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Author Topic: Battling the "Human" Parasite

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Battling the "Human" Parasite
« on: 28 March 2010 at 14:14 »
Battling the "Human" Parasite
by (Reverend) Matt Hayhow

Battling the "Human" Parasite

Despite hundreds of years of "persecution", the Jews have yet to learn their lesson. The instinctive controls which limit most parasites to just enough blood to survive, are missing or have been overridden by the Hebes' greed. On the brink of fulfilling every parasite's unattainable aim--the total control of the host--their very nature and believing their own propaganda is ruining their chance to bring about their utopian (Jewtopian?) dream.

That Jews have an unquenchable thirst for gold and power cannot be contradicted. The spider's web of international finance, government, and media they control is slowly and steadily enveloping most every White people in the world. However, it appears that this is not enough for them. As they near their goal of every Jew a king, every goy a slave, their eagerness and voraciousness seem to be unrestrainable. Their rabid groping for practically every form of wealth (real estate in France, money in Switzerland) and power (the media, governments, schools, and churches) must, as it has done time and again throughout history , blow up in their faces.

A conspiracy can only work if few are aware of the machinations of the conspirators. The Hebes' daily Holocaustian diatribes and whining in nearly every newspaper is beginning to backfire. Since Jews really believe they are the "chosen" and that they have the right to impose their will on the "cattle", they are blind to the reality of their situation. Their arrogant disregard for the concerns of their subjects has led them to forget caution. This premature and pompous presumptuousness is calling attention to their nefarious aims.

It is Jewry's nature as a parasitic people which drives them, and it is the nature of Nature to seek a balance. A parasite which takes too much alerts its host/victim or kills it. Either way, the parasite dies. Jewry is a tapeworm in the body of our people that has already awakened some of the defenses of the White Race. We are these defenses. Our job is to arouse and alert the rest of our Racial body so we may rid ourselves of this lethal parasite. Should we delay too long, we also will die.

As Ben Klassen said, Nature may seek a balance, but it does not do the balancing itself. An unfit organism may be warned yet not be able or healthy enough to deal with the threat. If it is unable to continue the struggle for life, it is culled. Should many of the species or race be susceptible to the assault, whatever form it may take, they face extinction.

Are we "fit"--active and effective--enough to save ourselves? Is our Racial body strong and sound? Can we not only resist these parasites, but be rid of them and recover? No, not if we are polluted with dissimilar blood, poisonous ideas, or debilitating chemicals. Non-white integration, Jewish Christianity, Communism and Capitalism, guilt-filled propaganda from schools and churches and unhealthy foods and drugs--like the anesthesia a parasite imbues to invade its host, has dulled our defense mechanisms. The narcotic effect of the above has delayed and dissociated our response to the Yid's assault, but it hasn't stopped it. That you are reading this is evidence of the awakening of White instinct.

Thanks to the genius of our Founder, Ben Klassen, in Creativity we have the program for resisting the parasites' control and reinvigorating our precious people. Our first step in protecting our Racial body is to do as the cells in our bodies do in the face of infection; arouse and alert enough of our fellow antibodies to handle the Yid invasion. We have the perfect natural antitoxin in Creativity; now we need only spread it to our White Racial Comrades and the Jews' efforts will be for naught. Once again as in the case of our bodies' defenses--the most integral part of neutralizing Jew and mud contamination is the awakening and organizing of our people to safeguard Nature's Finest Creation--the White Race.

Creativity is fundamentally a pragmatic religion, as is its basis: the Eternal Laws of Nature. The lessons of the world and history are central to Creativity's program of propagandizing, proselytizing, and organizing. The World Church of the Creator aims to build a Whiter and Brighter World through activity, not merely deploring and lamenting, but by offering a plan for solving the problems our people face.

In general, this solution is to reevaluate the values of Whites, to change the suicidal and delusional thinking of our White Racial Comrades, and, like the antibodies discussed above, to build up the general health and immunity of our White Racial community through individual and collective effort. Specifically, this means using our industry and creativity to get the word out. Pontifex Maximus Hale has shown us the way through his exemplary efforts.

We can expect the Jews to continue to haughtily flaunt their wealth and power, causing many of our White Racial Comrades to look for an alternative. We know the only choice that ensures the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race is Creativity, but do they? We must make damn sure they have the opportunity to learn! It's either extinction or survival. Which it will be depends solely on our energy and zeal in promoting the One and Only, True and Revolutionary White Racial Religion--Creativity! Let us awaken and mobilize the mighty White juggernaut! RAHOWA!
"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."