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StephenMasten (Prison):
This Post has been reattributed to Rev.StephenMasten (P.O.W.)

I share this with you all as I welcome in our newest Church Primary Group.

Following is an extract from a recent email from Reverend Stephen Masten of the Philadelphia Church of the Creator

To Rev.  Cambeul, P.M.,

     Racial Loyalist Greetings and Hail to you comrade.  I truly hope that this missive finds you in the highest of White Racial Spirits and the best of Salubrious Health.  I was recently released from prison, 4/9/2010... and after all this time of seeing our beloved Church deteriorate... it was a blessing to see that a true P.M. has been selected by the G.F.C.  I have attempted to work alongside and under Logsdon, as well as many others such as the Ecclesia Creatoris (I built and operated a strong prison ministry with these comrades, but they ended attempting to reconstruct the Church without adhering to the creed.  When I objected, my name was slandered.)  I also attempted to work with the Racial Socialist Movement in the past.  STANKO and Deardorff were not on my list... but I did attempt to reach out to Deardorff ion the past in the hopes of having him hand us his members.  This proved to be a waste of time.  Although there may be good misguided comrades under their leadership, these "leaders" proved to be against the true Creed of Creativity, as Klassen intended.  In my conclusion, if one is against the Creed, they are against the Church, an enemy of the Church... hence an enemy of the White Race.

     I have already put  together some reading material, which my ministry is producing.  I have a number of comrades interested in Creativity... but had nowhere to direct them other than myself.  I will be hosting a get together with some of them shortly and handing out copies of the enclosed material.  Furthermore, I will supply extra copies so that they can be distributed.

     Some of my comrades are interested in joining the new Confederate38 Hammer Skinhead chapter starting in our area.  I will be traveling to Allentown with them soon too, and will also distribute this material there.

     I know for a fact that within a few weeks I can atleast have 10 comrades unified under my ministry and we will be promoting White Racial Activism to the fullest.  I have always been an active skinhead... but it is my every intention to see the Church again placed at the forefront of the White Racial Movement, and I will be fighting to witness this by any means and at all costs.  I will also be writing up some material to expose these fraudulent leaders who are misguiding our comrades.  Through our activism and resources though, I have a feeling many will recognize us as THE Church anyway. 

     As far as the COTC in my ministrie's title, it has already been trademarked.  The "Philadelphia" in front of it makes it legal.  I feel comfortable knowing that I cheated the Jewish vermin out of our rightful name.  :)  RAHOWA!  Anyhow, I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that you have my full support, as well as the support of the members of my ministry. 

     As for my ordination credentials, I was ordained by Reverend Todd in California.  I took the same exact Ordination Exam that Reverend Hale utilized and only missed 4 questions.  I was also ordained with an oral exam by logsdon.  I understand logsdon is a fraud, but to the aforementioned, I worked hard to earn this leadership position as a minister and hope that you will allow me to retain this title.  If need be, I can take another exam... but I did pass the first one.

    Alright, here's my material.  Please get back at me with your thoughts, suggestions, or directives.  Thank you for your time.  racially and creatively yours for a whiter and brighter world, rahowa!  Reverend Stephen Masten, PCOTC


