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Author Topic: Far-Right Parties After Your Vote - Australia First

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Re: Far-Right Parties After Your Vote - Australia First
« Reply #5 on: 03 June 2016 at 21:35 »

Pauline Hanson’s Queensland Senate campaign launch has been targeted by rowdy protesters who said they were determined to shame racists.

Ms Hanson, a divisive anti-immigration figure who is on the cusp of a return to politics 18 years after she was ousted from parliament, was launching her Senate campaign at Brisbane’s Norman Park Bowls Club on Friday night.

But as guests began to arrive, a group of about 50 protesters gathered at the doors of the club.

As they were moved to the car park by more than a dozen Queensland police officers, they chanted: “Pauline Hanson, go to hell - take One Nation there as well.” Protester Carl Jackson led the small but vocal crowd’s speeches, saying Ms Hanson’s politics were unwelcome in Australia.

“There is a wave of racism rising in this country, and we have a responsibility as anti-racists to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters, to stand with Asians, to stand with Aboriginal people,” he said. “All the people who bear the brunt of the kind of racism that Pauline Hanson and her motley crew whip up.

“Maybe we can’t stop them from being racist, but maybe we can make them too ashamed to admit it in public.” Ms Hanson’s supporters continued to arrive and were met with a chorus of “shame on you racists” as they made their way inside. Inside, there was more trouble despite additional security.

Just before the event was due to start, a group of protesters began yelling as they were escorted out.
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