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General News / America's Most Widely Consumed Oil Causes Genetic Changes in the Brain
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Today at 05:49 »

Used for fast food frying, added to packaged foods, and fed to livestock, soybean oil is by far the most widely produced and consumed edible oil in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In all likelihood, it is not healthy for humans.

It certainly is not good for mice. The new study, published this month in the journal Endocrinology, compared mice fed three different diets high in fat: soybean oil, soybean oil modified to be low in linoleic acid, and coconut oil.

The same UCR research team found in 2015 that soybean oil induces obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, and fatty liver in mice. Then in a 2017 study, the same group learned that if soybean oil is engineered to be low in linoleic acid, it induces less obesity and insulin resistance.

However, in the study released this month, researchers did not find any difference between the modified and unmodified soybean oil's effects on the brain. Specifically, the scientists found pronounced effects of the oil on the hypothalamus, where a number of critical processes take place.

"The hypothalamus regulates body weight via your metabolism, maintains body temperature, is critical for reproduction and physical growth as well as your response to stress," said Margarita Curras-Collazo, a UCR associate professor of neuroscience and lead author on the study.
Introductions & Awakenings / Re: Hello from FL
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Today at 02:02 »
Racial Greetings brother,

Glad you could make it to Creator Forum. Looking forward to shipping you your Membership Package as a fellow Creator. R!
American News / Re: Illinois News
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Yesterday at 22:01 »
Another story from small town Carbondale...

Carbondale man indicted for murder in fatal home invasion

January 24, 2020 9:39 am
Jared Roberts

JACKSON CO. (WSIL) -- A grand jury has indicted a Carbondale man for his role in two robberies, a home invasion and shooting in Jackson County.

Marquashion D. "Vito" Wilson, 20, of Carbondale, is charged with home invasion, two counts of first-degree murder, and two counts of armed robbery with a firearm.

Prosecutors say, on January 1, Wilson along with Montavious "Bobo" Graham committed a home invasion, forcing their way into a rural Jackson County residence. During the crime, there was a struggle over a gun, and Graham, 17, of Carbondale, was shot and killed.

The indictment alleges Wilson and Graham were also involved in an armed robbery earlier that day, taking a cell phone, $30 in cash, and a pack of cigarettes from a victim by force.

Wilson is also charged with taking a cell phone from another victim.

According to the Jackson County State's Attorney's Office, each armed robbery charge carries a potential sentence of 6 to 30 years in prison. Because a gun was used, a minimum of 15 years must be added to each sentence.

Home invasion is a Class X offense and carries the same penalty as armed robbery. First-degree murder carries a potential sentence of 20 to 60 years in prison.

Wilson has pleaded not guilty. His bond is set at $1 million.

A case management hearing is set for February 24 in Jackson County Court.
American News / Re: Illinois News
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Yesterday at 21:57 »
Carbondale - A University town cesspit in Southern Illinois, with a 25.82% nigger population, known for bringing the niggers and muds of Chicago to our once peaceful rural area.

As the town strives to become more diverse, each passing year it becomes more and more dangerous.

2 arrested in connection with fatal Carbondale shooting

January 23, 2020 11:50 am
Mandy Robertson

CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- Two people are in custody following a fatal shooting Wednesday morning in Carbondale.

It happened just before 12:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 2200 block of North Illinois Avenue.

Carbondale Police say Cordell Johnson, 25, of Cairo, had multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators determined a dispute between acquaintances led to gunfire.

Two people - Alecze Cummings, 23, of Carbondale, and Cameron Robinson, 26, of Cairo - have been taken into custody.

Cummings is charged with cannabis conspiracy and obstructing justice. Robinson is charged with cannabis conspiracy and aggravated fleeing to elude.

Both are being held at the Jackson County Jail.

Carbondale Police continue to investigate.
General News / Re: Good News Everybody: Another Nigger is Dead
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Yesterday at 21:49 »

Sports stars from around the globe have begun paying tribute to retired basketball legend Kobe Bryant who was killed along with four others in a helicopter crash in Calabasas California.

Bryant, 41, who was married with four daughters, was an 18-time All-Star who won five NBA championships and became one of the greatest players of his generation during a 20-year career spent entirely with the Los Angeles Lakers, on Monday morning (AEDT).

There are several as yet unconfirmed reports one of his daughters, Gianna, 13, was also on board the helicopter when it crashed

The County Sheriff’s office confirmed five people died with no survivors.

Hundreds of people have begun gathering outside the home of the LA Lakers, the STAPLES Centre, leaving tributes and flowers, and where, in four hours time, the 62nd Grammy Awards are to be held

General News / Re: "THAT'S RACIST!" The Incessant Scream from MSM ...
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Yesterday at 21:20 »
I've said it once, and I'll say it a thousand more times. Keep those sand niggers away from all planes. I believe they have given us enough evidence to draw that conclusion. Delta should have never been fined and no money should have ever been given that mud, especially not $50,000. If anything, Delta should have given the muslim a one way ticket to what ever sh!thole country it's originally from. I even would have been fine with a government reimbursement of the ticket.  I would totally approve of tax funds being used in that manner.

