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General Jabber / In Memory of Billy
« Last post by Private on Today at 15:31 »
Billy was a Sgt in the US Rangers
This is the anniversary of Reverend Billy's death.

This is the Green Berets song

Private Captain - Green Berets

Billy was 75 US Army Rangers

US Marine Gives His Opinion

Downunder News / When I was a Kid, My Scots Culture was Dismissed - I Got Over It
« Last post by Private on Today at 12:37 »
Let's put it the way it was: It was terrible. Australians did not recognise my Scottishness. I was dying of culturelessness.

And bullshit gets a chance to live on a coon's blubber lip.

Is there anything there that I did not live as a Scots child, subjected to English bullying? That I couldn't and didn't get over? Because I'm WHITE. Kids tease because that's what kids do. Black adults have your home raided and your door kicked in, because they can. And this black fucker is bitching about kiddy teasing? How many Whites has he or his darky homos had raided for fun?

Sticks and stones may break WHITE bones, but names only hurt NIGGERS.

Black Journalist Stan Grant reveals cruel racist schoolyard taunt affecting him, his children, his grandchildren ... It's a HOLOCAUST of HATE ... boo hoo
American News / Re: American Mud Crime
« Last post by Private on Today at 11:37 »
Unfortunately this tends to be the outcome for Whites who associate with niggers and muds.  This young White girl was was not only in a mixed race relationship but thought that "all lives mattered". If she wasn't mind polluted into thinking that everyone is equal when speaking to a mob that believes that Whites are inferior, she most likely would still be alive today.

Young mom, 24, shot dead ‘after telling BLACK LIVES MATTER peaceful protesters protesters “ALL LIVES MATTER” during argument about movement’

Lucy Sherriff
11:45 ET, Jul 12 2020

A YOUNG mom was shot dead in Indianapolis in front of her fiancé after an argument about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jessica Doty Whitaker was walking with her partner Jose Ramirez and two friends at 3am on July 5 when they came across four men and a woman and an argument broke out.


Jessica Doty Whitaker, 24, was shot through the head by BLM for saying

Her life partner - Ramierz - was allowed to live because Brown is Down with Black
Maybe Ramierz was White and the gun helped him survive?
Notice there's no pictures?

The groups clashed over language and the Black Lives Matter movement, WTHR reported.

"I'll never probably ever get that image out of my head of what happened," Ramirez told the local news station.

According to Ramirez, the groups got into a racially charged argument, and one man pulled out a gun, and so Ramirez did too.

One article, published in far right news organization The Daily Wire, reported that Doty Whitaker had said "all lives matter" to the group, who allegedly were supporters of the BLM movement.

"The Daily Wire spoke to Mr. Doty [Doty Whitaker's father] to confirm," the article reads.

"'Yes that is accurate,' Doty said when asked if his daughter said 'all lives matter' during the argument about BLM."

Following the argument, the groups managed to talk things over and both parties walked away.

But minutes later, shots rang out along Canal Court.

"I was actually holding her when it happened," Ramirez said. "She just fell. I turned around, and I opened fire too. But that's just a reaction. I didn't see nobody. Hopefully I didn't hit nobody."

He told Fox News: "It was squashed and they went up the hill and left we thought, but they were sitting on St. Claire waiting for us to come under the bridge and that’s when she got shot."

Doty Whitaker, a home health nurse, was taken to hospital was taken to hospital where she died.

"I'm never going to get to hold her again," Arlena Doty, Whitaker's mother, told WTHR.

"I just want the people who are responsible to be held accountable."

Ramirez added: “She shouldn’t have lost her life. She’s got a three-year-old son she loved dearly."

Explaining to Doty Whitaker's son Greyson that he’ll never see his mom again has been the hardest part for the family, he said.

“It’s hard to tell him his mom is in heaven and if you want to talk to her you have to look up and say, ‘I love you mom,’” said Ramirez.

A GoFundMe page that has been set up to raise funds for Doty Whitaker's funeral has already garnered almost $19,000 in donations.

