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Welcome, it's good to have you here!
Friday, May 29th, 2009 at 11:41 pm

Alan Potash, the Plains States Regional Director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, publicly denounced the right of free speech in a letter to the Omaha World Herald on Tuesday.  Potash had the nerve to claim that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution does not apply to individuals who his organization disagrees with.  The following is his letter to the Omaha World Herald, published Tuesday May 26 in the public pulse of the Midlands section:
     A May 16 editorial, "Dangers of hate," was right to point out that freedom of speech does not extend to racist groups, nor give their supporters the right to threaten and intimidate others or commit acts of violence. But when bigots step over the line, it is vital that law enforcement and the courts have the proper tools to respond effectively. This is why Congress should move expeditiously to approve the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevent Act - legislation that would add protection for all citizens from violent acts of intolerance. The bill, which was approved in the House last month, would equip local law enforcement officials with tools, training and resources to investigate and prosecute bias-motivated crimes. Like acts of terrorism, hate crimes can hurt more than the individual victim.  They can instill fear and insecurity within an entire community.
                                                                               Alan Potash, Omaha, Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League

...Potash is calling for the revocation of free speech for the people he considers "racist."  Of course, only Jewish and other minority groups get to designate what speech is considered "racist," therefore they are promoting nothing but censorship.  In fact, there are millions of people across the world that believe the actions of many Jews and the words of the Talmud are extremely racist.  But no one in the United States is proposing that any American Jews should have their free speech revoked, are they Mr. Potash?


Emphasis added
Vlad Tepes is the reason I'm the man I am today. Simple as that. He has been a hero and an inspiration of mine for as long as I can remember, and I as well as every White needs to recognize his role in protecting our race from the Turkish scum. If only we had men like him today.

Vlad Dracul
Vlad Tepes
Vlad III King of Wallachia
Vlad the Impaler

It is because of this man, as well as groups like the Order Of The Dragon, that Eastern Europe was not completely laid to waste by the Turks and Muslims. A champion and hero of the White race, Vlad was an efficient leader, Machiavellian in every sense of the word. He punished his enemies with a cruelty unknown in the modern era, and struck fear into the hearts of the Turkish rulers and soldiers. He was the influence behind Bram Stroker's Dracula, who would be the definitive Romantic Gothic character. The real man, however, is more interesting, influential, and important than Mr. Stroker's blood sucker could ever dream to be.
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