Delta fined $50,000 for booting off Muslim passengers from flights

JANUARY 24, 2020 / 6:03 PM / AP

Delta Air Lines is being fined $50,000 for ordering three Muslim passengers off planes even after the airline's own security officials cleared them to travel.

Delta denied that it discriminated against the passengers in two separate incidents but agreed it could have handled the situations differently, according to a consent order released Friday by the U.S. Transportation Department.

The department alleged that Delta violated anti-bias laws by removing the passengers, and ordered the airline to provide cultural-sensitivity training to pilots, flight attendants and customer-service agents involved in the incidents.

In one of the cases, in July 2016 in Paris, a passenger told a flight attendant that a couple made her nervous. The woman was wearing a head scarf, and — the other passenger claimed — the man inserted something in his phone. The flight attendant said she walked by and saw the man writing "Allah" several times while texting on his phone.

At the captain's request, a Delta supervisor and security officer interviewed the couple outside the plane. Delta's corporate security office reported that the couple were U.S. citizens returning home to Cincinnati and "raised no red flags," and they were cleared to fly, according to the consent order. But the captain refused to let them re-board the plane; they flew home the next day.

The Transportation Department said it appears that the couple would have been allowed to fly but for their "perceived religion."

The couple was not named in the consent order, but press reports after the incident identified them as Faisal and Nazia Ali of the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

The other case in the consent order occurred five days later in Amsterdam. Flight attendants and passengers complained about a Muslim passenger, but the co-pilot saw nothing unusual about the man, and Delta's security office said his record raised no concern.

The captain prepared to begin the New York-bound flight, then returned to the gate and had the man and his bags removed and the area around his seat searched. The man was not subjected to additional screening before boarding a later flight, which the Transportation Department said showed that his removal from the first flight was discriminatory.
Europa News / Putin Grovels in Israel About a 'Holocaust' that Never Happened
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Yesterday at 07:04 »

Within hours of President Putin issuing a grovelling censure of ‘Nazi Germany’ and rubber-stamping the official holocaust spin, the news story was removed. To our credit, we did unearth his statements by traipsing to Israeli media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Holocaust ‘one of the most terrible chapters of human history and remembering it is our shared responsibility to the past and the future. The crimes committed by the Nazis, their deliberate, planned, and final solution to the Jewish issue, is one of the darkest and most shameful pages of modern world history’.

That is pretty rich coming from the world’s No 1 denier of the Bolshevik Holocaust proven responsible for up to 70 million martyred Christians.

General Jabber / South Victory Day Today
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on Yesterday at 02:15 »
For South Victory Day today, I'll be having a BBQ and a few beers. Taking it easy and relaxing - keeping out of the sun.

If anyone wants to come around, you're welcome.

Meanwhile, Australians are arguing about whether today is Australia Day or as the coon lovers call it, Invasion Day. The local coons are correct; 26 January 1788 was an Invasion and it was a Total White Victory. South Victory Day - RaHoWa!

January 26 South Victory Day
Commemorates the White conquest of the Australian continent in 185PC.

Quote from: Hidden to Guests
Thousands take to the streets during 'Invasion Day' protests calling for the date of Australia Day to be changed out of respect for Indigenous people - as chaos erupts when a man rushes the stage

General Jabber / Diversity = Less Whites
« Last post by Hidden to Guests on 25 January 2020 at 13:16 »
The hypocrisy it's almost unbearable. I guarantee that this "diversity" isn't enforced for the chink companies, that seems to be taking over international business or even a nigger owned company. which in our sick society would be seen as a positive accomplishment.

Goldman won't take companies public without 'at least one diverse board candidate,' CEO says

{Jewish Supremacist} Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon told CNBC on Thursday his investment bank will help companies go public only if they have at least one “diverse” board member.

Solomon said the performance of public offerings of U.S. companies with at least one female director has been “significantly better” in the last four years than those without.

“Starting on July 1st in the U.S. and Europe, we’re not going to take a company public unless there’s at least one diverse board candidate, with a focus on women,” Solomon said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “And we’re going to move towards 2021 requesting two,” he added.

About 60 companies in the U.S. and Europe have gone public recently with all white, male boards, he said.

“Look, we might miss some business, but in the long run, this I think is the best advice for companies that want to drive premium returns for their shareholders over time,” Solomon said.

Part of the problem is that most board candidates are selected from people who have already served as corporate CEOs or CFOs or public company directors, which locked out women from being added to boards, Solomon said. He added that Goldman, with its far-reaching network of corporate executives, could help clients find female board candidates if needed. Goldman currently has four women on its 11-person board.

“This is an example of our saying, ‘How can we do something that we think is right and helps moves the market forward?’” Solomon said.

Solomon has been at the helm of the New York-based bank since October 2018. He is expected to reveal a series of multi-year financial targets at the company’s first ever investor day later this month.
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