"We are asking for you to donate whatever you can to help our family give her the most beautiful service she deserves," the page reads.

"Also to help with the beautiful son she left behind. That was her pride and joy."

On Facebook, Doty Whitaker's father, Robert J Doty Sr, called for justice for his daughter and said he believes the killing "is considered a hate crime".

A comment posted onto Doty Sr's page by a woman calls for "more than justice".

"Demand BLM be labeled a terrorist organization," Elizabeth Lopez wrote on Doty Sr's page.

"I agree totally," Doty Sr responded.

The dad also posted a picture showing a recent tattoo of his daughter's name across his shoulder, along with a quote that read: "Have you ever missed someone so much that even the thought of them made you cry."

Police are still investigating and searching for suspects.
General Jabber / Re: Now Playing: Music and Videos
« Last post by Private on Today at 10:50 »
Special Ops Vietnam

Can you see Private

Looks like standard Grunt work
The movie is an Australian Classic Comedy
From The Odd Angry Shot
Fiction based on the diary of a soldier
I have the book"the+odd+angry+shot"+graham+kennedy

Full Movie - but it isn't that good a version:
General Jabber / Re: I Will Find You
« Last post by Private on Today at 07:54 »
If I don't delete this topic, as I should, I'll probably edit the above post to show other soldiers don't like that Titch Tyson TWAT that was given the Order of Australia Medal (in the old days, that meant a knighthood) - but not before I've had my say so Creators understand the hidden anger in my previous post.
I'll have to explain this in a way that everyone understands, so don't pick me for incorrect terminology ...

Back in 87 in Puckapunyal when I was still 17, that twat was a Sgt in charge of one of my training troops prior to driver training in the Australian Regular Army at the Army School of Transport.

The way he treated others well and me like shite, I thought he was an enemy of my father's - who was also a senior NCO in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport/RACT. To me, the proof of that was when I was in the Q Store Compound cleaning my weapon after returning from bush one time, and I was called into the Q Store by a corporal I'd known since I was a child, who then issued me a new set of Greens/a new uniform of Fatigues I think you Americans call them to replace the ones recently stolen from me. Because it was done all in the open and above board, that Sgt didn't like it and took the uniform from me and attempted to have me and the corporal charged ... conspiracy to theft? He was looking to have the corporal demoted back to private and me locked in prison and thrown out of the army. So yeah, I thought he was one of my father's enemies.

What I didn't know at the time was, my father's enemies had it in for me, my father's good friends also had it in for me, but those who knew me as a child and knew my mother - friends of the family - were the only ones that stood up for me; because they were the only ones that knew what a piece of scum my father really was.

 * The Corporal that was nearly charged was a friend of the family.
 * He and I were nearly charged because a friend of my father's - that Titch Tyson above - had it in for me - and the Corporal just presented an opportunity.
 * That Q Store was run by a Warrant Officer/Sgt Major who's family owned a property where I once went hunting at age 13.
 * The Sgt was someone my father considered a friend but did not like my father at all - a family man, he did not appreciate how my father spoke of my mother and I.
 * The two Corporals and one of the two Privates that worked there were also friends of the family.
 * I was already going out drinking in town with the Private that worked for my father previously, and the other Private.

Later on one of my father's drunken Corporal mates attempted to arrange a boxing match: I'd have to fight him, that Sgt and several other Corporals that thought I needed toughening up or had a grudge against me personally. Apart from that tiny Titch Tyson, I was smaller than all at barely 5 foot 5 at the time. I'm 5 foot 10 now. I was all for it. They wanted to beat the shite out of me and claim it was legal because it was in a boxing ring. I was to fight one after the other until I finished - or they were finished with me.

