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Author Topic: How to Take Over a City from an Empty Lot

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How to Take Over a City from an Empty Lot
« on: 11 July 2019 at 20:38 »
Get some land near a non-White area...  Rural land..  with like.. no building codes.. Build shelters for like...  500 bucks out of recycled materials and.. umm..  pretty much mud huts..  roof being the expensive part.. Move in a bunch of white people who live rent free as long as they give at least 2 hours of work on site a day.. They can also donate towards things once they have income..  buy like..  sheets of corrugated metal for roofs.. Donate towards truck rental.  Have them get jobs in the non-White Town..  bringing money back out..  Eventually buy a house..  stuff like..  8 white folks in there..  bunk bed style..  pay it off..  use it as an in Town base for storage and rest...  Look through yellow pages..  make category notes of every kind of store or service there is..  start making alternatives..  See taco trucks? Do taco trucks..  see car repair? Do car repair. Can do like an Amish aid type thing...  insurance or loan deal to help members expand..  get into their own houses..  need to qualify before it takes effect..  make sure they can actually afford it after the help.

Take over big city..  when financial struggles hit..  option to go back to the rural land is available so they aren't homeless and aren't having to pay non white renters.. 
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Chinks to have 40+ Million City

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