Rudy Stanko – Conman Fraud

The Creativity Alliance – Incorporating Your Church of Creativity – hereby reissues the denunciation of conman Rudy Stanko of Nebraska, U.S.A.

Address: P.O Box 509 Gordon, NE. 69343 U.S.A.

 * Stanko stole books, patches and paperwork from Ben Klassen, and continues to profit from such to this day.

 * Stanko fraudulently uses the title Pontifex Maximus as his own.

 * Stanko continues to use the name Church of the Creator in defiance of US Federal Court orders finalised under Judge Joan Lefkow in 2003.

Any Creator who knowingly associates in any way with Rudy Stanko does herewith lose the right to name themselves “Creator.” All books, patches, flags, other paraphernalia are forfeit and must be promptly returned to the Creativity Alliance in acceptable condition. Any tattoos must be removed or covered over.

Persons who refuse to comply will be dealt with whenever and however it is decided by individual Creators. No Creator paraphernalia is permitted to be allowed to remain in the possession of those deemed to be in non-compliance with this order.

By Order:

 – Reverend Doctor Joseph Esposito,
    Pontifex Maximus – Creativity Alliance/Church of Creativity
 – Reverend Cailen Cambeul,
    Church Administrator



From Ben Klassen’s Second (and final) Autobiography:
Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs

Chapter Forty-one
The Rudy Stanko (Stinko, Stunko) Fiasco

I first became aware of Rudy Stanko through an attorney whose name was Roger C. Elletson, and this only after Rudy had already served several years in a number of different penitentiaries. During the early 1980’s I began receiving financial literature, books and booklets, from Roger Elletson, a prolific writer and an attorney who was born in Australia. Elletson was a highly intelligent and a well educated individual, whose studies focused on the swindle that was, and is, the (Jewish) international finance. In 1970 he graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, and in 1972, from Columbia University, New York, with an MBA degree in Finance and International Business. In 1978 he domiciled in Wilson, Wyoming, and founded The Church of the New Order of Christ, and also The Christian Theological Seminary. He first wrote me in 1981, and told me he had read both of my books, Nature’s Eternal Religion, and The White Man’s Bible. Whether or not my ideas about trying to solve the Jewish stranglehold by means of a racial religion was the inspiration of his idea for instituting a Seminary that combined Christianity and finance; I have no idea. (His books usually had some inscription on the inside fly cover saying “This Seminary is Dedicated to the Glory of Jesus Christ.”) Nor do I have any idea how he might be able to compromise two hostile Ideas into a consistent and viable formula. Whereas Judaism is highly parasitic, the Christian creed avidly advocates self-destruction.

When Rudy Stanko was indicted and tried for selling contaminated meat, Roger Elletson, being in the area, was in a position where he could hardly escape the flood of media propaganda that was being disseminated about Rudy Stanko. Being aware of the power wielded by the Jews in both the media and in financial circles, Roger soon became emotionally and partially involved legally in the Rudy Stanko case. He strongly protested the injustice of the persecution that was being carried on.

Rudy Stanko himself wrote a book called The Score in which he described the processes the Jews had used to frame him and put him behind bars for six years. He claimed the main reason the Jews had targeted and framed him was because of his rapidly growing business expansion that was cutting deeply into the market and profits of the Jewish meat cartel. In the book, he also claimed that in only a few years he had built his companies into a $200 million business, despite of, and in the face of all Jewish hostility. Roger Elletson sent me a copy of his book, which I read. I was highly impressed. But by now Rudy was in the penitentiary, serving an extremely severe six-year term. I reasoned that if he could build such a thriving business, and at the same time buck the Jews, he most be one hell of a promoter, and might well have all those qualities of The Great Promoter we in the Church of the Creator were looking for. Perhaps he was the man capable of leading our religious movement over the hump to overwhelming success. I contacted Roger Elletson as to where and how I could get in touch with Rudy. Roger informed me that Rudy was at present incarcerated in the Federal Penitentiary at Sandstone, Minnesota, and the address was P.O. Box 1000. I first wrote Rudy on January 25, 1989, and also talked with him on the telephone, implying that I would like to come visit him. I soon found out that there was a certain amount of paper work that had to be compiled with. I followed all the instructions and finally received permission for the visit.