Not knowing the bullshit going on behind it, I rang my father and told him flat out that I was going to kill his mates. I was going to take in a baseball bat and a few of the army brat and civilian thugs I knew form the area/school chums and their friends - because this was an area I'd lived in before in army married quarters - and we were just going to wipe the floor with his mates in a boxing ring. The old man (who was younger then than I am now and was a boxer) admitted he knew about it, tried to tell me that you can't do that in boxing rings - there's only certain things you can do. I reminded him that he refused to teach me how to box and refused to allow me to learn boxing or any form of martial arts while my friends had gone to black belt in various martial arts, so I'd learned from them and how to STREET FIGHT and that's how I'm going to win; my gang against theirs. I hung up on the old fart and next I was told that the fight was off, and the threat was that I'd go to prison and be thrown out of the army if anybody else found out what I was planning.

So, a bunch of junior and senior NCO's had planned to beat the fucking shi.t out of me, claim it was part of PTraining and an accident. Maybe I'd die but it'd be an accident. And they were threatening legal action if I spoke up, because I'd planned how to defeat them? PMSL!

Later again, I failed my driver's course. It may be called the Army School of Transport, they don't teach you how to drive. They teach you how to double clutch, use airbrakes and drive a 5 ton truck instead of a car Private Private Private ... and so I learned how to drive in a 5 ton truck. I took those few lessons in safe driving and double clutching in a truck and the experience later gained on a motorcycle and passed the civilian driving test piss easy.

Back in 78, when my father joined the army NINE years before me, he found the same thing and the older blokes made sure the younger ones at 17 passed the course ... but nobody did that for me. I was told by my instructors that my father was a hero in Vietnam who could do anything and at 18 he was driving trucks through Vietnam. What they didn't know was MY FATHER WAS A FRAUD. He was not in Vietnam - he joined the Australian Regular Army at age 36 and lied. I knew that, but honour thy father is bullshit our culture lives with. My driving instructors were either my father's drinking mates, or he hated them - they all knew who he was and the rumour mill about me was enough.

One time, a Gunnery Sgt from Artillery that was one of our driving instructors who was a big bastard and hated transport had me in the truck. He'd been there a decade or more in the Army School of Transport in Puckapunyal. He'd pulled up with the female student we all believed he was screwing and proved later, demanded I get in the truck to replace her. Next he demanded I go offroad - which is normal, but kept punching the cupola shouting FASTER! FASTER! I went up and down the gears as needed for dirt and slight hills and this fucker was basically screaming at me and then he made the mistake of shouting, "You'll never be as good as your father!" We're in 8th gear flying along at 80 and I slam the breaks on - not being experienced enough to use clutch or anything - the 5 ton Mercedes Unimog slides and comes to a sudden holt and the dickhead Sgt of Artillery bangs his head on the windscreen. He demands "GET OUT!" and comes at me and I pull a switchblade. He stops and says "You are you're fucking father's son." Looks at me for a bit and balls me out, "GET IN! ... In the passenger seat!" On the way back in a quieter tone, he told me never to talk about that and it will remain between us. We returned, he slid the truck to a stop, shouted "GET OUT!" The female got back in and they disappeared off together.

I guess he needed to stick his dick in something to restore his ego. What was I, his midday macho punch?

That night we were on the piss in the OR's boozer/Other Ranks pub and two of the parachute grunts on the course grabbed me, searched and took the knife. That Sgt was standing outside and gestured to me and before he spoke, I told I'll get another knife or I'll get a gun. When I got back to my room, my area - four to a room - had been ransacked. The grunts liked me, but thought they were doing a favour for the Sgt until I told them what had gone down that day. They felt pissed off at being used and one of them gave me his knife from his kit. After the course ended, they bashed that Sgt in the bush behind the Sgt's Mess. He may have been a big bastard, but that Sgt was only a glorified bully of a driving instructor. The grunts were Parachute Regiment/SAS.

I and two others were dragged out the next morning and informed we were off that course because we couldn't drive.

I was then taken into the Q Store and told that anyone that tried anything, I was to report to them - not handle it myself. I thought everything else I'd put up with was normal considering my life - that was different.

I later did the Q Course - got stabbed by Abos, imprisoned by the army for being racist just because I hit the coon over the head with a jug of beer when a coon gang attacked and used "racial profanities" that would offend Aboriginal Soldiers.

Was put on task, sent overseas - I think - and killed gooks that were probably Muslim drug smugglers from Indonesia.

