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Author Topic: Chinks to have 40+ Million City

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Chinks to have 40+ Million City
« on: 05 April 2011 at 14:58 »
ever seen a termite mound?

or a cockroach colony?


then: check this out!....... ;

in fact: it's worse!

termites and cockroaches, in Nature's Grand Plan, perform at least some useful functions!

wtf "useful functions" will 40+ mlln stinking, verminious CHINKs "perform".....?.....except to destory our beautiful planet which, by rights, belongs wholly & solely to the White Race!

come to think of it.....what "useful functions" do mud people perform, period?

can't think of ANY, me-self.....all art, science, literature, music, poetry, philosophy and morality flows from the White Race....only SH*T flows from mud people!

it's ironic that the original "Chinese" civilisation was founded by white people....see... ....and....the Indian....and the Egyptian....and, so i believe, the Incan.....not to mention, of course, the Greek and the Roman civilisations!

imagine if there was a city of 40+ million exclusively for white people? think these ZOG maggots would permit it?

this planet is groaning under the unsustainable burden of these filthy fkn mud scum!

it's past time that burden was removed!



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RE: Chinks to have 40+ Million City
« Reply #1 on: 23 April 2011 at 20:40 »
I agree, Imaging the implications of a city of 40+ million white people, Imagine what could bee accomplished with no problems with the mud races, it would be like a utopia...
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