However, no sooner had I received permission for the visit than he was to be transferred to another prison. This, the Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.) was doing to him repeatedly, and is called “dieseling.” During his entire term, he was “dieseled” more than 22 times, to at least 15 different prisons. (Sometimes he would be sent back to a prison he had been to before.) The reason for his being repeatedly dieseled was two fold: (a) he would usually file a Habeas Corpus and/or a law suit against the prison authorities, and (b) he would organize a following among the inmates that was anti-Jewish and anti-establishment (at one time he had a group of 50 in the yard shouting “Sieg Heil!” and giving the Nazi salute.) By dieseling him to another prison, this would disrupt any of his activities as such.

Anyway, by the time I was ready to visit him at Sandstone, he was again being transferred, destination unknown. Finally he was placed in the Oxford, Wisconsin F.C.I. (Federal Correction Institution, a synonym for penitentiary) and I managed to receive permission to visit him there. By this time he already was a certified minister of our church. We had sent him a Ministerial Certificate on March 22, 1989.

I left home on Friday, April 7, 1989, and finally found my way to the Oxford F.C.I., arriving there at 9:30 AM on Sunday, April 9. At this time a blizzard was whipping up a storm. I parked the car in front of the institution and walked in to the front office and inquired about seeing Rudy Stanko. The young man at the desk looked at his roster sheet, and pretended he had never heard of him. “Stanko? We have nobody here by that name.” A long argument and hassle ensued. I insisted that I had just received legal permission to visit him. I called for Father Kelly, the prison Chaplain to whom I had talked on the phone. He, too, knew nothing about Rudy’s whereabouts. He, too, was lying. Evidently, the prison authorities did not want Rudy and me to get together, knowing that I was head of the Church of the Creator, and Rudy one of our ministers. I finally found out they had dieseled him off to another institution just the day before. Angry as I was, there was nothing left for me to do but go back home. I had driven a total of 1,934 miles for nothing.

* * * * *

I could write a whole book on all the trips and visits I made in order to see Rudy, not to mention all the letters and legal briefs I participated in over the next two and a half years. It all turned out to be wasted time and money on my part, but I will nevertheless try to summarize the whole fiasco as briefly as I can. I finally made contact with Rudy in the Seagoville, Texas F.C.I. on June 3, 1989. We had a most amicable visit, and I clearly stated my mission that we wanted him to become the head of our church when he got out, to be the “Great Promoter” we were looking for. Since by this time he had already read two of our basic books and we had had a volume of correspondence to that effect, this was no surprise to him, and he was ready and eager to take on the challenge, or so it seemed. We soon developed a close relationship and I made repeated visits to whatever penitentiary he was dieseled to in order to keep up his spirits and his enthusiasm. Since he was going to be the future head of the church, I felt I owed him that much. After all, I was getting on into the seventies, and time was of the

* * * * *

To make a long story short, here is a summary of the trips I made in order to visit Rudy, although sometimes I would make a futile run, as in the case of Oxford, Wisconsin.

1. Oxford, Wisconsin, April 7 to 10, 1989. Total of 1,934 miles. He had been dieseled out the day before.

2. Seagoville Texas, June 1 to 6, 1989. In this case I also made a detour and stopped by in Cushing, Oklahoma to see Don Hart and Cynthia Casselman, who were paralegals and at that time were working on Rudy’s case. Total of 2,195 miles for that trip.

3. Bradford, Pennsylvania F.C.I. December 14 to 19, 1989. Rudy had asked me to come up and see him as soon as possible, that he had a special message to give me. This was in the dead of winter, but I made arrangements to get there as soon as I could. His special message was (promises! promises!) that he had gold coins buried and he was going to donate one million dollars to the Church of the Creator, one quarter of a million Immediately, and the rest as soon as he was out and was in charge. an his book, The Score he had made the same promise to a certain other religious denomination, neither of which he ever fulfilled.) However, in all fairness to Rudy, he did send the COTC two checks in the amount of $5,000 each shortly thereafter, $1,500 of which he asked me to contribute to some shyster lawyer (on whom he wasted $50,000) and $500 of which he asked me to use to print some useless stickers. I readily complied with both of these requests. However, I probably spent more time and money of what was left in following him around the country in supportive visits. On this particular trip I was snow-bound and laid over in a little dump called Zelienople, Pennsylvania. Total mileage on this trip was 1,690.

