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Author Topic: Young People Today are a Problem Because of Old Propaganda Passing as History

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Schools today do not teach who Adolf Hitler was. All schools teach today is that Adolf gassed a gorillian Jews in a so-called Holocaust, forcing the Soviets and Western Allies to go to war with Germany. That turns Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt into the libtard heroes of Western Civilisation - meaning that ANY action today is justified, just as long you scream NAZI! loud enough.


The screaming, accusing libtard is the youth of today. A youth combined with the decrepit old rejects of the Hippy era, pantomiming Soviet, Jewish, British and American propaganda from WWI and WWII. The libtard youth want a new Stalin in charge and they want you exterminated in the name of liberte, egalite and fraternite for all - except for you, 'cause you're a Nazi! And of course, the standard definition is that all White people are Nazis ...

Extremely Racist Black ESPN Reporter Says ALL White People Are NAZIS- Look What Just Happened!

Liberal professor: All white people are racist no matter what

Of course all white people are racist

Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness Studies”


Western civilisation at risk from its ignorant young

Janet Albrechtsen | The Australian | 21 April 2018

Extract: Learning from history, understanding the full sweep of Western civilisation, depends on understanding perspective, throwing up parallels between events.

... we view the story of Western civilisation as being ruled by something akin to the laws of sport rather than, say, the laws of physics. “We don’t discover them, we make them up and agree to them.”

Here are a few clues that suggest the story of Western civilisation is not being taught. An annual Lowy Institute poll tells us that only 52 per cent of Australians aged between 18 and 29 believe democracy is the preferable form of government.

Now brace yourself further. Polls in the US suggest that 50 per cent of American millennials say they wished they lived in a socialist country rather than a capitalist one. In Britain, 24 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds see big business as more dangerous to the world than communism.

And this: almost one-fifth of Americans aged between 21 and 29 see Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as a hero (23 per cent). Even more consider Vladimir Lenin a hero (26 per cent), while Kim Jong-un is a hero for 23 per cent of them.

A third of millennials think ­George W. Bush killed more people than Stalin did.

And here’s the rub: 71 per cent of millennials can’t define communism and four-fifths don’t know how many people died under communist rule.

If the younger generation haven’t lived it or learned about the horrible consequences of repressing freedom, how can they value the freedom they have?

The End-Goal is a Racial War leading to the extermination of all White People
Rahowa Now, anybody?
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It's a shame the amount of brain pollution young White people have today. What the biggest problem is, to me, is that the Judeo-Liberal-Marxist system uses the concept of "free love" to dissuade White people from waking up.

By filling young White peoples' minds with trashy romance films, novels and cartoons that feature race mixing, sexual deviance, drug use and openly Marxist ideas, the Jews give them the impression that it's all a "good time" and no one should stray away from a good time. "Besides," they'll say, "if two people love each other, why does it matter what race/orientation they are and what kind of people they are?"

What a fucking crock of *.

Then they'll out pour propaganda that us Creators, and other pro-White individuals, are vehemently "anti-fun" and want to destroy all the love in the world. Thus, they create anti-White attitude in young White peoples' mind in practically the toddler stage of life.

Then, of course, you've got all these propaganda and slander films (and now video games) that only serve to shovel dirt on Hitler and National Socialist Germany. Swindler's List is the biggest one, along with Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Escape from Sobibor. Then you the Nazisplotation movies of the 1970s, and films today like "Iron Sky," all of which have portrayed the Germans as either animalistic, psychotic, sexually deviant ("only bad when Nazis do it!" the Jews will add) and even non-human. Then of course you got games like Wolfenstein, where the main objective is to kill Hitler and bring down the Reich, and Call of Duty's "Nazi Zombies" mode, where the German soldiers who laid their lives down for the White Race's survival in WWII are reduced to merely brainless monsters.

Never have I seen people like the National Socialist Germans so vilified by the various components of the Jewish media. But we must remember, they did take the biggest stand against the Jewish power in the twentieth century, and as such, the Jews want their legacy to forever remain in shambles. 

Thus, an important part of spreading Creativity is dismantling the above propaganda the Jews have been putting out since the end of WWII and showing young White people that Creativity is only path for a truly bright future. No amount of drugs, sex or endless pleasure will make them happy. Only hard work and racial loyalty.
Build a Whiter, Brighter World

Reverend Peter Sturm
N.C. U.S.A.

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I remembered how I in school taught all about jewish god and how are jews been slaves so I asked myself oh why are jews wrong,why if they are perfect, nobody do not understand them. I heard in second class for holohoax but I did not hear in that time what communist have done in my state,how partisans shoot my grandpa in leeg as Klassen father and family saw them how forcibly killed their commrades and they hard survive them. I taught Full lies on historiy for example how Hitler attacked USSR just because he want Slavs as slaves does not matter that Russian Slavs also fought for him. Self-proclaimed educated people are not educated and classic example is my state where educated people who pasa state schools could not mainly work in private sector. We feed them from taxes and our enemies especially look former pro-Hitler states for example organizing Creativity is prohibited because enemy are in fear by spirit of our ancestors, they every year watch us through agents who are former communists on internet. They wrote that extreme rightists are concentrated just on internet and want cooperation to other group in the world including you’re group whose Creators as organization are infiltrated and Creator had problem with police cazse they put some flyers on street,prganizitng newspaper etc but all is prohibited. Today is every yokeel educated as parasite who destroy private sector where state education fall and it is not important. Klassen pass all this so he did not support such enemy education.
I am still learning English. Please forgive any errors you may see.

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Give them a stint in a big boys prison where grown men are made to scream and cry for their mommy's while being beaten with half a sink or a table leg.

If they had discipline as a child they would turn out different, if more parents really took a interest in the child's educational and social activity's then more stand up children would grow up to be stand up men.