After that, I was put in prison, repeatedly for a total of about six months on false charges and then thrown out on my arse - and after talking to others on the same short task, it was planned.

A couple of years later, I joined the Army Reserve. My excellent job skills meant they detached me to the Regular Army again. I applied and with recommendation, was accepted to rejoin the Regs without basic and corps training. Iraq 1 was on and they wanted everybody. I was in the Royal Australian Ordnance Corps and happy doing a job ... until some arsehole of a Lieutenant recognised me, contacted my boss and the threat was new charges, a trial, prison and thrown out again. My new OC was prepared to stick up for me, but I was tired of their shite and going through a divorce and child custody battle at the time. I saw my future as prison again and it was a risk to me ever seeing my daughter again, so I asked to be let out. I never saw the kid again, I'm branded a criminal by the Australian army. I have a fake criminal record which I suspect was deliberately concocted by Federal Police connected to the army doing favours for their mates - but I can't prove it.

I'm divorced. I live alone. I am a CREATOR, and if I ever get my hands on that Titch of a Sgt this rant started with, I'll rip his head off and shi.t down his neck!

He has been honoured to such a degree, The Order of Australia Medal means he would once have been Sir Titch.

And what was he honoured for? Because he assisted in organising the Welcome Home Parade for Vietnam Vets in 88? Even I worked on that in a minor level. Not that I want a Medal for it. When I went on leave, I stayed at a mate's place - another army brat - and his father was working on it there, so I assisted again, in a minor level. My mate's father was in charge of the entire parade. A lot more than little Titch who seemed to idolise my mates father. As for my mate, Chris Waldron, he later turned on me because he mummy and daddy told him I was a bad bad boy. I'd been put into military prison under false charges and thrown out of the army. Chris had been put into civilian prison for genuine criminal acts; but he was better than me - and a coward.

That little prick gets the Order of Australia Medal and I get prison!

That little prick that was nothing but a 4 foot 11 medic in a hospital in Vietnam is a hero, because he assisted in arranging for a parade of ex-Vietnam servicemen marching through Sydney one day, he is honoured.

He was not a good instructor in training. Reports from 5 Transport Squadron/5 Trucks soldiers in Enoggera in Queensland, where I was posted and later thrown out of, were that he liked to charge, charge and imprison whenever he could. I was told that by those that knew him in Puckapunyal and then after I was out he'd done the same in 5 Trucks, being posted there after I was gone.

5 Trucks was so bad a truck squadron, they closed it down as unsalvageable. The reputation was that bad. Out of a squadron of 150 men, at the end of one year, only fifty men remained. Forgetting NCO's and Officers, that means virtually every private soldier left the army, voluntarily or not. The OC, a Major, was then posted to a Captain's job with orders that he never again be put in charge of soldiers. And shortly after that, the squadron was closed down.

Officially in Army papers, I've seen two people bitch about that over the years, Titch fucking Tyson and the Head of Corps for RACT - a twat who was a junior Lieutenant when I was in that's now a Colonel, both claiming that Truck Squadron had the tightest discipline ... blah blah blah.

So putting soldiers in prison for your own fun is discipline?

Several of you beating a 17 year old child soldier to a pulp because it's fun is discipline? How about we going into the ring now fucker? I'm 50 and you've gotta be near 80. I'll bring my pickaxe handle and make it quick. Then I'll have a drink at the bar with your headless corpse.

I'm fifty frigging years old, and it annoys me to this day because it has affected every day of my life since.

And that's what I was hiding. That's my life in the army and that's how I grew up. I live a more peaceful life now as a CREATOR, dealing with savage Coons, Reds and the Blue Niggers defending them.

