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Author Topic: 1992/1993 COTC Toronto

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1992/1993 COTC Toronto
« on: 26 September 2010 at 00:15 »
           Not content with "mere" hate speech, however, Burdi has organized his followers, who number approximately three to four dozen, into the most active and dangerous COTC faction in North America. To this end, the group conducts weekly paramilitary sessions under the direction of COTC "Security" chief Eric Fischer, 29, a former member of the elite Canadian Forces Airborne Regiment. Fischer's training program is reportedly so grueling that in 1992 one COTC recruit collapsed and died; no charges were filed in connection with the incident.

In April, the Church of the Creator
              held a demonstration in Toronto in suppourt of The
              Order, an American neo-Nazi terrorist organization
              responsible for the assassination of a radio talk
              show host in Denver, Colorado.

              And just in this past week here in Toronto:

              * KIDNAPPING: On Tuesday, at 10:00 a.m. a 22-year-old
              Heritage Front member in the process of resigning from
              the Heritage Front was abducted by three Church of the
              Creator members who handcuffed, beat, and threatened to
              inject window cleaner into the former Heritage Front Member.
              A raid on the Maxome Ave .residence (Bayview-Steeles area of
              North York) of six Church of the Creator members
              yielded a 12-gauge shotgun, a .45-calibre semi-automatic and
              a .22-calibre pistol, and the arrest of the three kidnappers
              Drew Maynard, Elkar Fisher, and Eric Fisher (a former sergeant
              of the Canadian Airborne Regiment and head of security and
              counter-intelligence for the Church of the Creator AND the
              Heritage Front).

              * ASSAULT: On Sunday, at 1:30 a.m. a Tamil immigrant,
              Sivarajah Vinasithamby, was brutally beaten by neo-Nazis
              outside the Tasty restaurant and is now in hospital,
              partly paralyzed and in a coma.  One Nazi skinhead, Jason
              Robert Hoolans, has been charged; he has links with the
              Heritage Front and the Church of the Creator.  In court
              Hoolans admitted to having a drinking problem and an
              uncontrollable temper.
May 17, 1993, Canada - Richard Manley, 26, pleaded guilty to illegally possessing weapons in Toronto.  Although Manley denied during the trial that he was a member of the Church of the Creator, he admitted attending their meetings, and video footage played at his trial showed him holding the Creativity flag and standing at attention while the group’s leader delivered a speech.  He was found with 13 firearms, including an Uzi, and a thousand rounds of ammunition.