By: Reverend Stephen Masten

XIV, Aprilis XXXVII Anno Creativitatis

14, April 2010

Brothers and Sisters in the faith of Creativity,
Racial Loyalist Greetings and Hail to you comrades. This is an open letter addressed to all members and supporters of the Philadelphia Church of the Creator, an affiliate of the Creativity Alliance, as well as fellow Creators of separate ministries, and all parties with an interest in the Creed and Program of the one and only, true and revolutionary, White Racial Religion - CREATIVITY.
It appears that since the unfortunate demise of Reverend Matt Hale, when the JOG (Jewish Occupied Government) framed and railroaded him, demonizing him in the eyes of the masses, our Church as a whole has lost its position in the forefront of the White Racial Movement. The (World) Church of the Creator has divided itself and fractionalized into many different "Churches" and factions. It is apparent that each of these divisions were established with the notion that they would be recognized as The Church of the Creator by all of our religious adherents.
Of course we know that Reverend Hale revoked the membership of Slim Deardorff... so the Northwest Chuch of the Creator is ran by a fraudulent "Creator" in our movement. The same stands for the Church of the Creator which was ran by Rudy STANKO in Montana. Ben Klassen clearly spelled out STANKO did not deserve the skin that Nature had blessed him with. As for the Racial Socialist Movement, their intentions were good, but they were not in accordance with our Creed as set forth by our Founder and First Pontifex Maximus, Ben Klassen. Furthermore, anyone who contacted them was not given any type of response. The Ecclesia Creatoris (Latin for Church of the Creator), as well as the Creativity Prison Ministries, ran by Reverend Mike Todd, put forth a quite impressive effort with their prison ministry. They organized our incarcerated comrades and supplied them with valuable resources. However, the ideology of reconstructing their own Church, operated by a prisoner that has not been appointed as Pontifex Maximus by our College of Electors, is also not in accordance with the Creed. Unfortunately, I also had a falling out with these comrades after someone in their leadership was found to be an informant. It seems that the informant is yet to be identified after two and a half years, but accusations have been directed at specific Creators without any sufficient proof in black and White. I commend Reverend Logsdon of The Creativity Movement for his internet activities, as well as the tedious task of attempting to bring the Church together, while still promoting White Racial Activism. However, many of his members enjoyed the novelty of bestowing fancy names and titles upon themselves rather than being focused on the unification and activism of the Church. I attempted to work with and alongside all of these factions. However, the leadership grew accustomed to doing things not in accordance with the Creed to suit their benefit, rather than the White Race's. As a Leader, not the Leader, I personally denounce the leadership of all of these factions. It should be noted well that none of the "Pontifex Maximi" were voted in by the College of Electors. Mind you also, when I expressed how the Church should operate, citing the Holy Books as reference, nearly all parties refused to comply with Ben Klassen's instructions concerning the infrastructure of the Church.

There is a high demand of activism expected of us as Creators, as well as the supporters of our movement. We should never lose sight of the fact that it is love for the White Race which propells us toward our manifest destiny. All of the dissention amongst Creators is precisely what the perfidious Jew wants of us; to plant seeds of doubt in our minds about the salvation of the White Race through our Creed and Program; to divide us against each other, thus conquering us. It is the Jew's every intention to mongrelize and bastardize the White Race and what we speak of has been the Jew's primary weapon against us throughout our entire 6000 years of recorded history. Yet, us Creators, we who base our religion on History, among Science, Logic and Common Sense can't seem to grasp what our divisions have placed upon us as a movement. Ben Klassen would be turning in his grave right now, were he capable of doing so, if he could see what has become of his life's work... his dedication to the White Race of The Church of the Creator, the only salvation for the White Race.

I have personally witnessed an uprising in the Creed and Program of Creativity in these past few years, and I can honestly say that it is attributed to the activism and efforts of the Creativity Alliance. A Church established by Creators that follow the Creed to the utmost degree. A Church that truly wishes to assure and secure the existence of our people on the face of this earth. This is precisely the type of Leadership that we have been waiting for. Hail Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M. , for stepping into this position, as appointed by a Guardians of the Faith Committee, per the Creed. With this said, I will be personally following the Creativity Alliance and acting in accordance with their Leadership. As head of the Philadelphia Church of the Creator, all of the adherents under my ministry will be considered adherents of the Creativity Alliance and I urge each of you to personally contact the Pontifex Maximus immediately to famialiarize yourself with him and unify ourselves in the effort of again wielding the Church as a battering ram of power for the White Racial Movement!

After witnessing the Church of the Creator nearly collapse, it is a beautiful thing to be a part of its uprising. Surely, comrades, the Church can exceed even Klassen's expectations if we all work together, in accordance with the Creed of Creativity, under a structured and efficient Chain of Command. We can not merely rely on the Pontifex Maximus to correct the damage done to our Church and again place it at the forefront of the movement. We Creators must work together with a fervent Religious Zeal to achieve this goal, under his directive. Let us be a part of creating history. The history of the Church, as well as the history of the salvation of the White Race.

Delenda est Judaica! Aut Vincere aut Mori! Pro Unitas Creatorum Omnium!

Racially and Creatively Yours for a Whiter and Brighter World, RAHOWA!

Reverend Stephen Masten, Philadelphia Church of the Creator

Excellent! If he is as serious as he seems he will be an asset to Creativity in the US...

Welcome PCOTC. ... RAHOWA!   

Welcome to the Alliance.  Rahowa!

 An email from Rev.Masten

   RAHOWA!  hail to you brother smith.  thank you for your support and yes, i am still active in the struggle to assure and secure, for all the time, the existence of the white race upon the face of this planet.

Racially and Creatively Yours for a Whiter and Brighter World, RAHOWA!  Reverend Stephen Masten, Philadelphia Church of Creativity


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