Add to that leading street gangs, riding with and leading outlaw motorcycle clubs, years in and out of courts because of a brat that hates me, coons having me dragged out of my bed after coppers have kicked in my door, refused jobs for being a baby killing soldier, sacked from jobs because the above caught up with me ... and I learned my lessons:

We've had that type of shi.t in CREATIVITY before under Hale, sending his skinheads to bash and murder at will, but I put a stop to it. Internalised gangs of thugs don't do my bidding. We simply do not recruit scum. What I thought was normal at age 17 as a kid soldier, was far from normal. And we CREATORS of the CREATIVITY ALLIANCE are exactly what our Glorious Founder, Ben Klassen demanded of us. We are Ben Klassen's Church of Creativity.

Several years ago, the army gave me twenty grand and an apology from the Minister of Defence. I used the money to buy a car and computers parts which I assembled myself and use so well for CREATIVITY. There's claims I am no Matt Hale, and that is true. I don't want to be a Matt Hale. I don't encourage CREATORS to commit criminal offences, I don't encourage CREATORS to commit suicide by police. I live on my own rather than my parents' basement. I may be poor, but I don't need aeroplane flights, motels and purple suits and ties to be a CREATOR.

The man I appointed as PONTIFEX MAXIMUS of the CREATIVITY ALLIANCE is possibly the staunchest CREATOR to have ever lived. And with your help, being in America, he will be able to Make CREATIVITY Greater Than Ever Before. So take my experience. Understand that PM Joe has lived some of that himself in his own life. Support Your PM.



BTW "Cancel Culture" is not new.

I was "Cancelled" from the Army because, in the end, people hated the sight of me. Not what I did or could do, I just had to go because I was offensive. That last officer didn't know why they got rid of me; he was just parroting the bullshit from 5 Trucks.

I was cancelled by women because - as some loud mouthed bitch that's a WN once said - My wife gave me a child and I should HONOUR HER. That she stole the child and made up crimes of violence is only natural. ~ Women have a right to breed and steal children! Fuc.k you Blood and Honour, Crew 38 and Southern Cross Hammerskins: If that's what you do with the FAMILY UNIT, then you are the enemies of CREATIVITY.

I was cancelled by the average Norm and his wife, because I was severely injured by niggers and was honest about it. They instead said it must have been my fault, because BLACK PEOPLE WOULDN'T DO THAT. Telling the truth is RAYSIST! I don't know how many people I have hit in the head after hearing that from them.

And the: Whites can be brought back by genetics. Black people will do that. I hit him for his stupidity.
General Jabber / Re: Now Playing: Music and Videos
« Last post by Private on Yesterday at 14:48 »
Police disarm couple whose yard was invaded by BLM rabble ...

American News / Re: American Mud Crime
« Last post by Private on Yesterday at 12:12 »
Niggers are out of control. The only solution is to ship them back to Africa.

Detroit police release video of man firing at cops before officers fatally shoot him

Newly released body and dash-camera footage by Detroit police in a deadly officer-involved shooting shows the suspect fired at police first before officers fatally shot him.

The death of 20-year-old Hakeem Littleton Friday sparked protests throughout the city, but Police Chief James Craig said the video puts rumors that Littleton was unarmed to bed.

Craig said at a news conference following the shooting that Littleton was no more than 3 feet away from officers when he suddenly pulled a 0.25 caliber semi-automatic pistol out of his pocket and began shooting at officers as they faced each other.

“It’s simply a miracle he wasn’t struck in the head,” Craig said about the officer, who was unharmed.

Officers were investigating a shooting that occurred at a block party during July Fourth weekend and arrested a separate man, Darnell Sylvester, who had an outstanding warrant against him for drug distribution.

Police were not investigating Littleton and were not planning on arresting him for anything but Craig said Littleton, who was standing next to Sylvester during the arrest, said "you are not going to take my man, in other words, take him into custody," before he began firing at police.

Littleton fired two shots before three officers returned fire with four shots. Littleton continued shooting even as he fell to the ground, firing two more shots that missed police.

"There were eight shots fired in five seconds. Four fired by three officers, one officer fired two shots, and then four shots fired by the suspect," Craig said.

"As Littleton raised the gun in his left hand he was aiming at the head of the officer," Craig added.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan bolstered the police's account of the events and commended the chief for releasing the video swiftly, as protesters called to "Defund the police" in the city.

