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Author Topic: Anti-Wall Street News

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Anti-Wall Street News
« on: 27 October 2011 at 22:21 »
just when you think people are hopeless : )

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Re: Anti-Wall Street News
« Reply #1 on: 12 November 2011 at 04:43 »
Not all of these Jews are Zionists, that term has started to become a euphemism to avoid saying Jew. We don't know how many in the banks are Zionist, what we do know is that the international bankers are indeed members of the Jewish race. When in discussion with the public, it's important we avoid that potential confusion, our enemy are not religious Jews, atheist Jews, Zionist Jews or communist Jews - our enemy are ALL Jews.

As for the Occupy Movement, it is essentially a liberal/Marxist movement, it may have elements of anti-Semitism but it's definitely not central and it is unlikely to become visible. The ADL of course ignored it, because they don't want to turn people off the Occupy Movement, which is the exact distraction they WANT people involved in. Better for the ADL that somebody get involved in the Occupy Movement than get involved in a pro-White organisation like the Creativity Alliance. After all, the Occupy Movement will never have any real power or influence whilst they're marching down the street, shouting, yelling but winning no ground.

Are people waking up to the Jew? Yes, they are and it will only get worse as the economic crisis worsens and will skyrocket when Israel/JOG invades Iran. That will be our time. When the cost of living becomes too much, when we fall in to a deep depression and thousands of our young men and women are dying for Israel in a much bloodier war than we've seen since the 1960's - that is when people will come to Creativity in their droves.

Be ready for it my Brothers and Sisters!