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Author Topic: Life in a Mud School in a Formerly White Country - How They Hate Whitey

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It's the same the world over: Whenever non-Whites make up the major proportion of the local demographic, they bring their own cultural or tribal hatreds with them - but to every petty hatred they already posses, the only thing that unites a multicultural non-White population is their hatred of Whitey. That is why they turn on the host population - the White population.

Michael Mohammed Ahmad | The Australian | 11 March 2017

Quote from: Private
Extract: Of the 299 students, 20 called themselves Fobs, which stood for Fresh Off the Boat, and referred to Pacifika people, and 20 were a salad mix of Asian, South Asian and Anglo-Celt.

The remaining 259 students identified as Lebs, which included young men from Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian, Nigerian and Egyptian backgrounds, as well as some Lebs who came from Turkish and even Indonesian backgrounds.

For Creators the world over, the article is no news to us. However, for your average boob-tube sucking TV junky getting their daily dose of mainstream media, believing that if we racists just put aside our racism, the world would be a happier place, it is they that need to read and learn. It is they that need understand that they can get their ribs snapped and jaw broken for being White in the wrong place - their own country.

... And there is nothing that their elected government government, assigned police or self appointed moral media will ever do to help them.

They also need to understand why the numbers of us racists are growing, and our people are getting angrier by the day. They need to understand that while all races consider each other as racial enemies, it is the race-traitor, the White liberal retard that cannot see past the dictates of his boob tube upon whom we White Racial Loyalists #WRL desire to exact our vengeance.

Wake up Whitey, if the Lebs don't get you first, we surely will.


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Argentina sentences four ex-officers to life in prison

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