"The video is clear that the officer was suddenly and unexpectedly fired upon," Duggan said on Twitter.

"Public confidence requires citizens to be able to judge for themselves the actions of our officers. I commend Chief Craig for moving so quickly to release the video publicly," he added.

The incident ratcheted up already heightened tensions across the country as protesters decried police brutality and racial injustice stemming from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

Protesters outraged by Littleton's death got "very violent," Craig said, throwing bottles, rocks and even a water cooler at officers from the Detroit Police Department's 12th precinct. Officers deployed tear gas to break up the crowd and made several arrested.

"This officer is a hero even though he did not have his gun out. He put his own life in jeopardy when he was being fired upon," Craig said of the shooting incident.

All of the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation of the case.

American News / Re: Muds at the U.S. Border
« Last post by Private on Yesterday at 12:03 »

Arrests along U.S.-Mexico border jumped 40% last month.

WASHINGTON, DC -- Around 40 percent more migrants were detained at the Mexico-U.S. border in June than the month before, with the Washington Post noting that the jump came despite Trump administration efforts to swiftly "expel" illegal border-crossers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection data released Thursday showed agents made 32,512 arrests and detentions along the border in June, an increase from 23,142 in May. The arrests were nearly double the 16,969 arrests reported in April.

Despite the June rise, CBP Acting Commissioner Mark A. Morgan said in a series of tweets that the numbers were still "65% lower than 104,311 encounters in June 2019."

But he did use the current migration increase to make the case for President Trump's $15 billion border wall project, tweeting that "it is imperative that we continue to build the border wall system."

Along with the numbers release, the Trump administration on Thursday also published a proposed a new rule that cites danger from the coronavirus pandemic as a justification for denying immigrants asylum claims.

"CBP continues to tackle unprecedented challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic," Morgan also tweeted. "At the end of the day, CBP will continue to prevent and deter illegal crossings that endanger the life of the American public."

The release of the latest border enforcement data came a day after President Trump met with Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the White House, where the two men lauded each other's cooperation on various issues including immigration, trade and efforts to deal with the coronavirus.
General Jabber / Movie Review: Alt-Right (2018)
« Last post by Private on Yesterday at 06:08 »
Note: I will not be downloading or reviewing this one. If you want to review it, you're welcome to do so. My expectations are an anti-White pseudo documentary made by anti-Whites, as propaganda against "Whiteness."

Alt-Right: Age of Rage

In the first year of Donald Trump's presidency, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, an Antifa activist, combats the rise of the alt-right movement, while Richard Spencer, an alt-right leader, fights to gain ground, culminating in a tragic showdown in Charlottesville.

In 1994, Matt Hale was not a Creator. At that time he was attempting to form some sort of political group that soon failed. It would take the death of Creativity's Founder, Ben Klassen and another two years before Hale stepped for from the shadows to declare himself the leader and saviour of Creativity as The Great Promoter.

However, 1994 was TWENTY-SIX YEARS ago. These anti-Whites are so starved for attention, that they still need to bitch about events from all those years ago, to prove themselves woke, today? Is their town that dead? Or sufficiently Black that there are no Whites left to blame for Black crime? Talk about attention seeking, do nothing, oxygen thieves!

White supremacist reawakens call for minority voice

Dave Clarke | The Star Courier (Illinois - USA) | 11 July 2020

KEWANEE — White supremacist leader Matthew Hale came to Kewanee in the spring of 1994. He deemed the city “ripe for his cause” and held meetings in an effort to set up an organization here.

Based in East Peoria, Hale had spent years pumping out violent and aggressive propaganda, particularly once he became “Pontifex Maximus” of the World Church of the Creator which, for a time, was one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in America, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Admin Note: Hale did not join the Church. In 1996, he started his own Creator group and used threats and bullying to force Creators under his own control or shut down all rival Creators. Hale didn't care how, just as long as he was in charge.

Local residents, both Black and white, were angry and afraid, as told in a story written several months later by Star Courier reporter Martha Szalo.

