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Author Topic: Email threat I recived from Anti-fa

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Email threat I recived from Anti-fa
« on: 09 June 2011 at 11:51 »
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS, PRISONS, AND RACIST HATRED - SMASH WHITE SUPREMACY!We are Anonymous.
 We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.#opblitzkrieg #anonops #lulzsec #operationpayback #totaldestroythursday-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Anonymous Anti-Fascist Hackers Deface White Supremacist Websites, Drop Dox A Mob of Anonymous Anti-fascist hooligans hacked into several white supremacistwebsites belonging to North East White Pride(, Local 1488 Store(,, and more, defacing with anti-racist messagesand leaking private information. We're dropping usernames, passwords, homeaddresses and phone numbers of over 1000 active nazis in the US. We also spammed35,000+ nazi emails with this message to make them sleep a little less easy atnight. We did this to expose and disrupt the racist scum who associate withtheir white supremacist group and purchased items from their online Nazi store.  Just two weeks ago the webmaster Rob O'Donovan and his racist organization NorthEast White Pride attempted to hold a white supremacist gathering in theWorchester Public Library but instead were greeted with a dozen antifa who burstinto their meeting black-clad-bandana'd-out and beat the nazis down with chairsand u-locks. A week later, they obviously didn't get the hint to cut the nazi*, so we had to own them hardstyle when a week later they attempted to holdan anti-immigrant "Close The Border" rally.  Detailed private information about Rob was leaked including confidential emails,online store transactions, phone and address information for him as well as thethousands of nazis who purchased items from his store The leakedemails revealed Rob was working with Detective Andrew Creed from the BostonPolice Intelligence Unit who regularly "made sure that your group was able toget their message out in a safe manner" against "problems with 'antis' showingup". Rob also runs Tea Party websites regularly bringing other nazis to TeaParty rallies further demonstrating the connections between "mainstreamized"racists in the Tea Party and violent neo-nazi extremists. We believe in militant direct action to smash white supremacy, expose them totheir communities, confront them at their jobs and homes, and disrupt theirorganization's ability to conduct meetings/rallies, distribute their hatefulpropaganda, and communicate on the internet. Those who want us in the gaschambers, who seek to take away our freedoms, deserve it not for themselves. Just as we smash organized white supremacists, we also smash white-hat corporate"hacker" sellouts who work for the government, military, law enforcement, andthe corporate security industry. You need us, but we don't need you. * theFBI, * NATO, and * Ingragard. Props to real OG hackers who still breakinto and destroy the systems of our enemies: lulzsec, anti-sec, hackbloc, zfo,el8, h0no, project mayhem, phc, phrack, fox, #school4lulz and countless more. The defaced websites,,,,,,,,, The server formerly hosted the,,,,,
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Re: Email threat I recived from Anti-fa
« Reply #1 on: 09 June 2011 at 12:27 »
I got the same.

At Thu, 09 Jun 2011 07:35:48 -0400, the email sender sent you an email from the IP address located in United States, Salem.

Email Sender: (hacked account of course)
IP address:
IP address country:   United States
IP address state:   New Hampshire
IP address city:   Salem
IP postcode:   03079
IP address latitude:   42.7950
IP address longitude:   -71.2256
Organization:   DYNAMIC INTERNET
Local Time of this IP country:   2011-06-09 17:48

There can be only one answer to a challenge like that ...

If the JOG weren't such a ... JOG, they would have already smashed the reds for us. Now it's up to us Creators to finish the job.

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Re: Email threat I recived from Anti-fa
« Reply #2 on: 09 June 2011 at 15:47 »
meet violence with violence!.....if necessary, extreme violence  >:(

send 'em a 30-06 slug in the post....with the following message.....

the next one will be coming A LOT FASTER, you mongrel fkn DOGs!  >:(


"I say unto you: 'stand! men of the West' !"
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Re: Email threat I recived from Anti-fa
« Reply #3 on: 10 June 2011 at 07:19 »
I got it aswell.

I always sleep fine, and apparently the reds know where I live. I'd like to see them come all the way out here and break into, or smash up my house. Because by the time I even get my arse out of bed, my neighbours would have beaten their heads in.

PS. I really like that T-shirt design! I'll be getting one