4. Ashland, Kentucky. September 5 to 9, 1990. Also stopped to see Kim and Walt at Martinsville, Virginia. Total mileage 1008.

5. Buttner, North Carolina. February 7 and 8, 1991. Total mileage 630.

6. August 31, 1991. I was given information that Rudy was soon to be released and that they were holding him at the huge Federal Penitentiary at 601 McDonough Blvd., Atlanta, considered a way station before being processed. When I got there, they told me, yes, they were holding him there alright, but I could not see him. There were only certain visiting days, and this was not one of them. This despite the fact that I had contacted the authorities previously and been given permission to visit on that day. Besides, they informed me, he was scheduled to be moved to another penitentiary soon. Another dry run.

7. Marianna, Florida, November 20 to 22. We had a long discussion about future plans for the church, and he was enthusiastically looking forward to taking on the most important and challenging mission of his life, he said. He was now quite certain he would be out before Christmas, and after spending some time with his family and serving out the few months of probation, he would be down at the Church, ready to go.

On the way back, I took advantage of this trip to stop in Atlanta and make arrangements to have the first 79 Issues of Racial Loyalty recorded on microfilm.

8. Columbus, Georgia. On December 13, 1991, I received a call from Rudy that he had indeed been released, and he was now on the outside making this call. The prison authorities had given him bus fare to take him back to ScottsbIuff, Nebraska, but he said that he was going only as far as Columbus, Georgia, and if I would pick him up there at the bus station, he would stay with me at my house overnight and he would prefer to fly back to Nebraska, rather than endure the long bus ride. I was overjoyed that finally he was out, and I said I would be glad to pick him up.

I left at 10 AM and met him at the Columbus Greyhound bus station at 1:45. After a happy reunion, we drove to Atlanta and had a big seafood lunch at the Red Lobster Restaurant. When we got to my home, I showed him around in the Church and then took him to our house. I introduced him to my wife, Henrie, who was in bed, soon to die of cancer.

After a good night’s sleep in one of our downstairs bedrooms Rudy borrowed $500 from me to pay for his flight to Scottsbluff, and I took him to the Asheville Airport, about 85 miles distant. He promised he would be back as soon as his parole was ended, in about three months.

* * * * *

On January 24, the most tragic event of my life occurred when my dear sweet wife of 45 years, died of cancer. I was grief stricken, and now, a year later, I still am. For the few remaining years, life for me will never be the same again.

But I still had the responsibility of the church on my hands, and I could hardly wait until Rudy would be here to take over. The tragic death of my wife deserves a chapter of its own, and in order to keep this history in its proper time sequence I will relate the painful details of this tragedy in a separate chapter about this sad watershed in my life.

I kept in touch with Rudy, and in every issue of Racial Loyalty we had kept eulogizing the coming of Rudy Stanko, much as the Christians do about the Second Coming of Christ, as we had been doing for the last two or more years. In the meantime, late in February, I had received a call from a Paul Jackson, from Rapid City, South Dakota, who said that he had read my first book, Nature’s Eternal Religion, about 18 years ago and it had changed his life completely. He said he was eternally grateful to me that I had rid his mind once and for all of that fraudulent Jewish aberration about Christianity, hell and all the rest of that garbage. He was now married and had a lovely family of three, the second of which being a daughter of 16. He said that since he had read my book he had strictly lived by its principles and brought his family up the same way. His 16 year old daughter, whose name was Mary, had written in to us earlier as a candidate for Cupid’s Corner and sent her picture along with the letter. Lou Durrence, who then worked at the church, had struck up a correspondence with Mary, and was smitten by her. Now her father called me and said that although he had never written me before, that since I had had such a powerful influence on his life, he would like to come down and meet me. I said, great, but that Rudy Stanko, who lived not too far from him, was coming down in about a week, and why don’t the two of you get together and come down in the same vehicle. I talked to Rudy and made the same suggestion to him. Rudy did indeed go see Paul Jackson, and when he saw Mary, he too was smitten by her, and told me “that is the girl I am going to marry.” Just like that.