The problem was, local people had nowhere to turn. According to the story, both the Kewanee Human Relations Commission and the Kewanee Branch of the NAACP had faded away in the early 1980s. It was stated that between 1984 and 1994 there was no organized process for handling interracial problems.

That need lead to the formation of a community group called the Kewanee Alliance for Peace and Justice.

“There was a real fear in the community. It had been nice and quiet for a long time, and a lot of people were afraid (Hale) would have a following here,” said James Culver, Jr., president of the Alliance.

Several meetings were held and Hale was eventually deterred from organizing a branch in Kewanee. Culver said that, in part it was the united front presented by the community and, that Hale had a smaller, weaker base here than he anticipated.

Culver discussed the history of social movement organizations in Kewanee with the assistance of Gwen Harvey, Nell Harvey and Octavia Powell, three African-American women who had been involved for many years in both the Human Relations Commission and local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

“There has been a trend for people to band together in the face of a problem, and once that problem has been solved, they just kind of drift away, said Gwen Harvey.

The women said that by the 1940s, a chapter of the NAACP was established here boasting members from both races, including some prominent white Kewaneeans. It remained fairly active until the 1980s when national requirements and membership fees increased, Gwen Harvey said.

By the 1960s, things were beginning to change. Alta Brinker broke a 20-year ban on Blacks swimming at the Northeast Park pool and the NAACP interceded when the first baby of the year was denied the traditional gifts and publicity because the parents were Black.

“When they finally gave in to her, she (the mother) gave it all back. She wouldn’t take it,” Harvey recalled.

She said Mayor Lindbeck formed the Human Relations Commission in the 1960s in order to bring better understanding between the races.

“You could take your problems there — housing, employment, all kinds of problems. It was a strong organization created through the city but tied to the state. People from Springfield attended most of the meetings,” she said. “it just kind of fizzled out under Mayor (Edward) Goetzman (Lindbeck’s successor). (Mayor) Al Hill was supposed to bring it back, but it never got going until now (March of 1995). Mayor (Dewey) Colter has appointed someone to serve on it again,” Harvey stated. Stories found in the early 80s also indicated the Commission had problems getting enough members together to hold meetings.

“That (1984-1994 gap) had a very bad effect because we had no group to represent the people,” said Culver. “Banding together to overcome something negative, as Matt Hale’s intrusion into the city, is only a short-term answer. Once the negative is overcome, the ballgame’s over and everybody walks away. When there’s no common enemy, attendance drops off. It’s a lot easier to battle with your fists or a gun. It’s a lot harder to battle ideas,” said Culver.

Eventually, the Alliance for Peace and Justice also faded away.

Other highlights and accomplishments of the Kewanee Human Relations Commission include the formation in 1970 of the first youth advisory board in the state, made up of students from Kewanee and Wethersfield high schools and Black Hawk College East Campus, and Green Circle, an anti-discrimination program started in 1972 by Commission member Jeana Petersen, and presented in local classrooms by volunteers.

In 1974, the Commission requested that Stephanie Dixon, the first Black clerical worker at Kewanee City Hall, be allowed to take the Civil Service test. Chairman Sam Henson said “Black people in the community are proud of her accomplishment and would like to see her have the opportunity to make her position a permanent one by competing for it through a Civil Service test.”

In recent decades, Kewnee’s African-Americans have made their mark. James Jackson was the first African-American elected to the Kewanee School Board and the Kewanee Park Board. Floyd Blanks was a highly decorated Illinois State Trooper. Dannie Culver was named to the Black Hawk College East Foundation’s Wall of Fame. Tyron Baker is the first African-American elected to and is now vice-president of the Wethersfield School Board; Marshall Jones is the first African-American elected to the Henry County Board and is now its chairman; and education advocate Etta LaFlora has been named Kewanee’s Outstanding Citizen for 2020.

Mayor Gary Moore said he doesn’t want the spirit of unity displayed at last month’s Black Lives Matter march fade away. He wants to revive the Human Relations Commission to address the lack of understanding that creates many differences in the community.
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