITH REFUGEES IS JASMINE-SCENTED AND BEAUTIFUL".
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