Rudy and Paul Jackson arrived at about 3:30 in the afternoon of Monday, March 9, 1991, in Rudy’s Chevrolet Suburban van. It had a trailer attached to it consisting of an old jalopy with its engine removed and the rest of the vehicle attached to the back of the van by means of a special hitch. Both the van and the trailer were loaded with boxes. They did not contain personal effects, such as clothes, etc., but were stuffed with tons of legal papers, a residue of his legal manipulations during his five and a half years in prison.

The boxes in the van were unloaded into the basement of the church, and the jalopy full of boxes was left sitting in front of the warehouse back of the church.

After all the unloading had been completed, the four of us, including Lou Durrence, went out to dinner at the Dillard Restaurant. Rudy seemed in a belligerent mood and tried to start some kind of an argument about me owning the copyrights to my own books. I never did find out what his point was at the time, but as subsequent events developed, it is clear to me now that he wanted them for himself. Why, is still a mystery; perhaps to change the contents, and perhaps to sell the copyrights to the Jews themselves.

Lou Durrence and Chris Peronto had moved their belongings out of the upstairs church apartment into the school in preparation for the coming of Rudy. Paul and Rudy slept in the apartment overnight. Rudy had given all indications he was now here to stay and was taking over immediately.

About an hour after breakfast Rudy came over to my house, and we both sat down at the dining room table for what I thought would be a discussion of our future plans. However, nothing of the kind happened. Rudy lost no time in dropping the bombshell that he had contemplated all along. Arrogantly and with a straight face he told me that he was returning to Scottsbluff today, and that he had no intention of taking on the job at the church. I was dumbfounded. I was stunned. This, on top of losing my precious wife only six weeks earlier. What about the Church? No problem, Rudy said, we could sell it. After all, it was just another piece of real estate, as far as he was concerned. I thought to myself, you goddamned lying son of a bitch! Now that I knew his real nature, I wouldn’t want him for all the tea in China! After all the time and promotion we had spent on cultivating him and eulogizing him to our membership, all the trips I had taken visiting him at eight different locations over the past two and a half years, after the dozens of promises he had made not only to me, but to our whole membership, he now let me know that know that he had never had any intention of devoting his life to the movement. He was going back to his old ways of slaughtering cattle and making money. He had lied to all of us! He was not only a goddamned liar, but a slick con man when he went into the pen and came out unreformed and had learned dozens of new tricks in the process. He had used the church and me as an additional means (he hoped) of getting himself out of the pen sooner.

After dropping the bombshell, he left quickly, leaving all his goddamned legal papers in our basement and in his jalopy. Paul Jackson, a pretty decent fellow, was as dumbfounded as I was, but had no choice but to leave with him. I soon found out why Rudy was in a hurry to leave the premises. He had stolen our mailing list during that hour before he came to see me, and he was in a hurry to leave before I found out. He had tricked Janet Quaife, who was my sometime typist and knew how to operate the computer, that he was now in charge and the first thing he wanted her to do was to run off a copy of our mailing list (about 30 pages.) She, believing that he was here to stay, as did the rest of the staff, naively obliged. When he then came over to my house to tell me he was welshlng on his promise, he already had the mailing list safely tucked away in his van. Talk about a treacherous, crooked, lying con-man, this was hard to top.

* * * * *

It is my unequivocal conclusion that Rudy Stanko was a born, congenital con-man long before he ever went to the 15 different penitentiaries in which he revolved. When he came out after five and a half years, he had picked up a number of additional tricks and devices, and remained unreformed. I am convinced that he was able to build up the large meat business before he was convicted because he was more adroit and a sharper con-man that the people he was dealing with, especially the cattlemen and ranchers. Now that I know his real nature, and have read his book, I have many second thoughts about the validity of his many claims of Innocence. I don’t believe that he was dedicated to Christianity (in his book The Score he says it was dedicated to Jesus Christ) nor do I have any faith in his dedication to Creativity and the survival of the White Race, nor do I believe that he ever had any intention of leading our race out of the clutches of the Jews. That the treacherous Jews framed him and wanted him out of the way, of that I have no doubt, but that does not change or absolve Rudy of being a crook himself. After all, there are also a lot of crooked Jews who also ended up in the penitentiary, and are in there today. But I was crushed that a White man, in whom I had so much faith, ended up a welsher and a liar when he had such a wonderful opportunity to become a great benefactor and a hero of the White Race.