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Messages - Br.IanVonTurpie

Ancient Rome vs Africa Today;sa=view;id=3899

Who ever thought?!
Not surprised!
Comedy/Humor / Brit Word for Smokes
Yesterday at 7:24
Brit Word for Smokes;sa=view;id=3897

You'll get POLICED by the WOKE!

This one is for the kids ...
Since when did extreme music  not attract extreme fans with extreme views?! Everything has to be Disney channel woke now?!

These poofs make a hullabaloo about racially charged lyrics but there are bands that sing about Gorey crimes like Carcass and Cannibal Corpse that tour here .

What about hip hop? Ice Cube or Ice T comes here and sings songs about violent crimes and are full of profanities?

If the metal bands were Niggers saying racist things about Whites, you a bet there'd be no hullabaloo like this!
Movie About Bin Laden;sa=view;id=3896

It's a Biopic of the Goat F***ER!